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Prosperity Party claims it secured 1.5 billion birr from fundraising

Ethiopia’s ruling party , Prosperity Party, claims it secured 1.5 billion birr through fundraising. It says it is donating 100 million birr to the fight against COVID 19

Prosperity Party _ Ethiopia

March 14, 2020

Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party had a fundraising event on Saturday at the Millennium Hall in the capital Addis Ababa. 

The Party disclosed that it had raised over 1.5 billion Ethiopian Birr. 1.3 billion birr was donated in cash. The remaining is a pledge, according to a source close to the Party. 

The Party framed the event at the Millenium Hall as a “thanksgiving and fundraising program.” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, his cabinet members, heads of regional states, Prosperity Party leaders, and business people were in attendance at the event, according to the Fana Broadcasting (FBC)  report. 

The Thanksgiving part is intended to appreciate those who supported the Party in different forms. 

Prosperity Party was established in November 2019 after three political organizations that constituted the defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and five other allies merged to form a single party. 

Master of the former coalition, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), declined, and opposed, the merger and is not operating in the Tigray region, only running the regional government. Prosperity Party announced last month that it would open branch offices in all zones and districts in the region, but that did not happen. On Friday this week, the Party announced on its social media page that it is getting requests for emergency help from its members in the region due to repression by TPLF. 

Abiy Ahmed, who is also the president of the Party, said during the fundraising event that there was participation in the fundraising drive by people ranging from peasants to business people. 

The fund is to be used for operation and party activities. The Party was facing criticism from opposition parties like Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party for using public resources to fund party activities. 

Abiy Ahmed raised the issue during his speech on Saturday. And he said that the Party would make a distinction between the party and government activities, and utilize the resources it mobilized as a party. 

He also announced that 100 million birr would go to the fight against CoronaVirus in the country. Ethiopia has announced the first confirmed case of COVID 19 on Friday. 

“The public should focus on caution and prevention instead of panicking about it,” Abiy Ahmed said in his speech, as reported by state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

He used the Party’s event to express his government commitment to the fight against COVID 19. “The government does not want even a single person hurt from and will do everything necessary,” EBC quoted him as saying.

Video : Embedded from Fana Television youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. TPLF supporters are said to have given the majority of this donated money to Prosperity . TPLF is bribing Prosperity to escape justice for all the crimes it committed and for all the crimes TPLF is still commiting against Ethiopia .

  2. The “investors” borrow money from the government banks then give portion of the money to the officials Prosperity Party .

  3. Prosperity Party is a fairy tale which is created illegally by bribing the electoral board .
    The electrical board is illegitimate since it recognized Prosperity Party illegally, as Prosperity Party is illegitimate also.
    Prosperity Party got no legal right to govern the country , Prosperity Party is not fit to govern even one Qebele .

  4. የሜቴክ የቀድሞ ከፍተኛ ሀላፊ በነበሩት ሌተናንት ኮሎኔል ተሰማ ግደይ ላይ የ9…

    Tesema Gidey sentenced only to nine years prison term and thirty thousands birrs fine.

    Only Nine years is a slap on the wrist . Billions of METEC money were spent on fairytale projects such as the farm tractors, the Metec officials stole billions by claiming METEC manufactured tens of thousands farm tractors while it didn’t. Plus they took government owned properties by claiming it belonged to them originally before derg confiscated it. Seye Abraha and Meles Zenawi since childhood as teen agers were close friends and associates , that is why Seye Abraha’s families were able to enrich themselves economically overnight, Seye Abraha’s brothers falsely claimed that the Etege Taitu hotel in Addis Ababa belonged to them before Derg confiscated the Etege Taitu hotel from them so Seye Abraha took the Etege Taitu Hotel while the real owners of the Etege Taitu hotel before Derg Confiscated it got denied by Meles Zenawi , till this day the rightful owners didnot get their Etege Taitu Hotel located in Piasza Arada area in Addis Ababa Ethiopia .

    Finally Seye’s brothers and later on Seye himself got thrown in jail for stealing the Etege Taitu Hotel of Addis Ababa in the 1990’s , because besides that no real crime was found on Seye’s political and military actions that got him thrown in jail.

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  5. Funding a terrorist party is an act of terror so all these funders identities need to get documented with their background investigated , so that all their affiliated businesses and other social relations completely get boycotted .

