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Jawar Mohammed is losing ground, says General Kemal Gelchu

General Kemal Gelchu criticized Jawar Mohammed and Oromo Media Network (OMN). He sees the inevitability of OMN’s march to irrelevance if it fails to liberate itself from the influence of Jawar Mohammed

Jawar Mohammed _ Kemal Gelchu
Brig. General Kemal Gelchu. Photo : SM /file

June 5, 2020 

Oromo National Party chairman, Brig. General Kemal Gelchu, had an interview with Andafta Media. He remarked on the extension of General election, what his party thinks to address the existing “constitution crisis” (he does not seem to accept how the government is going about getting a constitutional interpretation to legitimize extension of the election), and about Jawar Mohamed and his media Oromia Media Network (OMN). 

He also seized the opportunity to explain what could be described as “rivalries”  among the bigger ethnic-Oromo nationalist parties (namely Oromo Liberation  Front, Oromo Federalist Congress, and Oromo National Party) on the issue of “leading the struggle of the Oromo people” which rather sounds more like a power struggle.  

Regarding the postponed election, “Whatever the reason is,” he said, “not having an election is a gap and it means that the government will not have the power once the term is completed in September.” 

Then again, he said that his party is not claiming an election must take place under the existing circumstances. There has been an election for the past 27 years but has not solved the country’s problem, he said. He qualified his remark to make the point that the elections held during the stated time were neither free nor fair except for the 2005 election. 

He discussed his party’s Oromo National Party proposal to resolve the existing crisis. He said the formation of the opposition party council composed of the major parties in the country and provide direction to the government until the next election.  He elaborated on his position. “It could be implemented without the need to dissolve the parliament, House of Federation or council of the executive,” he said. 

He also warned about the move to grasp power exploiting the existing situation in the country. Along that line, he talked about Jawar Mohammed whom he described as a figure whose influence is waning.  He insinuated that Jawar Mohammed is moving after his ego forgetting about the circumstances of people and the country.  However, he also recognized him for “his contribution in the struggle so far.”  Oromia Media Network (OMN), whose founder and owner is Jawar Mohammed, is also criticized. General Kemal Gelchu is of the view that the OMN will lose unless it frees itself from Jawar. While not denying that Jawar has become an influential figure out of nowhere, General Kemal implied that the former has lost sight of the extent of his influence and power. 

The video below, embedded from Andafta Media, has part I of the interview with General Kemal Gelchu.  Part II is not yet uploaded on Youtube.

Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. This is what I want to say to Obbo Kemal. How dare you? How dare you talk like this about Jawar? Let me tell you something about ‘more general than you’ Jawar. He was the one who single handedly brought down the government in 2018. After he brought down the government Obbo Lemma and his team that included PM Abiy fell down to his feet and begged him to give them a chance to straighten things out. He obliged but gave them an ultimatum. The ultimatum last until the end of 2020. Obbo Jawar had confirmed this fact during his various interviews. This is just a slight sliver among his accomplishments. Obbo Jawar battle with the neftegnas did not start just ten or 15 years ago. He was just an 8-yr old toddler when locked horns with a notorious neftegna who was the headmaster of the elementary school young Jawar was attending. One day after the school hours in the very late afternoon that brutal neftegna ordered young Jawar and his friend to fetch water and firewood for him from a river 6 miles away. That neftegna has been doing this on his students for years and nobody dared to say no until the gallant Jawar came along. Jawar did not just say no but he said ‘Why don’t you fetch it yourself’. That neftegna superintendent suspended the 8-yr old Jawar on the spot. A missionary school nearby heard the story and accepted Jawar to the ire the neftegna. Jawar became a straight A student since then always attaining first in his class and at the same time waging bitter battles with every neftegna in the area and winning. He was then won scholarship and left the country. He was a straight A student throughout his years in the Far East and here in the USA. His GPA at Stanford and Columbia are the highest in the school’s history. He is also a Mensa with an IQ score of more than 198 edging Albert Einstein himself by miles.

    His term papers and theses are the most sought after scholarly documents. Does Obbo Kemal know the fact that it was the thesis that Obbo Jawar wrote that the UN and EU used to resolve the conflict in Kosovo and Bosnia? Obbo Jawar himself had to travel all the way to the former Yugoslavia and was able to bring the warring factions to the dialogue table. His thesis on conflict resolutions are currently being used by every country throughout the world. There was even a talk about a Nobel Peace Prize but the neftegnas got the wind of it and put up a bitter fight and it was postponed. He told them to give the prize to PM Abiy and they did.

    How dare you Obbo Kemal!!! You don’t know who you talking to. I am ordering you to bow in front of him and plea for forgiveness!!! Obbo Jawar is the best thing to happen to my Oromos since Sheik Sayeed Abiyo of the 1950’s!!!! How dare you?

    • Typical Oromo defense; everything that is wrong within Oromo society is blamed on Neftegna. Sure the school teacher he had a problem with was unbearable. But as usual they had to call the ethnicity card. In all honesty, without the support of Neftegna, the first Oromo pastoral migrants would not have even adapted to the highlander life.

  2. I ain’t done yet. Get a load of this. The story I am gonna tell you next is gold certified. It happened when Obbo Jawar was 12 years old. By then he had proved to be the best sharp shooter in the entire country even besting the best of the best in the military. His father bought him the high power Mauser rifle. So one day while he was out hunting in the woods he was spotted by one of the most notorious nomadic tribesmen. One of them decided to kill Jawar and take away the much sought after rifle. He then approached Jawar and pulled the trigger from just 50 yards away. The bullet hit Obbo Jawar right on the heart but it did not penetrate his body but it rather rolled down and fell on the ground. The trigger man tried again but this time he was hit by a lightening and fell down. He regained consciousness and fired again but this he dropped dead. Jawar calmly approached the tribesmen and asked them what was going on. They told him their friend tried to kill him and he dropped dead. Reverend Jawar told them he wasn’t dead and raised the dead man back to life.

