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Lidetu Ayalew appeared in court in Debre Zeit

Court in Debre Zeit denied Lidetu Ayalew bail right 

Lidetu Ayalew/ Social Media

July 27, 2020 

Lidetu Ayalew reportedly appeared in court in Debre Zeit (Bishoftu), about 44 kilometers to the southeast of the capital Addis Ababa, on Monday. 

He told the court that he should rather appear in a Federal Court in Addis Ababa saying that he was in Bishoftu on a temporary basis. He argued that his permanent residence is in the Kolfe Keranio area of Addis Ababa and that his identification card is from there. 

He also asked for bail right saying that he is flying to an unspecified country where he had heart surgery and that he also has asthma. His concern is that the prison condition could make him vulnerable to Coronavirus.  

However, the court did not grant bail rights. With regard to jurisdiction, the court allegedly told him that the “crime was committed in Bishoftu and that the court has the right to look into his case.” 

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporations (FBC), police said that he is suspected of instigating youth in the city for protest and “violence” and giving out money to the youth group he allegedly mobilized. 

Police also claimed that it recovered two handguns when arresting him last Friday. It is unclear if the handguns were seized from his residence in Debrezeit.

Oromia regional state police have requested the court for 14 extensions to complete investigation. The court granted the requested extension.

Lidetu is the founder of Ethiopian Democratic Party, and currently a member of the party’s central committee. He was arrested last Friday in the Debrezeit. 

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    • According to 2007 census, the town is 40% Amhara, 40% Oromo, 20% Gurage/mixed.
      All these people can call it in any name they prefer.

  1. The Capital City should move to Debre Zeit. Addis Ababa is too big creating major security threat to be the capital city , Addis Ababa is also too near to volatile cities such as Burayu making safety a challenge for Addis Ababa, the seat of the Federal government need to be where safety can be insured without arresting thousands of civilians being needed.


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