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Ethiopia says no single death from Coronavirus disease so far

Number of Coronavirus patients in Ethiopia climbed to 21 but there is not death from it so far, according to Ministry of Health

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Liya Tadesse, Minister of Health ( photo : file /FBC)

March 29, 2020

The number of Coronavirus Patients has now reached 21 but no deaths so far, but there are cases of recovery. 

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health said on Sunday that there is no single death from Coronavirus so far in any part of the country. The statement noted that deliberate fake news is being disseminated on social media and that misinformation could be socially and psychologically damaging. 

The Ministry advised the public that up to date and accurate information on the status of COVID 19 in the country could be obtained from a relevant government department. It has also called on the public to resist those who are deliberately disseminating false information. 

Moreover, it called on people to adhere to prevention measures to curb the spread of the virus. 

Last week, Ethiopia arrested a Youtuber who allegedly reported that government authorities had ordered 200,000 graves to be dug. 

The Ministry of Health itself is updating its social media pages with the latest information regarding the disease. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry announced on Sunday that Public Health Institute had confirmed two more COVID 19, which makes the total number of patients in the country 21.  

The latest confirmed patients are identified as a 38 years old man and 35 years old women both of whom are said to have travel history to Dubai. They are getting medical help in the center for COVID patients in the capital Addis Ababa.

Those with whom they had contacts are being traced, according to the statement from the Ministry of health. 

The statement added that “Currently there are seventeen (17) cases in isolation and treatment centers with one of the patients receiving intensive care.”  Last week, two Japanese nationals who were in the COVID 19 care center were sent back to their country upon their request. 

In a related development, regional states across the country are taking additional measures to prevent COVID transmission. 

Amhara Regional State said on Sunday that it would not allow public transportation to and from the region from any directions. The regulation is in effect from midnight local time on March 29. The only exception, according to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), is University students from the region who are returning to the region. Security forces are instructed to enforce it. 

Last week, Tigray regional state took similar measures banning intra-regional movements between urban centers and the countryside.

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  1. Please do NOT dwell on the fact that there has been no death. That is so far. My worry is that there could have been numerous individuals with the various already in the country long before the commies in Beijing started telling the world about it. With that country’s extensive traveling connections to the original cesspool of the virus, China thru it’s award winning airline, it should have been in the frontline to have the first dibs to receive the virus. I am afraid it is lurking in that country just buying it’s time for the ideal environment, wet and cold weather which is coming in a month or two. No death so far and that is good and dandy but it should not be celebrated yet. I am afraid this hasty claim by the officials may lead to a false sense of security and complacency on the part of the population. I heard that there is already a false claim being spread around by irresponsible knuckle heads telling people the virus does not get along with those who eat injera. That is where it is perfect time to use the lingua of the younger generation, duh!!!!!!!

  2. When I write the following I am in no way blaming this over qualified daughter/sister of ours H.E. Lia bint Tadesse. I can see and understand the massive problem she is faced with. This virus is so novel that the most experienced scientists have to learn from zero about it. You add to that the behavior of the demons in Beijing for keeping it secret from their own citizens and the rest of the world just as they did in 2002 about SARS when it was at its initial stage. They waited until it blew in their faces after that gallant doctor exposed it all. That heroic physician was left to succumb to the virus and I will not be surprised if he was denied the life saving assistance before the virus overcame his immune system. During the SARS outbreak it was alleged that the commies there had surrounded physicians and healthcare worked who reported about a strange disease that was killing people in small community in Guangdong province in early fall of 2002 and summarily executed them all. It was alleged that the commies were worried about the disruption of their ‘socialist’ economy more than the lives of citizens. That is their long running history. Their operatives you used to tell our gullible young intellectuals how Red China was capable of feeding everyone of its citizens three meals a day while full blown drought was ravaging the country not once but more than once in 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. I still vividly remember how one of those naive countrymen told me about. He was comparing that with our famine of 1973-74 as it was exposed by one Brit then. He told me that not one Chinese died or missed a meal in any day of the week when drought was raging for 5 continuous years there. Ohhhhhhh!!! What did that gullible countryman know about the psychopath Mao? Apparently nothing. My British teacher and a family friend in the former British Protectorate of Aden used to get newspapers published in Hong Kong with eye witness accounts by those who were lucky enough to escape Mao’s entrapment. The true story was that millions had perished during his ‘Great Leap Forward’ and ‘Cultural Revolution’. By conservative estimate a minimum of 5 million Chinese citizens had died from starvation during the ‘Great Leap Forward’ years alone. Some experts take the figure as high as 25 million. I believe the 25 million. The Cultural Revolution killed even more. Stalin had done the same horrible massacre to his own citizens in 1930’s. That is commies!!! Now they are telling us that only less than 3,400 Chinese have died from the virus so far. Do NOT believe that at all. I am multiplying that by at least 50. I bet you they had their burning stations busy around the clock beginning December 2019. Remember they are inches away from creating that ‘classless’ society as proscribed by their ‘Gods’ Marx, Lenin and Mao. I hope this evil behavior will not rub off onto some of the officials of the old country. In the meantime, with such hideous behavior you and I will be pushed to ask what else these demonic commies have been or are today as we speak have been hiding from us. That joint is well set up or primed to be the next cradle of another pestilence endangering us all, a perfect cesspool. I expect this comment to anger some of the never learning commies of our own especially those so-called professors. Simply put, bug/buzz off!!!!


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