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Bale: police lent a gun for attackers in Agarfa, Ethiopia

Fourteen police and four district authorities in Bale zone of Oromo regional state arrested for involvement in the attack of non-ethnic Oromo in the region

Oromo region security _ Bale

July 14, 2020

Ethiopian State media has reported on Tuesday that security and administrative personnel in Bale zone of Oromo regional state are among people arrested over the massacre of civilians and destruction of public and private property following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.

The attack on non-ethnic Oromos and the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was more pronounced in the Arsi and Bale zones of the regional state.

The attack on non-ethnic Oromos happened especially in four districts of Bale zone according to the report by the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA). At least seven people were killed.

It had an ugly form in the Agarfa district. Apart from the attack on non-ethnic Oromos, the public property was entirely destroyed. Bale Zone’s head, Ahmed Hadji, has confirmed the news.

He said that there was a belief that “Neftegna” (it is to mean Amhara) killed Hachalu Hundessa which caused what he called “ethnic violence.”  The label given to the incident is contested, and rightly so. What happened was ethnic cleansing as some Ethiopian activists are asserting.

However, different local sources including a report from Mahibere Kidusan demonstrate that the attack was targeted against the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In fact, there has been a record of hostility in the zone towards the followers of the Ethiopian Church which was demonstrated in the form of burning churches and attacking believers.

Ahmed Hadji is a top government official in the zone, and he has confirmed that there was even a policeman who lent his gun to those who were unleashing the attack – based on a news story published by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

There were also those security forces that opted for watching the attack silently while they could help stop it.

A total of 524 people are arrested in connection with the attack and destruction of property, Ahmed Hadji told ENA.

Nearly 5000 people are arrested in the Oromo region of Ethiopia over what government authorities call “protest” that claimed at least 240 lives and wounded nearly 300.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration was widely criticized for failing to enforce the rule of law and protecting the safety and security of citizens especially in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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  1. In Africa never in history heard colonizers commiting genocides to these heavy proportion as Amaras are suffering for three decades until now.Nothing happened to people who got arrested in connection with 86 people death in Oromia ,they got released after being fed excellent food for couple of months in jails then upon release most joined the Abiy Ahmed’s military and the Oromias police force , the same people who committed the 86 Amaras murder were police and military soldiers deployed in the area who facilitated the currently on going Amara’s genocide.

    Colonel Abiy Ahmed is the Commander in chief of the Ethiopian police force. Many times for two years opposition politicians suggested to Colonel Abiy Ahmed that he is unable to lead Ethiopia unless he takes steps to correct the Ethiopian police force , he refused. His refusal and stubborness to address the issue brought this loss we experienced , plus his stubborness created a wound that will bring more grievances , more hatred ,more division , more grudges and more revenges which will for generations bring more loss in the future, many assume it will add up to bigger losses than the loss experiencing now. People are being forced to rely on vigilante justice since Colonel Abiy Ahmed rather harbor criminals and sugar coat criminals with lies. He kept saying tedemer but when people medemer then he gets things suggested to him he refuses to accept , what good is Medemer then if he only accepts what he chooses to accept only? From now on Addis Ababa residents , Amaras, Gurages , Wolaitas , Gamos are forced to sleep with one eye open same as Oromos are too, all because the PP PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed was too busy planting flowers and cleaning sidewalks instead of working on developing farmers associations and developing a qualified security apparatus as many repeatedly suggested to him with he not accepting their suggestions . Those who criticized him for failing as a PM are in jail or currently being hunted down. Democracy is continuing a fairy tale soon Abiy Ahmed will be just at like the north Korean or Chinese dictator if he is allowed to stay in power .

    Abiy Ahmed and his EPRDF machinery who pretend to reform themselves into PP continued to let the same old “ethnic competitive violent systemic capitalism” to reign , allowing many people to act violently against each other for two years with PP law enforcement encouraging some Oromo people to kill other suspected competitor capitalists business owners or farm owners. Christian church is also suspected of being a competitor capitalist by some of the non Christians , maybe vice versa too. The Amara Bank and the Christian Bank is forced shut down it’s opening process by Abiy’ Ahmed’s direct order while Oromia bank and the Islamic Bank are getting all the supports by Abiy’ Ahmed.

    Colonel Abiy Ahmed thought he is able to lead Ethiopia with benefiting Oromia only without implementing Balderas , Amara National Movement ,Lidetu Ayalew … suggestions , he ridiculed them as power mongers siding with his OROMUMA competitive capitalist prosperity fund raisers police officers who arrrest Eskinder Nega in Addis Ababa routinely, who chased Lidetu Ayalew out of Addis Ababa , now these police officers who Abiy defended were giving the government issued rifle guns to young Oromos to practice sharp shooting on innocent civilians .Abiy Ahmed need to face justice too , we don’t know if he did not allow the police officers actions. As many other places it was reported that in Bale: police lent guns for attackers in Agarfa, Ethiopia.

    Same as it was done previously In Debre Berhan , Ataye and this time around in Oromia where command post state of emergency was declared with federal government military stationed a stone throw away while Amaras were facing genocides. So why do Ethiopians support EPRDF PP TPLF reformed or not ? Ethiopia might as well let Egypt lead Ethiopia , what worse thing would foreign colonizers do than what EPRDF PP TPLF done from 1991 till this day?

