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At least 81,mostly peaceful civilians,killed in Ethiopia

Mob protest targeting defenseless people in Oromo region of Ethiopia with the pretext of protest over Hachalu Hundessa death

Hachalu Hundessa. Photo : from YouTube channel

July 1, 2020

Within less than a year after more than 86 Ethiopians were massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia following Jawar Mohammed’s Social Media status update about concern for his safety, a similar carnage has happened in several towns in the same part of Ethiopia in the past few days.

Ethiopian government officials have admitted that so far 81 people are killed including in the capital Addis Ababa following the death of Hachalu Hundessa.  Three of the victims are said to be police officers and seven people were killed in the capital Addis Ababa.

There are concerns that the number could be much higher than what government authorities reported. In what is said to be an attempt to control further protests, the government has shut the internet across the country.

Bale, Assela, Shasheme, Ambo, Nazret (Adama), and Nekemte are some of the towns where there were protests following the death of Hachalu Hundessa’s killing on Monday in the evening in the capital Addis Ababa.  Apart from killings, properties belonging to non-ethic oromo Ethiopians were attacked. In Shashemene, for example, long distance running legend, Haile Gebreselassie’ hotel was vandalized.

Other sources reported that members of defense forces are deployed in the capital Addis Ababa, and there was relative calm in the city.

According to citizens’ reports on social media, Ethiopians from non-Oromo ethnic communities were targeted in the attack. Seniors Ethiopians as old as 70 years of age are reported to be killed in Assela -among other cities.

In Ambo town, the birthplace of Hachalu Hundessa and where his funeral will take place on Thursday, there was a clash between government security forces and “protestors” who demanded to take the body of Hachalu Hundessa back to Addis Ababa – where they want him to be laid to rest.  It happened on Wednesday in the afternoon.

A report by DW Amharic confirmed the incident but the exact number of casualties from the incident is unknown. It is, however, believed that at least nine people have sustained a serious injury.

The singer’s uncle, whose name is unspecified, is reportedly killed during a confrontation between security forces and protestors. The government claims that he was killed by armed protestors.

Jawar Mohammed’s guard killed a policeman in Addis Ababa, says police

The Federal Police disclosed the preliminary findings of investigations into protest incidents which are sparked by controversy over Hachalu Hundessa’s resting place.

The claim on the part of Ethiopian government security officials is that there was a planned insurrection in the capital Addis Ababa aimed at toppling the government.

Based on the police report, the controversy over Hachalu’s resting place ( and government claims that the singer’s parents and family have expressed their wish for Ambo to be the resting place for the body) was a strategy to implement the objective to put an end to the government by killing some of the government authorities.

After intercepting the coffin on its way to Ambo, police said protestors brought the body at Oromo cultural center in the capital Addis Ababa where government authorities were having a meeting at the time – said police.

Jawar Mohammed was part of the protest along with his armed bodyguards. A policeman who was on duty in the cultural center was shot dead by Jawar’s guards, said Federal Police.  It is also claimed that the police did not respond to the gunfire. But it said it has seized several firearms including 8 AK 47 from the bodyguards.

Also, Police said that thirty-five people, including Jawar Mohammed, are arrested. Bekele Gerba, who is a member of leadership of Oromo Federalist Congress, is confirmed to be one of those arrested. The party said on Wednesday that they are arrested in Maekelawi in the capital Addis Ababa.

Oromo regional State Communications affairs head Getachew Balcha told VOA Amharic service that “those who coordinated the killings and the events after planned to create a clash between ethnic groups and religions.” Without naming names, he referred to them as forces “removed from power” though popular struggle. The description connoted Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Extremist Oromo nationalist activists

Extremist Oromo nationalist activists based in the Diaspora are accused of painting a wrong image of the culprits behind Hachalu Hundessa’s killing.

In consequence, innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the killing in several towns in Oromo regional state are massacred.

Outside of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian embassy in London was attacked. The statue of Emperor Haile Selassie at the Ethiopian embassy in London was demolished. The official Ethiopian government flag was removed and replaced with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) flag.

Conversations on social media indicate that Ethiopians are organizing to hold activists propagating hate speech and inciting violence from a distance accountable.

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  1. Blame UN who keeps arming EPRDF . Hachalu wouldn’t even have to struggle so hard if UN didn’t fund , arm or train TPLF-the terrorist group despite the continuous outcries from Ethiopian majority ethnicities who suffer ethnic genicidal rule under EPRDF until now .

    Currently it seems like the Balderas & Amara National Movement (ANM) are siding with EPRDFites (PP& TPLF) and against Hachalu’s supporters.
    PP/TPLF (EPRDF) has successfully created divisions between Fano and Querro .

