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Ethiopia reports five new suspects of Coronavirus, no confirmed cases yet

Ethiopia and neighbors (Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Djibouti) do not have confirmed cases of Coronavirus so far

Ethiopia _ Coronavirus
Latest (March 11, 2020) World Health Organization Map shows distribution of Coronavirus around the world. Credit : WHO

March 11, 2020

As the World Health Organisation officially declared Coronavirus as a pandemic on Wednesday, March 12, 2020, Ethiopia does not still have a single confirmed case of the disease. 

Ethiopian Public Health Institute Director, Abate Eba, shared the latest development in the country. Five new cases of travelers with CoronaVirus infection like symptoms are identified. Three of them are Ethiopians, and two of them are Chinese. They are all quarantined, he said. 

Nine hundred cases of suspects who were quarantined are released from the care center in the capital Addis Ababa, and there are no confirmed cases of the infection.  

Thirty entry points to the country are under supervision with a mandatory screening test. 

Despite no confirmed cases in Ethiopia, the Directors cautioned that there is a need to keep personal hygiene as part of the prevention measure. 

Concerned citizens blasted Ethiopian Airlines for continuing to fly China despite the rise in the number of death and infection rates in the country.  The airlines argued that it is thoroughly following World Health Organization’s recommended procedures while flying to and from China.   

The Ministry of Health organized on Wednesday a consultation with public relations and communication professionals from across the public service to discuss preventions, according to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). Necessary information about Coronavirus and  Ethiopia’s situation in connection with the virus was among the key issues discussed during the consultation. 

Meanwhile, neighboring Eritrea, in the north, is taking a robust measure to protect its citizens from the pandemic. Eritrean Review (ER) reported on Wednesday that the Eritrean government had introduced a stricter measure. According to the source, Eritrea has advised citizens and tourists to consider avoiding travel to and from Eritrea. Those traveling to Eritrea, said the source, will be subject to fourteen days of seclusion in a designated place, whether they have symptoms of the diseases or not. 

Ethiopia’s immediate neighbors in the south, west and east of the country, have not yet reported confirmed case.

The latest WHO infection distribution map across the world shows that much of the Sub-Saharan Africa is free from the infection at this writing. Senegal, Togo and The Democratic  Republic of Congo have confirmed cases of the disease. Senegal has the highest number with four confirmed cases. 

So far, over one hundred twenty thousand people worldwide are confirmed to have the disease. The number of people who died from it is in the neighborhood of 4500.  

According to the World Health Organization, the virus could be transmitted through money ( paper money or coins). 

What are the necessary protective measures against Coronavirus? 

The World Health Organization recommends several measures. Watch the video below.

Please for more video and information, Check out WHO website HERE

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