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Oromo Liberation Front Shane launched an attack in Amhara region

Oromo Liberation Front

July 6, 2020

Oromo Liberation Front -Shane (OLF-Shane) has reportedly launched an attack in the Amhara region in North Central Ethiopia over the weekend.

The attack was meant to be a coordinated one with the Killing of Hachalu Hundessa, according to Amhara regional state authorities who spoke to Ethiopian Satellite Television.

Temesgen Tiruneh, head of the regional state, said that the OLF Shane group armed men organized themselves with the aim to remove government authorities in the Dewiha zone Oromo zone of Amhara region (ethnic Oromo living in the region do have their own ethnic-based administration).

Commander of the armed group who led the attack was killed, according to Temesgen Tiruneh.

In Bati town, which is along the Kombolcha-Asaita road, the OLF Shane group attacked a hotel whose ownership is unspecified. Five people were wounded as the armed group threw a hand grenade.

The Amhara region also announced that several armed groups were captured. On the part of the region’s security forces, one policeman is wounded, as confirmed by Ato Temesgen Tiruneh.

Those who lost their privilege because of the political change in the country are beyond the attack, he said. “Cleaning the spider web does not solve the problem. The spider itself needs to be a target,” he added.

At least 166 innocent civilians are reportedly killed in the Oromo region of Ethiopia following the killing of Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa. Properties worth hundreds of millions of birr is destroyed and looted. Authorities in the region say Oromo Liberation Front Shane group is behind the massacre of civilians and looting in the past few days.

Apart from dozens of orchestrated attacks in towns like Sebeta and Burayu, Oromo Liberation Front Shane kidnapped 17 Dembi Dollo University Students whose whereabouts is unknown to date.

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  1. Get them away from the banks. Twenty plus banks in Oromia were robbed not too long ago, banks found in the Oromia region upgraded their security systems since then ,now they must be heading further distances to rob more banks looking for banks they can rob.

  2. First of all, how did the so-called constitution form special Oromo zones in the Amhara region but there are no special Amhara zones in the Oromia region. Mind you, the cities of Jimma, Adama, Shashemane are half Amhara from the beginning.

    Second, the paid mercenaries of OLF and other ethnic mongers need to stay in their quarters because like the famous Amharic saying ‘Be Hager ena mist qeld yelem’! – (roughly meaning – no jokes about country and wife/family)

  3. Keep it up BORKENA.COM. everydog has its day. Abiy will never prevail with his amhara’s master ideology. Beat up the drum and hope someone will sing along. The Neftagna will never assume power and if they do, there wiil be price to pay.

    No goverment can rule with iron fist and perfom its task well.

    To the neftagna why dont you take your share and disappeare the rest of us can coexist peacefully without your TORMENTED ideology.

    Why do you want to stay in union where no one wants you.

    The Tigrai dont want you
    The Somalis dont want you
    The Sidamas dont want you
    The Oromos dont want you.


    We want to teach our kids their languages and one other useful language so as to be competitive in the world.

    Note: take that Amharanized Abiy ahmed on your way out .


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