    Do you know that Obbo Jawar was born at midnight on Jumaa? It is in the record that sun came out at midnight seconds after he was born. I am not lying to you. You can see it yourself at the public record office in Arsi. But there will be two reasons you will not be able to read or even decipher the record. You are either a neftegna or a neo-Gobena like Kemal.

    How about this one? You gonna love it!!! Do you know what happened when Reverend Jawar traveled to Saudi Arabia on Hajj? It was written that the minute he arrived there it rained in buckets for the first time in more than one thousand years. That fulfilled one of the prophecies.

    This one is a home run. During one of their closed door private meetings, el-Sisi told PM Abiy that the only person he is scared most of is Obbo Jawar and is having nightmare about him becoming the next prime minister. He is the undisputed leader of Qeerroo and now Fano has just accepted his leadership. This is the whole truth and nothing but the undisputed truth!!!

    What else you wanna know about the proven legend of the Prophet Jawar? If you are an Oromo and you don’t believe my testimony there is only one reason for that: You are a proven neo-Gobena!!!

  3. Thank you Obbo Kemal for putting the facts on table.
    Jawar is fighting to get power only
    He is cooperating with Egypt to destroy his country. He is working for the success of Egypt. By doing this, he is getting money from Egypt.
    In other words, he is selling his country.
    He is also cheating us. He claims to have returned his US citizenship which is not correct.
    A person has to be loyal to him self before being loyal to his people.
    Therefore, Jawar is working only for his popularity and also to get power.

  4. What a farce within the so-called “Oromo parties!” None of them has a legitimacy to represent the people that they claim to advocate for, and as such, they all seem to swing!

    Second, none qualifies for a proper political activity – the art of engagement and pro-active calibration! It’s about negotiations: give-and-take, and peaceful relations, upholding legal and ethical issues, respect for individual rights, transparency, understanding of their platforms – horizontal and vertical relations. Succinctly: incompetence!

  5. I shouldn’t be bludgeoned lifeless for telling most of what I was told and has been blowing around the chitlin’ circuits in the ‘haffas’. Somebody, somebody has said it already: Don’t kill the messenger!!! Don’t even!!!!

  6. The once orphan Jawar is just another Khat addict paranoid half Amara half Oromo individual suffering from multiple personality disorder identity crisis, who hallucinates while chewing khat about him having superhero skills similar to which Ittu the comment writer above tried to list.

    If anything he needs a professional mental health expert’s help before his multiple personality disorder gets any worse than it already is.

    • Fight for better and stronger institutions, rule of law, equality, not cult of personality and mine is better than yours contest. Who benefits of your divisions? Opportunist Politicians!
      What’s your priority? Ethiopia strong or regional smallness . There is a say strong tide lift all boats. If history repeat we will be as yesterday, or you can make history by changing your heart first. Ethiopians Unite, Divisions are created by our enemies who want weak Ethiopia and look at the consequences of internal wars in Siria,Yemen,Irak, Afganistán Libya Somalia, Ruanda and us with Eritrea, only destruction.
      Egypt is our enemy not Oromo Amara or other ethnic group, ethnicity is identity and pride, not Licence to comparison nor superiority, be ware of extremists they are very opportunistic.
      Fidel Castro.
      Long live Ethiopia down with her enemies internal and external.

  7. Feresegnaw Ittu……you seem unable to distinguish between Neftegna (person with a firearm) and a school teacher. However you are a good chronicler for the magician, excellent marksman, Haji Jawar….please tell him to make bread rain on Oromia. If he failed I will order my dog to kick the hell out of him..mark my words

  8. Dear Agafari,

    I hope you’ve got it!!! I am glad to see someone has started saying something about it. Obbo Kemal should be followed by others. Everyone who designates himself/herself as an undisputed leader of more than 50 million proud people should be challenged. I like to see others with no skeletons in their closets speaking out. One self-anointed leader has been telling us how he made highly toxic poison sick for decades and others were telling us how they stopped an entire battalion of the Derg army alone. There were others who have been telling me and millions Oromos like me the arsenal of heavy artillery(hundreds) they had captured from the Ethiopian army in 1992-93 battles and how they stashed them away for a rainy day. A bunch of braggarts and connivers!!! In my blessed with a long life, I have seen and heard it all beginning with Sheik Sayeed Abiyo of the 1950’s. Smart aleck bold face liars!!!! .

  9. The son-of-gun Itu is a masterful entertainer, I recon. Take the writing as just that! But consider the possibility of good message underneath. Does the tradition of “Sem Ena Worq” (or Wax and Gold) ring a bell?

    • Obbo Worqu,

      I knew/expected this is coming. It is just a matter of time before someone rise up and say ‘what a minute!’ We are all riddled with connivers like no other time in our history. It is a huge and enticingly lucrative business. Smart alecks seize upon such well ripen opportunity and build mini empires to their and their only specifications. They know where the seed money is located more than anyone else. Once they secure that, it is off to the races until someone wakes up and starts shouting ‘Wo, wo, wo!! Hold your horses!!! Enough with that!!! That ain’t right!!!’ You see, cult is our soft belly. We have been suckered by it since the late 1960’s. All what we have seen so far is changing of guards/faces. Many of those cult addicts had fallen victims of their own follies with deadly endings. But news faces kept coming. But now we all know better. The quirky conviction that someone else is anointed to be a leader from birth ain’t gonna fly anymore. Not now bud!!!


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