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Ethiopia confirms three more Coronavirus patients

Ethiopia Coronavirus
Graphic : Ministry of health

April 8, 2020

The Ministry of Health said, on Wednesday, that three more persons tested positive for coronavirus test. Two hundred twenty-five people were tested in the past twenty-four hours. 

All three patients are Ethiopians. Two of them had a travel history to Dubai, and they were in quarantine for two weeks after they arrived in the country. One of the patients does not have a travel history and is said to be from Addis Kidam town of Awi zone in the Amhara region, according to the ministry of information. 

Age-wise, the two patients with travel history to Dubai are both 29 years of age. The third patient from the Amhara region is 36 years old.

One of the three patients is in the Intensive Care Unit, and the total number of patients in the ICU is two. 

The total number of people tested in the country so far is only 2,496. And the number of confirmed patients has reached 55, at this writing. So far, the test facility was available only in the capital Addis Ababa. At this point, regional states have made the arrangement and started testing, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) 

On Tuesday, Ethiopian Airlines CEO said that three Ethiopian Airlines crew members had contracted the diseases, but they are in a stable condition and are expected to recover from it. 

So far the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day was 8 which was confirmed on Tuesday this week.

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