Bale: police lent a gun for attackers in Agarfa, Ethiopia

Fourteen police and four district authorities in Bale zone of Oromo regional state arrested for involvement in the attack of non-ethnic Oromo in the region

Oromo region security _ Bale

July 14, 2020

Ethiopian State media has reported on Tuesday that security and administrative personnel in Bale zone of Oromo regional state are among people arrested over the massacre of civilians and destruction of public and private property following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.

The attack on non-ethnic Oromos and the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was more pronounced in the Arsi and Bale zones of the regional state.

The attack on non-ethnic Oromos happened especially in four districts of Bale zone according to the report by the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA). At least seven people were killed.

It had an ugly form in the Agarfa district. Apart from the attack on non-ethnic Oromos, the public property was entirely destroyed. Bale Zone’s head, Ahmed Hadji, has confirmed the news.

He said that there was a belief that “Neftegna” (it is to mean Amhara) killed Hachalu Hundessa which caused what he called “ethnic violence.”  The label given to the incident is contested, and rightly so. What happened was ethnic cleansing as some Ethiopian activists are asserting.

However, different local sources including a report from Mahibere Kidusan demonstrate that the attack was targeted against the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In fact, there has been a record of hostility in the zone towards the followers of the Ethiopian Church which was demonstrated in the form of burning churches and attacking believers.

Ahmed Hadji is a top government official in the zone, and he has confirmed that there was even a policeman who lent his gun to those who were unleashing the attack – based on a news story published by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

There were also those security forces that opted for watching the attack silently while they could help stop it.

A total of 524 people are arrested in connection with the attack and destruction of property, Ahmed Hadji told ENA.

Nearly 5000 people are arrested in the Oromo region of Ethiopia over what government authorities call “protest” that claimed at least 240 lives and wounded nearly 300.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration was widely criticized for failing to enforce the rule of law and protecting the safety and security of citizens especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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