    The medias should tell lists of these funders identities and check their backgrounds eventhough PM Abiy Ahmed said those that talk about these individuals who donated money to him are those failed economists while the truth is, we will not only talk about them but will also boycott them and hold them responsible for their actions of funding terrorists.qal lesemay .

    PP aides and abates Querro terrorists .

    PP commits terrorist genocidal acts which need to be dealt with head on not rewarded.

    In the bus number twenty two mazoriya area in Addis Ababa Ethiopia the Acting Vice mayor of Addis Ababa , Engineer Takele Uma sent some of his “volchers” who are used to scavenging demolition sites by falsely claiming to be there as enforcers of the law to only assist members of the federal police demolition task forces while in reality they were only working for the Addis Ababa Police department janitorial department security details , tagging along with the eviction and demolition federal police crews to secure the Addis Ababa city clean up crew who regularly work in cleaning up any debri evidences that might get left behind after the eviction and demolition is completed by the federal eviction and demolition taskforce who were operating at the 22 area in Addis Ababa under the direct order from the PM minister’s office of Ethiopia department of the so called Addis Ababa beautifying taskforce which was mobilized that night with a sole mission to evict and demolish the church from the area, this federal order for eviction by demolishing the church was made to clean up the field which was said to be made ugly by the church followers , when Engineer Takele Uma heard the federal government was going to demolish a church that night to early morning in Addis Ababa 22 area neighborhood , he the Acting Vice Mayor of Addis Ababa engineer Takele Uma sent his volchers Addis Ababa police department associated as usual hoping his crews can get their hands on the cash donations or possibly other precious antique church artifacts while the eviction and demolishing by turning the eviction chaotic right from the begining by creating terror right on arrival.

    The Addis Ababa people pay the budget of the Addis Ababa police , as the total budget including the salaries for the Addis Ababa police department comes from the Addis Ababa city mayor Menilik Alemayehu office , while all the leadership of the Addis Ababa Police comes from the direct order of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed, thus making PM Abiy Ahmed the person responsible for the death and injury that took place by the attacks the federal police “afrash Gibrehayil” the Addis Ababa police committed at the 22 area church .

    Acting Mayor Menilik Alemayehu of Addis Ababa doesn’t lead the Addis Ababa police department since the Addis Ababa police department is overseen by the President of the Federal government of Ethiopia Sahle-Work Zewde who so far had let the Addis Ababa police department go awry by being the federal police of Ethiopia’s instrument of demography change rather than the Addis Ababa police department working to preserve law and order for the residents of Addis Ababa.

    Team Meaza Mohammed had got denied assembly to voice Addis Ababa resient’s concern about the abducted Dembi Dollo University students same as the Orthodox Church followers of Addis Ababa , Baladera , the public health workers and many more Addis Ababa residents are denied from holding demonstration rallies since the Addis Ababa police department gets its orders from the Prime Minister of Ethiopia PM Abiy instead of getting orders from the Mayor of Addis Ababa as any police department around the world does. Addis Ababa is the only city in the world whose police department is under the federal government administration not under the city administration. Takele Uma pretended to have given the order on media’s and described to the public how he gave the order to demoloish the church in the middle of the night which was a total lie because Takele Uma himself got no authority over the Addis Ababa police since only the federal government of Ethiopia does have the authority to order the Addis Ababa Police department, at the time Takele Uma was made aware of the demolishing that was going to take place by the federal government so Engineer Takele Umas voulchers can lurk around the area to steal anything they can get their hands on such as any usable objects materials , donated cash or even precious artifacts tabot that might be in the church that was getting demolished. For days after the incident the PM Abiy had ordered his soldiers to stand guard every ten meters all across AA Ethiopia since he knew if the people of Addis Ababa tend to raise their concerns in public first with he the Prime Minister Abiy himself will risk loosing his leadership position of both the prosperity party and the federal government since he collaborated with Engineer Takele Uma to commit a heist at the property of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the middle of the night, as they routinely did to so many residents of Addis Ababa in the last two years . Right now Yeka area forest which was kept as forest for generations is getting desertified by the direct order that came from the Federal government of Ethiopia PM minister Abiy Ahmed to give th area to Quero affiliated activities , with the PM directly sending his eviction and demolishing crews to the forest by cutting down trees and take the tree logs to Oromia, then bring Querros to settle in Addis Ababa making them loyal supporters to further make the demography change within Addis Ababa a reality, just in time before the next election comes . You keep thanking them for letting you have an inch while they turn back around and take a mile with the Acting Mayor Of Addis Ababa Menilik Alemayehu looking the other way when Querro keep repeating it’s actions of genocide all over Addis Ababa.

