Egypt lodged complaints to the Security Council,Ethiopia says will not give up its right

Egypt reportedly took her fight against Ethiopia’s right to use from its water resources to the Security Council of the United Nations

Ethiopia _ Egypt
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

May 6, 2020

Egypt has reportedly lodged a complaints letter to the Security Council of the United Nations concerning Ethiopia’s intent to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in July of this year.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MFAE) has seen the letter sent to the Security Council, according to a report by Sheger FM on Wednesday.

The Ministry has disclosed that Ethiopia is not changing its position in regards to exercising its sovereign rights to use from its natural resource and  to fill the dam in a way that will not cause harm to the lower riparian countries.  

Sheger FM cited Amsalu Tizazzu, deputy acting spokesperson, as saying that Ethiopia has been doing all it can in the discussions so far and that Ethiopia still believes that the issue could be resolved through tripartite talks with Egypt and Sudan.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle Amharic service reported on Wednesday that United States authorities continue to exert pressure on Ethiopia, directly and indirectly, to make the latter extend the time needed to fill the dam.

The United States and The World Bank brokered talk on the operation and filling of GERD failed in late February of this year. In the aftermath of it, Egypt launched a campaign to mobilize the Arab World. In early March of this year, The Arab League issued a statement condemning Ethiopia’s position which the latter reject as “one-sided and blinded.”  

Dr. Engineer Seleshi The Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Electricity, Bekele Awulachew, disclosed recently that Ethiopia will start filling the dam starting the months of July to operate two turbines.

The project is said to be, overall, 73 percent completed.

Meanwhile, a news shared on social media by Eritrean Press claims that TPLF is approaching Egypt with a proposal of joint ownership of the dam in exchange for political support that would help TPLF gain power in the Federal government.

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