Police seized unregistered satellite receiver from Jawar Mohammed residence

Lawyers complained that Jawar Mohammed is not allowed to use the washroom more than twice a day.

Jawar Mohammed _
Jawar Mohamed heading to his court appearance in Addis Ababa/ Screenshot from EBC

July 20, 2020

The Federal Police investigation team told Arada First Instance Court that it has recovered an unregistered Satellite receiver in the residence of Jawar Mohammed, as reported by the Ethiopian Reporter on Sunday.

It was said when the Federal Police investigation team briefed the court about the investigation during extended investigation time that the court granted.

State-owned Ethio-Telecom, which has a monopoly over providing communication devices in the country, does not know about Jawar’s satellite receiver as it is unregistered.

Police told the court that 14 people were killed in Addis Ababa and property worth over 200 million birr destroyed. In the Oromia region, 167 people were killed (other sources say the number is over 240).

Police also said that it has confirmed from witnesses that a call for the ethnic and religious massacre was made and that many properties were destroyed in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  Verbal testimonies of 34 witnesses were taken and 14 investigative teams were deployed to towns like Shashemene, Arsi Negele, East Hararge, and other parts of the Oromia region during the extended time that the court granted for further investigation.

Jawar has organized and armed illegal groups to trigger ethnic and religious violence, according to the Federal Police report.  In the days following the killing of Hachalu Hundessa, he tried to forcefully return the body of Hachalu Hundessa which was on its way to his birthplace Ambo which resulted in an exchange of fire with security forces at Burayu town checkpoint, police added.  After the coffin was returned to the capital Addis Ababa, he and his crowd proceeded to the Prosperity Party office where his security details killed the Oromia region special force that was on duty and wounded three others, according to the police report.

Jawar Mohammed denied, he spoke to the court himself while he had four lawyers, all the allegations saying that there was no gunfire and no one was killed.  He said his arrest was politically motivated and should be resolved through mediation rather than a court of law.

Meanwhile, his lawyers complained that he is arrested in a basement with no adequate light and that he is only allowed washroom twice a day.

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