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Ethiopian Airlines finally suspended passengers flights to over 80 destinations

Ethiopian Airlines suspended commercial flights to 80 international destinations due to COVID 19. Cargo flights to continue flying

Ethiopian Airlines _ commercial flights
Ethiopian Airlines Plane. Photo credit : ENA

March 29, 2020

The Ethiopian Airlines announced on Sunday that it had suspended passenger flight to over 80 destinations around the world as the COVID 19 infection number hit over 700,000 around the world.

Some of the major competitors like Turkish Airlines and Emirates have suspended flights. But there are also those that are still flying. Qatar Airways is still flying to most of its international destinations. 

Ethiopian Airlines’ decision is effective as of March 29, 2020. 

Local destinations are still operational, but the number of passengers has plummeted by about 50 percent, said the airlines.

However, the cargo flight across the world will continue to all its international destinations in a way that does not risk its employee’s exposure to COVID 19 infection. 

The airline says it does not have shortages of gloves and masks and has provided over 500,000 of them to its employees so far. It said it has approached companies that produce glove and face masks and will continue to provide its employees with these much-needed safety kits. 

Recently the airlines delivered to 51 African countries COVID prevention kits donated by Chinese billionaire and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. 

Earlier this week,  the airlines announced that all ticket offices in the country would be closed as part of in line with the social distancing policy to fight COVID 19. “As part of COVID-19 containment strategy, Ethiopian will temporarily close all its ticket offices in Ethiopia effective March 30, 2020,”  said the airlines. 

There has been public pressure on Ethiopian Airlines management for not suspending nearly 28 weekly passenger flights to China, which were back then the epicenter of COVID 19. Currently, the US overtook as the epicenter of COVID infection across the world, with over 100,000 cases of infection. 

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of COVID 19 cases in Ethiopia had reached 21 after the Public Health Institute diagnosed two more people in the capital Addis Ababa.  However, two patients are said to have recovered fully, and there are no reported deaths so far. 

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  1. Hi
    I bought air ticket with Etiopian air line and i travled with Etio air line from Norway on 09 march to Uganda but i have free days onøy 14 day my end day was 23 march i havn’t got any information but air ticke was canceled by the way if any information which day will be travel back home ?

  2. May God protect Ethiopia from all this evil disease! And Ethiopian Airlines should have stopped long time ago going to China and bringing virus-infected Italian is back to Ethiopia from Kenny!

  3. Everyone please just pray and ask for forgiveness and God will take care of the rest. BELIEVE. Hopefully We will have time to blame and bicker later God willing. We are all in this together right now. God bless all of us

  4. In do not think complete shutdown of passengers from all destinations is the right solution. This is like shooting blindfolde at enemy holdout where there are no military individuals. There are strict guidelines by WHO and other medical experts for safety procedures that could be followed and resume passenger flights. I think Ethiopian Airlines should resume/restart a number flight destinations including flights to China. In doing that, I advise for excellent procedures including preflight isolations for fifteen days before boarding any of Ethiopian flights. Simply locking in oneself is not the solution. Take care All. Tecola

  5. I agree full stop can be only temporary solution. Airline shall start to develop ASAP e new embarking/ boarding protocol for all passengers. Of course it will come at a cost for bought the passenger and the airline . Some ideas : measure like minimum distance would means that 2 people shall bear the cost of 3 ticket to ensure one seat is left empty , some prove of good health 14day before departure …j

  6. I bought 4 tickets for my Ugandan friends from Entebbe (Uganda) to Hamburg (Germany) via Frankfurt (Ethiopian Airlines – Lufthansa) by a travel agency. The flight should take place on 5th of May.
    Will the flight take place or do you think it will be cancelled?

  7. Almighty God in heaven let ur will be done. ….human capabilities has failed we need u Father take away this cup from us. …ur much power than this small corona virus as people said. …Forgive us our sins Almighty God.


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