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“Federal government humiliated Ethiopia by opening doors to foreign powers,” says TPLF

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) accuses Abiy Ahmed led the administration of leading to the loss of Ethiopia’s policy independence and opening the country’s door wide open to foreign powers.

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May 28, 2020

TPLF has released a statement on Wednesday on the occasion of May 28 – a day on which TPLF led Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) declared victory following the collapse of Colonel Mengistu’s government in 1991. The statement is issued in the name of Tigray regional state.

In its reflection on the essence of May 28, TPLF claimed that “Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people have achieved sovereign power.”

The statement also attempted to list what TPLF considers as economic gains of “Ethiopia’s march along the path of Renaissance.” Trade and investment expanded. Ethiopia was poise to be, said the statement, one of the countries of the middle-income countries by 2025.

However, the march to progress could not continue due to “an increase in the demand for development and rent-seeking tendencies.”

For that, TPLF accused its partners in the then ruling coalition, EPRDF (and they were all junior partners). “Because ANDM, OPDO, and SPEDM were unable to conduct an in-depth performance evaluation, it became impossible to resolve the problem,” the statement added.

It is to be recalled that there had been a nation-wide protest against what most Ethiopians understood, rightly, TPLF led administration. Inequitable distribution of power and resources and prevalent grand corruptions that turned TPLF people into millionaires were among the issues that triggered opposition to TPLF power. 

There has been a remarkable structural change since TPLF lost dominant power in the Federal government in April 2018. For example, EPRDF was transformed from a political coalition to a single party after the merger of three coalition members and five other support parties- and formed the Prosperity Party. TPLF is not a member of the merger. It is now based in Tigray and behaving much like a de facto state on its own.

The statement also made accusations related to human rights violations. It stated that “the political force that is controlling the Federal power [a reference to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and members of his administration] has led to the displacement of citizens and their imprisonment due to their political convictions and identity.”

Furthermore, TPLF made claims that the freedom and dignity of Ethiopia are humiliated. Ethiopia has lost its policy independence. And that it has become a sphere of influence of foreign powers. And TPLF linked all those problems to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration.

TPLF is vowing to conduct an election in the Tigray region although the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) canceled the scheduled general election due to the coronavirus situation. TPLF believes that it is possible to conduct the election while fighting the spread of the Coronavirus. The Federal government sent a stern warning early this month that a move to conduct an “illegal” election will not be tolerated.

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  1. this is a correct statement. Abyi Ahmed is going to sell the country for the profit of his power.
    He is a terrorist man.
    He is a premature leader, I am sure that he can’t lead small kebelle.

  2. Even if Abiy has weakness as a person, he is great person. Ethiopian rescue from the cliff of hel. The people who have been condemned him un reasonable, either they are “day hynas” or their level of understanding too poor. Even any day hynas or crule wild animal had no done like Tplf.

  3. This is absolutely far from the truth …propaganda without facts .He is young visionery believe in unity .We already getrid off old ideas of the last 29 years like hating ,partitioning , bla bla….Think big start small scale it fast period.

  4. Sisay Wordofa

    Abiy was visionary when he first got to power two years ago not anymore , now he knows that he is just a psychopath that contradicts himself who go around Ethiopia promising false hopes and creating false fears among Ethiopians because he found out his visions are not attainable by his regime as he hoped they will. It was just wishful thinking.
    I can not think of one “vision” of his that materialized or are in a process of coming true.

    His vision was for Oromo to own Addis Ababa or for him to go to war against those who oppose the idea of Oromo owning Addis Ababa.

    His vision was to make Jawar his right hand man , Abiy told Jawar to consider himself as the Prime Minister wheneever Abiy was out of the country.

    Abiy’s vision was to get $1 dollar a day from the diasporas.

    Abiy’s vision was to reach a lasting agreement with Egypt and Sudan before January the 15th 2020.

    Abiy’s vision was to find the Dembi Dollo abducted students.

    His vision was to bring TO ETHIOPIA the corpses of those Ethiopians slaughtered in Libya by AlQuaeda.

    His vision was to relocate the internally displaced Ethiopians and stop the killings in Ethiopia.

    His vision was to remove Ethiopia from International Conflict Group’s ICG’s list of countries listed but instead in 2020 Ethiopia made the top three countries on a brink of a civil war on this ICG’s list with no signs of improvement detected so far to expect better results in the year 2021.



    His visions didn’t come true in the last two years even before the pandemic started so it is time for him to be realistic , amazingly there are many fools who still think that he is for real.

  5. TPLF has no moral And ability to blame Dr Aby Ahmed administration just because TPLF is outdated and the most arrogant party that never and ever accept changes. As we all know there is no younger generation in TPLF to resume the new thinking and change.

  6. TPLF is a small unrecognised liberation movement that led Ethiopia for the last 27 years under the disguised banner tplf. This movement has no word as ‘ SHAME’ in its dictionary!. If you logically ask this disguised front: ‘where did you hord all that money you stole from poor Ethiopian coffine, they will sware in the name of Christ that they have only £150 monthly salary and no saving. These are the people who critsise Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s govt. As incapeable of leading Ethiopia. We Ethiopians know who they are!. Please leave us alone TPLF.


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