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As unrest subsides mobilization for war reported in north

While mobilizing for war in the north, TPLF says “Ethiopia is on the path to destruction”

July 9, 2020

The security and economic impact of the unrest in Addis Ababa and the Oromo region of Ethiopia following the death of singer Hachalu Hundessa is devastating. There are even those who lost several family members. The destruction of property to investment is unprecedented – especially in Shashemene and Ziway cities which are within a range of 250 kilometers distance from the capital Addis Ababa.

Although triggered by the singer’s death, everything seems to be planned in coordination with political stakeholders to the disability of Ethiopia (internal and external ones).

The execution phase of the destruction needed a heartless and savage youth group from among those who call themselves “Qeerroo” – this was a group that played a positive role in the Oromo region of Ethiopia during the struggle against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated government that led to the resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne.

This same group is now being used as a tool for a savage massacre against non-ethnic Oromos in the region whenever needed. The killing started in less than an hour after the death of the singer was heard, and later spread to forty districts claiming at least 256 people. Ten more people are killed in the capital Addis Ababa. Nearly 300 others are wounded, and many of them are anticipated to have a long-term disability.

TPLF points a finger on “Unitary Group” at Arat Kilo palace

On Wednesday, the TPLF leadership, which is now confined to North Ethiopia, issued a statement regarding the current situation in the country.

It asserted, as reported by DW Amharic service, that Ethiopia is heading to destruction, and conveyed messages to the people of Tigray, to “nations and nationalities”, to the Ethiopian’s in the Diaspora and to the international community as well.

The core message in the statement is “The unitary dictatorial group at Arat Kilo palace is the only responsible group for what has happened, and what is happening in the country.”   For TPLF, the group is behind the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.

Furthermore, it made a claim that “economic, social and political victories that people’s nations and nationalities achieved through years of struggle,” is snatched by what it calls “Unitary Group in Arat kilo.”  It certainly is a reference to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

In reality, essentially all those with considerable political power either at the federal or regional level were, in fact, part and parcel of the TPLF led government in the past 27 years.  They were, including TPLF leaders, together under the umbrella of EPRDF coalition until they parted ways in November 2019 when all the coalition members except TPLF merged to form a single party Prosperity Party. Yes, Abiy Ahmed’s government has appointed some technocrats (some from the Diaspora and some from locally) but they are not political positions – at least on face value. 

The more dangerous claim on the part of TPLF is one that alerts people in north Ethiopia regarding impending war. “The group that is holding power at the Federal level is plotting not only against TPLF but also against the people of Tigray.” And it called on the people of Tigray to standby for a decisive fight. 

Ethnic Tigray opposition groups like the Tigray Democratic Movement shunned the claim by TPLF as mere and usual propaganda. However, the leaders in the region have undertaken several rounds of conscriptions and as many as 250,000 young people are reportedly trained and armed.

TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) New Alliance

When TPLF was about to end seventeen years of guerrilla warfare in the early ’90s, it attempted to force a coalition with the radical Oromo Liberation Front group.

Less than two years down the road the political alliance crumbled over what was said to be rivalry overpower.  OLF had to leave the country and a significant portion of its army was lost during the struggle with TPLF after the collapse of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s government.

At the height of its power (when in absolute control of the federal government) TPLF got OLF listed as a terrorist group internationally. It was after Abiy became Prime Minister in 2018 that OLF was allowed to return to the country.

There have been rumors that TPLF and OLF are forging new alliances against what they call “unitary group.” In the days after the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa, the new alliance came to the surface. Veteran OLF leaders like Lencho Letta seem to be on the same page with Abiy’s Ahmed’s strategy to achieve results for the Oromo people – their political constituency – obviously purely ethnic in character although he radical Oromo ethnic nationalists are now disowning Abbey as an Oromo.  

Some observers tend to hold the view that Hachalu Hundessa was killed because he was speaking out against the new alliance between those who paint themselves as leaders of the “struggle of Oromo people” and TPLF forces.

The alliance, noticeable on social media activism and other media outlets, some of which government took off the air this past week, became open after government hinted that TPLF and OLF joined hands in planning the assassination of the singer in a way to trigger large-scale disability in the country.

Nigussu Tilahun. Photo : DW Amharic

Abiy Ahmed’s government Action

Press Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister, Nigussu Tilahun, officially announced, in a press conference on Wednesday, that TPLF has a leading role planning the assassination.

“Government is running out of patience. It will continue to take strong measures against those working on the disintegration of the country,” he said.

So far, the government shut two media belonging to TPLF. Oromia Media Network, whose owner is linked to the killing of a policeman and possible involvement in the killing of Hachalu Hundessa- as many seem to think, is also shut.