    If you thank Abiy for this and let them continue evicting and demolishing Addis Ababa people and also desertify Addis Ababa unjustly, next Querro might want to sleep between husbands and wives in Addis Ababa people’s bed or might want to go on to abduct Addis Ababa’s daughters taking them from their parents
    holding them hostage as personal slaves in Kara Qore condos , Qoya Feche condos and other quero camps across Addis or Oromia never to be seen or heard from again by their parents with the Addis Ababa Police as always failing to preserve the law when it comes to the genocidal Quero’s intentional actions to own the Addis Ababa residents as their own personal slaves who they can abduct , evict , silence , send in exile , Rob their banks and if they resist mass murder them by mob justice with no accountability from the PM shown for letting the Querro’s lawlessness reign by the PM ordering his security apparatuses pave the way for Querro’s Genocidal crime mob who are terrorizing Addis Ababa residents constantly for the last two years. When it comes to places in Addis Ababa with unknown amount of valuable objects Being demolished the Addis Ababa Police department asks to tag along while arriving to the area taking chaotic actions right away to create panic chasing the evicted people towards the Querro mob direction who stay ready to rob the belongings of the fleeing victims of the eviction sites.From the GERD dam deal , to the banks bankruptcy , to the lawlessness , to the ever rising cost of living , to the insubordination left unchecked all these by the tegadalay Abiy illegally illegitimate actions which go down on history books as the clear enemy occupation of the Addis Ababa by Tegadalay Abiy who publicly said he will go to war over Oromos ownership.question of Addis Ababa in the same manner when he said he will go to war against Egypt over Ethiopians ownership question of Abbay Nile river. He backed up his actions by putting soldiers every ten meters allover Addis Ababa right after the incident took place by many “sefaris nephtegnas” previous homeowners within Addis Ababa who got evicted rendered homeless to survive as Street dwellers in Addis Ababa are still remaining missing since they were all taken to inhumane concentration camps located in undisclosed locations, by the Federal Addis Ababa police beautifying taskforce who were claiming taking such temporary I voluntary settlement was beautify Addis Ababa , to keep the sefari who were evicted made homeless out of the sights of the African Union meeting participants views.

    As the saying goes ” Yejibin afincha melas ,
    Lemenekes ” alech wusha lijochwan sitadin kejib menga eratinet,
    so stop thanking licking the hayenas instead stay vigilant by being aware of what is being done and by whom this actions are get orchestrated , this is typical PP TPLF EPRDF strategy which were being committed against Ethiopians who stood up for what they believed in since the Tamrat Layne’s time until now, TPLF EPRDF PP kill murder then right away go to the victims families pretending to help look for their loved ones , then locate find their dead bodies to get praises for their assistance in making the death be not in vein with the families thanking the killers for helping the family locate the dead body and give some sort of consoling achievement through the sacrifice made by the deceased . If the deceased themselves would have a say now , for sure thank you is not what they will say , that’s why neg benen eyeasebu kahunu begil mezegaajet is a must to all , thanking and joining the Addis Ababa Poli e force while it is under th command of the PP EPRDF federal PM is nothing but licking the nose of the hayena . First the whole Addis Ababa police department need be administered by elected mayor of Addis Ababa then it would be appropriate for Addis Ababa residents to join the Addis Ababa police department since it is the only way unless the plan is to join and get the training and along with the heavy armament ammunition’s currently being kept in the warehouses in the Addis Ababa surrounding towns by PM Abiy Ahmed , until now the Addis Ababa police department is working to secure TPLF owned high value properties while displacing sefaris out of Addis Ababa to unknown concentration camps or to exile in dangerous journeys to foreign lands by vowing qal lesemay.

    -Addis Abebe amriruwal temaro
    Bemircha bicha sayhon behigim lifalem Milo zenndro ,

    -Koster biluwal Addis tekefto bemeri tebiyew abeba tekay tegadalay abiy

    Yemokere lishet Abayn yaleifret eyenedefe Addis Abeben ende tebay

    -Minu teyzo minu techebito yeaddis metaweqiya

    Takele Ena abiy asfenechubet eyelewawetu maliya

    -Ere manesh jegnit tegadelay
    yemokersh litasarfibet beadebay

    -Wendima teftuwal bemela hageru
    felto kushina yemilkesekes tedefro dinberu


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