    Now UNSC is saying there is a dispute about GERD between Ethiopia , Sudan and Egypt. This word “Dispute” needs to be clarified. What kind of dispute UNSC is talking about needs to be clarified. There is no dispute.Ethiopia did not go build the dam in Sudan’s territory or in Egypt’s territory , GERD is in Ethiopia’s territory. Ethiopian delegates need to calmly take their time and tell the UNSC to clarify this word “dispute” right now, before these talks go any further. Ethiopia’s delegates should not just accept any label or any word UNSC throws , object the word dispute before another word gets thrown. I cannot go into another woman’s home and start a dispute over her husband. If I did start a dispute I am sure I would be asked what is the basis for my dispute , did the husband had an affair with me? Am I his mistress or what?
    Menilik signed because he was forced to sign. He was made to sign whatever he signed without his will. That needs to be clarified. That treaty 99% of Ethiopians did not know it was signed at the time or have not been made aware of it. It still sounds like a fairy tale for the majority .
    Ethiopia got a right to build a wall in its territory whether it is in it’s water or on Ethiopia’s land, Ethiopia got full right to build a wall wherever Ethiopia wants in the territory of Ethiopia. UNSC got no right to label Ethiopia to be in a dispute , disputes are when both countries got common entitlement over where the dam is being built. For that matter Abraham Lincoln promised forty acres and a mule in a treaty to all African American blacks , that did not happen. You don’t see UNSC calling the fact African Americans did not get their forty acres and a mule a dispute.We didn’t hear the ethnic apartheid within Ethiopia being labeled as a dispute by UNSC which is costing lives left and right in Ethiopia for decades until now. For three decades UNSC pressured Ethiopia to follow ethnic apartheid, UNSC approved the arming to his teeth of a one ethnic dominated military to commit genocide against its own people within the country and neighborhood coutries , that was not called a dispute by UNSC .

    UNSC cannot pressure us Ethiopians, currently Ethiopia is at the lowest in any measure of human development Index because of UNSC hired mercinaries called TPLF, there is no way but up for Ethiopians from now on , we cannot go any lower , we are desperate now and we won’t allow UNSC to label Ethiopia anymore, we know where we are and we know where we are heading, if UNSC wants to label anything UNSC can label itself the entity who armed TPLF to kill Ethiopians by TPLF commiting crimes against humanities by getting constant support to strengthen the power of TPLF kept arriving g from the west despite outcries Ethiopians kept sounding since the past millennium.

  2. Egypt is not your enemy, all what we want is fair agreement according to international law .. Egypt will not engage in any dirty work inside ethiopia or anywhere else

    Conspiracy theory will eat Ethiopians’ brains

  3. This untimely death of this young family man will be mourned for a long time in the future. Let’s hope that the ball will be moving in the right direction and the murderers will face the wrath of justice soon in a court of law.

    In the meantime, I would like to remind my countrymen/women who live here in the USA that the other deadly criminal is still rampaging in the USA where most of you live. Today new cases count is the highest since the country began keeping records with more than 57,000 in the last 24 hours alone. What is going on in California, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Arizona? Please keep your guard up by following the mitigating protocols the doctors ordered. Wear fabric face masks recommended by the experts, wash your hands with soap more often and keep the proper distance from others and those you don’t live with. This pandemic is not going anywhere and may repeat history in itself with far more deadly 2nd outbreak during the coming flu season as its cousin did in 1918-19. And the vaccine will/may not be ready before the end of the year or early 2021.
    So don’t be destructed and stay vigilance. It is a life or death predicament.

    • Ittu Aba Farada

      Thank you for reminding us to put our guards up.We needed it.

      At the blacks lives matters rallies across USA , especially in the cities where large number of people were rallying most were standing not even a feet apart , too close to complete strangers everyday all-day for weeks.

      In the month of June Where I live in San Francisco , California it felt like almost the whole city put our guards down, in June people were gathered indoors at the church eating foods sharing foods with no care whatsoever , I saw numerous people attending services sponsored public events until the City just announced that it started cracking down on such events held at churches.

      Plus in the month of June the Black lives matters rallies packed San Francisco’s people like sardines with public transportation buses having people seat or stand too close to each other, not even one feet apart. In the closest state prison from where I live about one thousand inmates or one third of the inmates are currently said to be infected with covid-19.

      In the same note I fear these few days of protests in Ethiopia which happened this week will result in a spike of Coronavirus cases also , I wish it doesn’t but seeing what happened here I wouldn’t be surprised if a spike in covid-19 cases happens there also within a month time from now.
      We hear eighty plus people died of violent attacks at protests happening over the death of Hachalu , I fear many many more will die of covid-19 which they contracted while protesting Hachalu’s death.
      California officials blasted for prison coronavirus outbreak

      San Francisco cracks down on Catholic Church over coronavirus

  4. Let us admit.
    Let us be honest.
    Let us confess to the Almighty God up in Heaven, that we always attempt to cheat or to cheer!

    The violent reaction that we see TODAY in Ethiopia is the consequence of YESTERYEARS mode of Life in Ethiopia. It is a direct cumulative reaction of people who were subjected to all sorts of sociological, and consequently psychological phenomenon, where people were struggling to emulate the habit and beliefs of the RULING CLASS. In this criminal psychological context, for example, people were emulating NAMES for their children and grand children …. with pride, reflecting the norms of the Ruling Class. Insidiously, it was supposed to be a sign of civilized family — a perfect trend towards INFERIORITY phenomenon where one emulates the “Superior Race”, at any cost!!!

    Look at the cumulative consequential effect on the streets of TODAY. And where are the INITIATORS of YESTERYEARS? Ask someone up in Heaven. And those who are still lingering with their superiority complex are three-quarter dead. By the way, are you following the news? The statues of the mighty of YESTERYEARS are falling down wherever they are, around the Globe.



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