Ethiopia’s confirmed COVID 19 patients number climbs to 65

Ethiopia’s COVID 19 patients is growing daily but not exponentially. Less than 3500 have been tested so far. The policy response to the pandemic focuses on prevention.

Ethiopia COVID 19 update
Lia Tadesse, Ethiopia’s Minister for Health, updating the nation on the status of COVID 19. Photo : EBC

April 10, 2020 

The Ministry of Health said, on Friday, nine more individuals are diagnosed with COVID 19 virus. Four hundred forty-two people were tested over the past 24 hours. 

With the latest confirmed cases, the total number of  COVID 19 patients in the country has reached 65. The total number of individuals tested for the disease so far is only 3232. 

According to Lia Tadesse, the Ministry for Health, all the nine patients confirmed on Friday had a travel history outside of Ethiopia. Four of the patients came to Ethiopia from Dubai. Two patients came from Turkey and one Ethiopian from the United Kingdom. One patient had a travel history to the United States. 

In terms of nationality, seven of them are Ethiopians, one Eritrean, and one Indian, the Ministry disclosed.  

All the patients were in the quarantine center for travelers.  One of the two patients who were in the Intensive Care Unit has recovered. 

Only two patients died from the disease so far, and four people have recovered from it. 

This week Ethiopia declared a state of emergency, which the parliamentarians endorsed on Friday to enforce COVID 19 prevention measures with vigor. 

While there has been a positive trend in the country in terms of resource mobilization as a response to the pandemic, implementing preventative measures, like social distancing and staying at home, has proved to be challenging, mostly for cultural reasons. 

According to the attorney general, Adanech Abebe, the government had to declare a state of emergency because it has become impossible to enforce the law with the existing laws in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Churches and Mosques have been closed since last week, and worshipers are advised to pray from home. This week, a one-month national prayer has been declared in the country. 

Ethiopian government is working with traditional medicine practitioners in the country to develop a cure for the disease that has claimed tens of thousands of lives the world over.  

The causality from Coronavirus disease is mounting around the world. As of April 10, 2020, the total number of infected people is well over 1.6 million. And more than 97,000 people died from it.  In Africa, well over 11,000 people have contracted the virus and over 500 people died from it. 

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