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Ethiopia : TPLF Defies Warning by Federal Government

Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF) decides to Proceed with Regional Elections despite Ethiopian government stern warning

By Bernabas Shiferaw
June 1, 2020

The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has released a statement following the meeting of its executive committee. The statement is one that, once again, rejects the federal government’s efforts to postpone the upcoming election through constitutional interpretation and defies the warnings by the federal government – particularly the Prime Minister – concerning TPLF’s decision to conduct the election as per the original schedule. 

The statement accuses Prosperity party of numerous crimes such as compromising the Country’s Sovereignty and National interests, violating the constitutional order (and consequently of dictatorship), waging war on those who are aligned with the constitution (presumably TPLF itself), and sabotaging the internal peace of the region through spreading false information. This is presumably a reference to the protests in the region that were reported by government, private and international media but which TPLF has completely denied. 

TPLF has, in its statement, put down seven resolution points mainly concerning the campaign against COVID-19, the alleged campaign by Prosperity party against TPLF and the region it governs, the election, and administrative reforms within the region. 

Concerning the prevention of COVID-19, the executive committee has decided that the campaign must be carried on based on “new changes, the conditions inside the region and scientific information” and “in a way that will minimize the economic damage” that could follow. 

TPLF has strongly objected to documentaries streamed via government media services on May 28, the day that marked the 29th year TPLF forces entered Addis Ababa after 17 years of struggle against the Derg regime. The documentaries presented cases of human rights violations committed against political prisoners while TPLF formed the heart of the federal government. These documentaries were perceived by many as a response to TPLF’s rhetoric concerning the greatness of the day and 27 years that followed in which TPLF controlled the federal government until its fall and retreat from central politics two years ago. 

In its statement, TPLF described the viewing of these documentaries as “a call for genocide” and an attempt at “buying power with money.” It has called for these actions to stop and “urged the Prosperity party to come to a logical discussion in which all stakeholders are allowed to participate.”

Concerning the election, the executive committee has called for the national election to be held “timely, as per the constitution.” Otherwise, preparations within the region to hold an election will continue even more intensively. It has protested at length against the decision taken by the federal government to postpone the election. It has also blamed the Prime Minister of disregarding “the right of people to self-determination” and of “waging war against the region.”

It has called on the people of Tigray, members of TPLF, members of the House of Federation, other regional states, the civic society, “nations, nationalities, and peoples of the Country,” and political parties not to participate in this scheme of the government which violates the constitution. The people of Eritrea, the United Nations, and the AU have also been mentioned and asked to “play a positive role in the matter.”

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