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Ethiopian PM meet Defense Force Commanders over reform measure

Meeting with Ethiopian Defense form discussed changes to defense document

June 22, 2020

A day after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi met with his country’s Air Force combat unit to order stand by for “any mission,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with Defense Force Commanders on Sunday.

However, the latter’s meeting with senior army officers is related to Defense reform measures under discussion, according to a report by state-owned media Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). 

“Together with general officers of the National Defense Force, we held fruitful discussions on the new defense strategy and institution building activities,” PM Abiy Ahmed tweeted Sunday.

He has discussed a document prepared as part of the conversation for the reform measures.  He is cited as saying that the document is prepared in consideration of national challenges and international army capacity, and in a way to address challenges by creating a defense force that is loyal to the constitution and in defense of Ethiopia and its people.

Ethiopian PM _ Defense Force
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed shows old defense document to participants of the meeting. Photo source : ENA

“The Defense Force does not have loyalty to a political party, to ethnicity or group interest. It is for sovereignty and needs to be based on the constitution to ensure its continuity, “he said.

A strategic document was published during the late Meles Zenawi’s leadership. While seeing something very useful from it (and in that case, he said it is included in the new document), the document prepared under PM Meles Zenawi has problems.

He said the document contravenes the constitution as the objective stated in the document focused on building an army committed for revolutionary democracy political ideology. 

The new strategy aims at modernizing the Ethiopian Army.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that the draft strategic document, which was published in February 2020, will be refined in the course of time, and “every citizen could understand it easily.”

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