General Kemal Gelchu removed as Oromo region security chief

Kemal Gelchu _ Oromo region _Ethiopia
Former General Kemal Gelchu
Photo source : EBC

April 3,2019

Oromo Regional State removed former General Kemal Gelchu as Oromia regional state administrative security office head, reported state broadcaster Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday citing Oromia regional state.

However, the reason why he is removed is unexplained.

He is a chairman of Oromia Unity and Freedom Front chairman and has been living in Eritrea from well over 10 years after he defected with a contingent of army that he was leading.

The have been reports that his appointment as security chief in Oromo regional state was vehemently opposed by the militant faction of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) which is said to have much influence and power over government structure in the region.

However, there is no confirmation if his removal has something to do with appeasement policy towards the militant OLF.

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