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Dimtsi Weyane,Tigray Television off-air as of Monday

Unclear whether Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority is involved in Dimtsi Weyane and TMMA Broadcast service interruption

Dimtsi Weyane _ Ethiopia

July 6, 2020

Two Tigray based broadcasters are reportedly off-air as of Monday, July 6.  Tigray Regional State Television and Dimtsi Weyane are no longer broadcasting, according to a report by DW Amharic service which cited its Addis Ababa based reporter – Yohannes Gebreegziabhier.

Tigray region authorities have not confirmed the news and the Federal government has not issued a statement regarding why the two channels were taken off the air.

DW Amharic noted that the stations had received a warning before.

Tigray regional state is considering a different channel (29) whose location is unconfirmed.

Last week, the Federal Attorney-General launched an investigation on three broadcasters in connection with alleged roles in inciting ethnic violence in Ethiopia.

The result of the investigation on Oromia Media Network (OMN), Asrat Television and Dimtsi Woyane is not announced to the public.

Their studios in the capital Addis Ababa were suddenly searched days after Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa was assassinated in the capital Addis Ababa on Monday, June 29, which the government said was part of a plan to trigger a civil war in the country.

The government implicates “those who lost power” (a reference to Tigray People’s Liberation Front) in the assassination of the singer.

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  1. Meles Zenawi was not a matured politician when he first got to power but overtime he be some s world class leader. Same as Abiy Ahmed needs time to improve.

  2. Closing these channels is like attacking only the symptom of a disease. The actual virus is the ethnic based constitution. All ethnic groups have the right to live without any interference but they should not have the right to form governments based solely on ethnicity.

  3. This means nothing, I mean TPLF has successfully managed both DW and Tigray TV to return back on air across the whole Ethiopia. They are still broadcasting and uploading the videos onto youtube. Nothing can stop us, and Tigray region has access to internet.


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