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Ethiopia confirmed first COVID -19 case, 48 years old Japanese national

Ethiopia joined the list of countries with confirmed cases of COVID -19. Only one person is confirmed but number might rise as the person was in contact with other individuals since March 4, 2020

COVID -19 _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Minster for Health, Liya Tadesse. Photo credit : EBC

March 13, 2020

Ethiopia confirmed on Friday the first COVID-19 case. The person who is said to have tested positive for the virus is 48 years old Japanese national who arrived in Ethiopia on March 4, 2020. 

According to the Ministry of Health, the person was in Burkina Faso before he arrived in Ethiopia.

Liya Tadesse, the Minister for Health, tweeted : 

“Ethiopia confirms it’s first positive test for #Covid_19. The patient is  a 48 year old Japanese citizen who came to Ethiopia on March 4th from Burkina Faso and is currently isolated at our facility undergoing medical follow up”

The person whose name is undisclosed is currently in an isolation facility in the capital Addis Ababa and is said to be in a stable condition. 

Moreover, the Ministry of Health said that individuals who have been in contact with the person are being traced and quarantined. 

The Ethiopian government has made arrangements for quarantine and isolation centers located in the northern outskirts of the city Eko Kotebe, and the hospital is ready to accept COVID-19 patients. 

The Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Public Health Institute held a joint press conference on Friday. They urged the public “not to panic but stay calm and do everything …to stop the spread of the disease in our country.” 

The Ministry also disclosed a phone number – 8335 – for those who would like to get further information about the disease. 

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  1. Just look at our over qualified daughter/sister of ours is already doing just a day after she was confirmed a minister. She was running the second upon landing. That is count one for me and millions others to go. Way you go Dr. Lia!!! Way you go!!!

  2. I was worried before and I am now worried even more. I can even start to imagine and I don’t wanna think about it where this deadly virus taking a foothold in the highlands of Western Hararghe, mountains in the south, north and central part of the country. With all the massive population already malnourished they gonna be dropping like fall leaves in their hundreds of thousands and possible millions. May The Almighty Our Creator Shield Them All From The Scourge!!!

  3. Subject: “Ethiopia confirmed first COVID -19 case, 48 years old Japanese national” borkena
    March 13, 2020

    Short Commentary, 13 Mar 2020

    I am truly impressed by the accelerated employment of Ethiopian Women in important and top class of Government Offices. In my opinion, without any statistical data, the proportionate acceleration of employment of Women is far more in Ethiopia than any such undertaking anywhere around the Globe. I STAND TO BE CORRECTED, for my own education.
    In any case, the Ethiopian Government deserves a solid SALUTE for such pleasant ‘revolutionary’ Act.

  4. Japan and Saudi Arabia want Ethiopia weak for the same reason Egypt does want Ethiopia want to be weak. Egypt wants Ethiopians water Nile same as Japan and Saudi Arabia want Ethiopian poultry meat. This Japanese guy might had a covert mission to create pandemic in My thiopia that way Ethiopia stays dependent on medication drugs selling exporting the meat to Japan to get foreign exchange to buy medications ame as it has been done for the last three decades.

  5. Stop blaming Japan , Saudi , Arab , the West , China , Egypt …..they got the right to take whatever is offered to them .

    The rebel Banda bandit EPRDF ideology PP Ethiopian government is the main problem that offers everything to them by snatching it from the Ethiopian people.

    ከሁለት ሳምንት በፊት ለስብሰባ ኢትዮጵያ የመጣ የአሜሪካ የጦር መኮንን የኮሮና ቫይረስ ተጠቂ መሆኑ እየታወቀ ስብሰባውን ተሳትፎ መሔዱ ተሰማ::

    Amara region is the least prepared for Coronavurus than anywhere else in the world. Every other part of the world is more prepared than the Amara region. Plus Amara region is counting on Adanhom WHO’s help not if but when needed.

    • A fugitive that arrived in Addis Ababa from the Arab nations from the Middle East who was being hunted by the Addis Ababa police in Merkato area in Addis Ababa for being suspected of intentionally trafficking Covid-19 CoronaVirus from the Middle East to Ethiopia, got caught later on while traveling on a public bus within Wollo Amara region according to the Amara region’s especial forces spokesperson .

      The unprofessionals Addis Ababa police and the Federal police police are being accused of letting the individual exit Addis Ababa heading towards the Amara region so the Federal / Addis Ababa police themselves avoid being infected, at the same time the Amara region security apparatus camp get infected.

  6. Dear countrymen/women,

    When I began reading about the history of those glorious people who produced us all in earnest I had come across so many accounts where they proved to be the pride of the colored and humanity at large. They had shown us when it is time to be above the fray and across creeds to face adversity in unison. In light of this deadly disease we more than 110 million reason to put aside our differences and stand together in all the effort to fight this invisible-to-the-eyes scourge. We have thousands of our dear countrymen/women who work in the livery business and exposed laid bare to human-to-human transmission every day. From what we hear now we should expect a widespread lockdown that will devastate such businesses along with restaurants and small stores. We should look after one another in this time of calamity. This virus does not play games and it is here with the sole ambition to wipe away humanity. But it is failing so far with our vigilance and proper care. Heed all the experts’ advice, look after each other especially those in greater need such as the elderly and those with health issues. Above all let’s throw ourselves at the feet of The Almighty Our Creator and pray having those back in the old country in our prayers also. Let’s not panic but stay vigilant and heed the experts’ advice. This Shall Pass!!!!


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