    • Typical problem with Ethiopians is they point the nation’s problems straight to the the leader (PM, President, etc…). What we are seeing now, all the ethnic based killings and tribalism, is simply the result of a faulty system that was put in place by the old liberation fronts of 30 years ago.

      Abiy can try all he wants to keep peace but the system was set up to mobilize people based on ethnicity. So his efforts are comparable to putting out fire wherever it starts, but the actual gasoline and wood (the language based ethnic borders) remains untouched.

  2. The military have to write a report about what they did by the end of each shift . The military leaders falsify as if they received distress calls from peaceful areas so their group get sent to areas they know to be peaceful , after arriving at peaceful areas the military soldiers provoke violence with unsuspecting peaceful individuals just for their group claims they did their duties (shot killed restored peace) in their reports. They shoot kill peaceful individuals to write in their report, they don’t shoot kill the real violent ones because they are friends. In the meantime the real violent areas where the military is really needed, don’t get the help from the military because their distress calls get neglected by the military. This is how Lemma Megerssa’s military operates. Lemma Megerssa learnt this tactic from TPLF military relayed it to it’s military communication operators with Abiy’s blessings , Remember in November of 2005 the TPLF military shot and killed Addis Ababa residents who were not participating in the 2005 election protests, most who were gunned down were massacred while simply walking in other peaceful areas ,but on the military reports the military falsely claimed they were found in the middle of the election protest acting violently when the military shot and killed them , that was Samira Yunus’s report which got no justice yet , actually it is believed to be a legal loop whole which Ethiopian military officials keep repeating.


    Ababaye Ethiopia mogne neh telalaw

    Yeseralihe tardo yaredeh belaw !!!!

  3. It is all a fake news. The Amhara ethnic group (a.k.a FANO, KEFAGNE etc ) are tho one killing all over Ethiopia especially in Ormiya region. They work with the local police and defense force whose origins are Amhara ethnics. Their motives are to silence the struggle of Oromo people and keep the stats quo.

  4. It is ludicrous to expect a regime run by a little, Oromo spy boy conditioned and thorougly tutored to hunt down Amaras by his Woyanie Tigre masters, to do anything differently.

    His gut reflex is to betray the trust of the same idiotic Amaras who supported him, forgave his criminal past. But that is the nature of the beast. He hails from barbarians who skin an innocent human being alive. Savages, do not belong in the community of men. The sooner we accept this fact and deal with the monsters, the better for these are unreconstructed, evil creatures.

    • Typical problem with Ethiopians is they point the nation’s problems straight to the the leader (PM, President, etc…). What we are seeing now, all the ethnic based killings and tribalism, is simply the result of a faulty system that was put in place by the old liberation fronts of 30 years ago.

      Abiy can try all he wants to keep peace but the system was set up to mobilize people based on ethnicity. So his efforts are comparable to putting out fire wherever it starts, but the actual gasoline and wood (the language based ethnic borders) remains untouched.

  5. This soldiers should be court martialed because this not just negligence or simple dereliction of duty but outright treason, a traitor of a sacred oath entrusted by more than 114 million people. If he/she is proven guilty beyond the benefit of doubt in a fair trial at such military court, the full weight of the law should bear down on this demon. I mean the full weight to the last letter of the law. He/she is a murderous enemy combatant.

  6. Abeshaw

    Most Ethiopian people are too busy with fending food for their families , they enthrusted the PM President to cultivate the minds of their children ever since the PM President came up with this incomprehensible unheard of “ethnic competitive violent systemic capitalism ” as the bright future for Everything in Ethiopia.
    Most Ethiopians grasped the self determination part out of this new capitalism that was imposed on Ethiopians . Eritrea disintegrated by claiming this system so most knew self determination since they seen it in practice the other parts still remain intangible for most Ethiopians after close to 30 years , last two years were not do different than the first two years of TPLF 1991-1993.

    Many Ethiopians don’t think their gut feeling is correct so they do whatever the government tells them to do. Not too long ago we sent our children to fight for Badme at the ridiculous Ethio Eritrean war just because Meles Zenawi told us to do so. That is why so much of the nation’s problems are blamed on the PM President, same as so much of the nation’s success is credited to the PM President .

    GERD dam Abiy is ready to to take the credit as Ethiopians blame him for giving the co tract to Geda Construction Plc. Without a bid . He arrested Eskinder Nega for blowing the whistle.

    -as Abiy is taking credit for chasing TPLF out of Addis Ababa (entitling him Takele Uma to take TPLF’s place in Addis Ababa condos and other Addis Ababa properties)
    -as Abiy is taking credit for freeing prisoners entitling him to imprison them when he personally chooses to

    • Well you have to be in Abiy’s position to understand the problem.

      If he wakes up tomorrow and decide to dismantle the ethnic leaders, he would be labelled as “Neftegna, Reactionary,…” On the other hand, if he wants to side with them, he will lose support of the many non-Oromo Ethiopians who welcomed him with applause.

  7. Ittu
    They are not soldiers. They are police officers. Police officers don’t get court martialed.Did it or not add them to the 5000+ people arrested for now.


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