Calls for ethnic cleansing were transmitted live on OMN. Most of the people killed in the Oromo region of Ethiopia were killed only because of their ethnic background.

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  1. Abiy and TPLF are a team, they both just act as they are enemies to fool Ethiopians, that is how TPLF went into their lavish retirement by letting Abiy / PP do the usual work of EPRDF or by Abiy’ / PP doing the usual TPLF’s dirty works.

    If TPLF and PP pretend to start a war against each other it might be to kill civilians along with honest soldiers serving PP using a cover up reason of a civil war because the PP and TPLF will not kill each other.

  2. No war with TPLF is needed, and must not be contemplated. Economic strangulation or embargo would be much more effective. Tigrai needs Ethiopia to survive, but Ethiopia would be much better off without it.

    Here are ways to strangulate Tigrai: (a) stop federal budgetary subsidy the day TPLF proceeds with its purported election, (b) stop fuel supply on the same day, (c) cut communication links, including air, road, and telephone, (d) cut electricity services, and (e) cut foreign exchange supply to the region and its businesses. If those moves would not wake up the people of Tigrai, the next wave of actions could be nationalization of businesses owned by TPLF and its associates, and firing all TPLF associated people from federal governments.

    Military conflict is what TPLF wants (note the military displays that occur often), but Ethiopia should not take the bate. Never!

    • @ Worqu
      Its the other way around; I don’t think there will be Ethiopia without Tigray.
      I don’t think you know Tigray. They will survive more than any part of Ethiopia. Tigray pays tax more than your ‘federal budgetary’. Let not for get Tigray has brilliant and hard working people.

      I hope your wish doesn’t come true for your own survival. Believe it or not Tigranes vision is to bring Africa together let alone Ethiopia. But if most of Ethiopian believe like you, trust me Tigranes will call it in a second.

      A lot of representatives from different part of Ethiopia are coming to Mekele for Unity wit Tigray people.

      I think you need to do some research about Tigray and current issue before you ******

      • Again – Tigrai needs Ethiopia to survive, but Ethiopia can live without it. The only thing Tigray exported to the rest of Ethiopia in the last 50 years is ethnic conflict.
        It’s true that Tigray was an ancient center of Ethiopia but now TPLF managed to destroy that reputation.

      • Yes we oromos know the contributions tigray have made for Ethiopia. Tigrays have more intelligence and they are more civilized to have a dialogue with. Ethiopia can survive without Amhara, though they will never leave because they believe god have them Ethiopia. This is fabrication from Amhara to blame tplf and olf. We know who did it!

  3. The old dogs of TPLF better live their retirement in peace. Or else, once the rest of Ethiopia pass this hard path to democracy, they will motivate the Tigrayan people to rise up and swallow them right in their Mekelle residences.

  4. The biggest problem for Ethiopian unity is Amharas believe that they are the “elite” and the “rightful owner” of the country’s leadership. They don’t want to give space to the other ethnical groups. Atleast TPLF formed federal region’s where each ethnic group can retain their cultural background. Amharas wants ethnical cleansing as they have done in the past to Oromo. The federal government is still young and needs to be further developed instead of destroying everything. I support federalism the alternative for me is to dissolve Ethiopia and let every ethnic group have it’s own country. Amharas illusion should never become reality.

  5. All people of Ethiopia have to stand with Dr. Abiy because his mission is not accomplished.
    As he came on power with understanding of all opposions, scholars, intellectuals and even the then ruling parties to transfer that country to free election and democracy, all agreed and welcomed his vision including his idea.
    But now we see nothing different measures he has taken than gradualy and savely to do his promises.
    Unlike all accusation from exetremist or power addicted groups like TPLF and OLF-War wings(The Shene), Dr. Abiy is doing very well his job.
    His only deficit is to endure the secrity of the people and the power law or justice.
    We need no more new groups on power in this transition period rather we must be patient till the coming election.
    We support also him; if some politicaly motivated criminals have been jailed as they are the main cause for last times killing of the best artist Haccallu Hundesa and as result of their conspiracy the killing of innocient other ethnic group and massive destruction of their properties in Oronia region.

  6. Some idiot commenters on this page written their wish:
    To destroy Amhara:
    May be you have to know history of this world:
    Nobody had succeded with the parole to destroy any group if Mannkind . Parriodically, those who start to destroy otheres will pay with hush price for their ambition.
    Just like Nasis or ISIS Even in the Napoleon’s Era.
    Just…… Be Careful !!!! You walk no step with Hatrage of Amhara!!!!!!!!

  7. Tplf are terrorist. Their goal now that they’re out of addis is to sow chaos & destruction in Ethiopia

    Hopefully Ethiopians wake up before it’s too late


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