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Ethiopia Coronavirus update April 28: two more positive cases confirmed,total 126

Ethiopia’s Coronavirus case still not showing significant increase. Only two more cases confirmed on Tuesday

Ethiopia Coronavirus _ update

April 28, 2020 

Ethiopia tested 1080 suspected Coronavirus cases over the past twenty-four hours and only two individuals have tested positive for the virus. 

The two patients ( 42 and 50 years of age) had a travel history to the United Kingdom, and are British nationals. They were in mandatory quarantine after arrival in the country. 

As reported yesterday, there are no patients in the Intensive Care Unit, and the status remains unchanged in that regard. 71 patients are in the treatment centers. 

So far 50 patients have fully recovered from the virus, as announced by the Ministry of Health. Registered deaths still 3. Two of the confirmed cases were Japanese nationals , and have returned back to their country. 

The total number of COVID 19 cases in the country including recovery, deaths, and individuals who are getting medical help in the designated treatment centers has now reached 126. 

15,668 samples have been examined since Ethiopia started tests for COVID 19 cases over a month ago. There are about 12 testing centers across the country. The aim, as disclosed last week, is to test about 4000 samples per day. 

Ethiopia’s policy responses to COVID 19 are still in place. Land borders to six neighboring countries remained close. All incoming travelers to the country are required to go through two weeks of mandatory quarantine. As it turns out, most of the COVID 19 cases in the country had a recent travel history. 

Moreover, Ethiopia declared a state of emergency about three weeks ago to enforce social distancing and other prevention measures across the country. 

As a result of CODID 19, Ethiopia is anticipating 11 percent economic decline. 

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  1. Formation of a transitional government in Ethiopia is a matter of survival . Transitional government is a must to save Ethiopia from an all out riot and civil war due to lack of good leadership , due to covid-19 , due to Locust invasion , due to Yellow fever Malaria , due to cholera and due to foreign influence. What makes this civil war worse than others is once it starts noone would know how or when it should stop because it will be a war which will bring up to light so many unhealed wounds Ethiopians carried for decades. So a transitional government is not the best option but the only option to survive.

    Wolqait , Raya , Afar , Arena potical party members and other political parties are imprisoned , tortured , harrassed even sometimes murdered in Tigrai starting from long before Covid-19 started non stop until now with the former President of Ethiopia the now FEDERAL APPOINTED Ethiopian maps drawing artist MULATU TESHOME saying the map prior to 1991 is void.

    Tigrai defied the federal government’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s order to return military helicopters from Tigrai to the middle part of the country long before Covid-19 started until now keeping all the helicopters in Tigrai.

    Tigrai defied the federal government’s Prime Ministers order to return the Badme land to Eritrea per the Algiers agreement long before Covid-19 started until now.

    Prime Minister Abiy’s government not only failed to do what it needed to be done but also also did so many crimes that should have not been done for a couple of years that made Abiy a tyrant in the making, a free election was being made impossible by PM Abiy Ahmed long before Covid-19 .

    EPRDF (Prosperity Party and TPLF) had failed to insure security for long before Covid-19 was detected . Prosperity Party had banned the Addis Ababa people from holding rallies long before Covid-19. Prosperity Party was going around the country paying participants to listen to Prosperity Party’s campaigns while other party’s for were unable even to get hotel auditoriums to gather in by the order of the Prime Minister. Remember Baldaras political party was not able to hold a meeting since the Prime Minister ordered the hotel to deny Baldaras from holding it’s scheduled meeting , so Baldaras meeting participants we’re not able to enter the hotel , after getting denied access to the hotel on the way back Baldaras got formed by holding a emergency meeting on the porche of the hotel quickly while walking outside. So Covid-19 only affected Prosperity Party and TPLF many other parties and others such as Meaza Mohammed and companies who wanted to hold rallies in Addis Ababa about the abducted Dembi Dollo students were not allowed long before Covid-19.

    Covid-19 didn’t prevent a free fair all encompassing election , what Covid-19 did is delayed the election that was about to be stolen by Prosperity Party and TPLF so in the election context Covid-19 saved Ethiopians , now it is time to create a transitional government even if the lazy prosperity party got no intentions to form a transitional government thanks to Covid-19 they got no other choice but to start doing real government work beginning September 2020 . Covid-19 is the great equalizer when it comes to Ethiopian government.

    With a transitional government the constitution of Ethiopia will be up for review , amendment or even change because it is evident the current Ethiopian constitution is not a real federalism constitution that’s why it led the country to so many displacements and miseries putting the country on a better of a civil war. Prosperity Party was all about money , now Covid-19 dries up it’s pocket it will start behaving , before PP was acting like that because it had $$ now covid-19 is going to attack them where it hurts them the most their pockets so they will beg Ethiopians and will be forced to do right for Ethiopians to survive.

    Please read how some of the current constitution supporters justify their recent actions in Addis Ababa’s palace below
    “The Ethiopian constitution clearly states Ethiopia is a country that respects all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. The constitution of Ethiopia does not state that nations and nationalities of Israel should be treated as if they are Ethiopians , Ethiopia is not Israel.Lion of Judah is not Ethiopian anymore, it is Israel’s now.

    All the Ethiopian jews adhari feudals who accumulate money claiming to be from the Solomonic Dynasty and also who long time ago put the lion of Judah on the palace are now all deported back to Israel , so there is no reason to keep their lion on the Ethiopian palace. They don’t even qualify to get GERD bond refund anymore.”


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