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Jawar Mohammed reportedly arrested

Oromo Media Network (OMN) has confirmed the arrest of Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba. It also said that employees in its Addis Ababa are arrested by the Federal Police and the studio is also said to be closed.

Jawar Mohammed _ Bekele Gerba
Jawar Mohammed. Photo: from Social Media

June 30, 2020

OMN announced that Federal Police had arrested Jawar Mohammed on Tuesday.

The media, whose owner is Jawar Mohammed himself who was linked to the killings of 86 people in October 2019, claimed that there was a clash between the Federal Police and Oromia region Security forces, as reported by DW Amharic service on Tuesday.

However, OMN did not say details regarding casualties on both sides.  It claimed that Federal Police members had to get reinforcements to make the arrest.

Bekele Gerba, who is among the senior leadership of Oromo Federalist Party, is also arrested along with Jawar Mohammed. The location of their arrest is undisclosed. Jawar joined the political party last December the legality of which was questioned by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on grounds of Jawar’s U.S. citizenship.

The arrest came a day after prominent Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa was assassinated in the capital Addis Ababa in the locality of Gelan Condominiums. Police said on Tuesday that he was killed after he got into his car.

However, Police did not disclose information about the identities of the killed although it has confirmed that it has arrested some suspects.

Hachalu was interviewed by OMN a few days before he was murdered, and there was apparent coordination on the part of those who plotted the killing to make his death appear as if it is linked to the remarks he made over the Emperor Menelik.

Oromia Regional State president, Shimeles Abdissa, said on Tuesday that the killing was an orchestrated one and was intended to bring about chaos in the country.

He pointed fingers to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders and other political forces who he said were hired mercenaries. Speaking with breaking voices out of grief, Shimeles also said that political entities that are combining peaceful and armed struggle are involved in the campaign to reverse the reform measures in the country.

Lencho Bati, a prominent Oromo activist, and politician who is said to work as an adviser to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government said the killing TPLF and Egypt are likely to be behind the killing. But it was executed through the agency of mercenaries hired from the Oromo community, he added.

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  1. I strongly believe the dire economic situation facing Ethiopia today had its roots on such similar vagabonds running around as ‘political activists, liberation fronts, revolutionaries, etc’. Their singular goal had been to ascend to power so as to liberate themselves from poverty, and nothing else. They just used ‘people’ in their propaganda as it to appear to stand for the rights and economics prosperity of the poor.

    Democracy requires responsible and well informed citizens. Ignorance is fertile field for the likes of Bekele Geleba and Mohammed to exploit for their benefits. As long as these types of ‘Gelebas’ are allowed to maraud without check, it would be be extremely difficult for the culture of democracy to hold and for Ethiopia to defeat poverty. My preference is to get rid of such similar individuals quickly and out of sight and sound without mercy. They should not be allowed to destroy the lives of millions for ever.

  2. I told you folks umpteen times before. Bigots who are hell bent on getting what they want, which is to carve and slice out a region to call it their own would stop at nothing. They have no values as we know it. They will kill their own mothers and fathers if that furthers the accord for them. They had sold out their souls in the past to whoever was the highest bidder. Last time they tried to create chaos and bloodshed through their hirelings by sending a group of policemen during the wee hours of the night to frighten an already schizophrenic and they got the reaction they wanted. ‘They want to kill me! They are here to kill me, my baby and wife!!!’, the script went!!!! Then more than 100 citizens lost their Allah Blessed lives. Then blubber mouths were let Scott free to toss fuel into the fire. They are seen doing the same now. Enough is enough!!!! These individuals have amassed fortune by spewing around poison among otherwise harmonious neighbors. I concur with what Obbo Shimelis has eluded to. He may not be an Oromo anyway, I was told before. He has failed the test for bona fide ‘Oromoness’ already. Bus’em in!!!!!

  3. Why can’t Abiy be proud to come out on national TV and speak in Afaan Oromo explaining the situation. If Jawar and TPLF have something to do with this, he should use this opportunity to explain that directly to the Oromo people. He can actually get back the trust and support of Oromia which he has been losing recently.

  4. In a related note, these sinister individuals and groups may try to up the ante by murdering other notable private citizens including those in the entertainment profession. Such notable must beef up their security detail even more so now. Like I said before, these demons will not stop at anything to light up a raging fire so they can fish in the troubled waters.

    Meanwhile, this does not mean that the old country should back to its old habits of previous leaders of arbitrary jailing and shooting citizens. It cannot afford to descend into the same low now. Those who have been rounded up should be made public with their names and the alleged crimes they are accused of. That country has had enough of that and enough is enough with that too. There should be transparency about it all.

  5. I just listened to a briefing by the Addis Abeba Police Commissioner, where he said this child cum politician named Mohammed was leader of about 35 thugs (probably one of those followers could have been Bekel Geleba) who forcefully confiscated body of the deceased singer from an ambulance carrying it to Ambo. They dumped the body at the head office of Prosperity Party by ramming through the gate by killing a security guard. That was pure terrorism at par with the likes of al Shabab, al Queda, and Isis. The group was finally apprehended by reinforced police force with a large catch of war materials such as machine guns, communication equipment, pistols, etc. They were prepared for war, and must have been scheming to stage a coup de etat.

    This is a good opportunity to at last get rid of this immature terrorist. He should be tried under the laws of Ethiopia and receive the appropriate verdict. He is not any more citizen of the USA and can not appeal to Donald Trump to save him.

    Time to show who is in charge?

  6. All countries should push for freedom of speech, no matter who says it or what they say the government has no place in enforcing thoughts and speech. This is the action of Tyrants and they are controlling within the Ethiopian government. All Ethiopians should demand freedom of speech

  7. O Boy!!!! This is what you can call as the fox meeting his lion master in the field. I am just saying. I am not taking side for this or that. I am just saying what came to my mind. O Boy! Somebody, I said somebody is in deep creek!!!
    This is going to be another version of ‘rumble in a jungle’ with the boys duking it out!!! I forgot buying a ringside ticket. Can somebody, I said somebody, tell me where the scalper is these days? I wanna buy a ticket even at scalped price. What? What did you say? It lasted only 8 rounds?!!! You’re lying!!! I don’t care. I want to watch it from a ringside!!!!


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