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What is the Truth about Jigjiga Politics? ( Abdiaziz Ali)

Jijiga _ Abdiaziz
The Writer Abdiaziz Ali

By: Abdiaziz Ali
April 05, 2020

It was early evening of April 2, 2020 when I stepped on Jijiga’s main road to ride a Bajaaj. As I waited, I saw from where I was that traffic police were stopping the Bajaj to run on the main road.  The Bajaaj that I may ride were coming from that direction. Then I decided to go on foot and catch up wherever I meet. As I looked the opposite side of where I was going my eyes caught a Somali Special Police equipped with their laptops go as a team of two and as if they pursue something that is at large. I started asking questions myself what happen? what it could be? but convinced myself later they are deploying for the evening search as usual of almost every night here in Jijiga.

Anyway, I got the Bajaaj headed downtown before a traffic police stopped us and said to the driver of the Bajaaj you go through this way; go back and park it. I asked why? Is it because of Coronavirus? I added. The policeman said ‘’ magaranaynee Bajaajta Xereeyaa na layidhi’’. I wasn’t surprised just because I am familiar that when Bajaajs are parked so early in the evening; there is something ugly presumably security alerts. I asked questions to myself whenever things like this happen and don’t have the answer yet; why is Bajaaj always the victim? How can they be a tool for ugly things?  Finally, the driver took me through an alternative way to my destination.

Bajaj is a three-wheel vehicle colored white and blue that is common in the streets of Jigjiga like the blue minibus in the streets of Adama and Bahir Dar which is the major transport of the capital city of a six plus million population Region.

The next day I learnt what is not new to my ears and knowledge in the entire memory of my life in Somali region; it is that there is a disagreement between Somali Region tops which is the norm inside the air that Somali Region politics breathe. Lots of rumors are telling different stories about what exactly the dispute is based today; and that leaves you at the middle of cross roads and highways of misinformation for good if you don’t fact check at your level and use your mind.  But whatever was on air here in Jigjiga in the past couple of days can be figured out by the real time event of the new mass nominations made by the regional President Mustafa. Who knows?

Mustafa nominated three key positions in the security sector like, Dr. Hussein Hashi who was for the Security Chief of Bureau; Abdi Seegaale for the Head of Somali Intelligence and Hirsi Mohamed Dool as a Deputy of intelligence. 

Anyways; In a common sense we can learn the removal of the Former heads of Security sector like the Chief of the Security Abdi Adil and head of intelligence Elias two things; that either their work was not satisfactory by the boss or there is a big compromise from the sector. Who knows? But one thing needs to be explicit to the internals and it is like this; – whether the person on the top job has the pen to put on shoes to any one he wishes and off shoes or he needs to include the sober advice of his team.

Finally, I am here to leave my sober advice to the incumbent Somali Government lead by President Mustafa  no matter you take or not but still obliged to liquidate it before it is too late:- I would advise you to unite for the best interest of this Region’s poor community who are lagging behind the rest country and put aside your whatever conflict of interest from clan to friend, groups and all other elements. I would advise you to unite to lift the millions of poor communities who seek the services that your government provides out of poverty. I will advise you to focus to find some alternative learning ways for children that their education is interrupted by Covid-19. You better unite to fight against the COVID-19 instead of political interests and save the nation.

Unless you don’t change the history of eating each other; providing basic quality services like Education, Health, Clean water and other social protection for those who need it will be too tall.

Abdiaziz Ali is an Educationist, Writer, Independent Award-Winning Campaigner and Education Advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through

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