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Defense Council evaluated reform measures

Defense Council_
Photo : OPM

January 11,2019

The Defense Council held discussion today in the office of the prime minister.

The Commander-in-Chief, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, led the discussion which evaluated, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), reforms that have been introduced in the department since Prime Minister Abiy took power in April 2018.

The Council says that reforms in terms of legal frame work, organization structure and mission accomplishing efficiency are well underway.

The discussion reflected on results attained so far while identifying gaps observed during the course of implementing the reforms. The report by EBC did not mention about the gaps in detail. However, it is reported that directions are marked to fill in the identified gabs.

As well, the council discussed in depth deployment and settlement patterns of the force. It is to be conducted in a way to address existing and potential threats, and that efforts will be made to help the public understand this principle.

The Defense Force made news headlines locally this past week in connection with incidents in Tigray, north Ethiopia, and Gonder, North West Ethiopia.

In Tigray, the contingent of the Defense Force was blocked by residents in Zalambesa and Shire as it was moving to new deployment area.

In Gonder, members of Defense Force who were on a mission of escorting Sur Construction Company reportedly killed nine civilians and wounded 18 others last Sunday as residents in the region were attempting to search trucks belonging to the aforementioned company before it leaves the area. Residents developed mistrust towards the company, which is said to be associated with TPLF, after the region experienced security challenges.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Berhanu Jula, denied today that his forces did not open fire on civilians. He described the incident as a sort of self-defense measure against an armed group in the region which he did not call by name.

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