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Ethiopian intelligence says it seized two containers of illegal firearms originating from Turkey

Ethiopian Intelligence said it worked with domestic and international authorities to seize two containers of illegal firearms destined to Ethiopia via Djibouti

Ethiopian Intelligence _ illegal arms

March 9, 2020

Ethiopian Intelligence seized two containers of illegal firearms that entered the country via Djibouti, State media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported on Tuesday.

It originated from Turkey’s Port of Mersin and was shipped to Djibouti port, where it was clandestinely stored for more than five months, and then it was smuggled to Ethiopia, according to Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) as reported by EBC.  

Five hundred one boxes and over eighteen thousand Turkey made handguns are seized. Also, another 229 boxes which contained electronic items that were meant to be used as a cover for the smuggled items are taken. 

NISS said that it has been making necessary follow- up the matter since it got information (the time is unspecified) and launched a special operation to identify how and who is going to smuggle it to Ethiopia.  Smuggling networks outside of Ethiopia have been traced. 

Twentyfour suspects who were allegedly tasked to distribute the smuggled arms to different parts of Ethiopia were caught as they were about to receive it. 

Seven unspecified international firearm smugglers from different countries are said to be involved in the crime, and NISS made public that it is working and exchanging information with Djibouti, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, and the United States of America.

NISS said that two Sudanese suspects are already in custody. 

The firearm was intended to exacerbate violence in different parts of the country, claims NISS, and that there would have been greater damage to the country had it not been captured.

Customs commission, Federal Police, Addis Ababa Police, Amhara region police, Oromo region police, and community members have contributed to the success of the operation, said NISS. 

Smuggling with Turkey made firearms, especially handguns, have been making news headlines in state and affiliated media outlets for over a year now.  

In September 2019, Ethiopian Intelligence reported that it has foiled extensively planned attack by Al-Shabab and ISIS against Ethiopia.

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  1. Kudos NISS!!! You know what to do with the smugglers. No need for physical harm but lock everyone of them and throw away the keys!!! Let them rot in jail. Can we get some mug shots of those scumbags?

    The other revelations we ought to see is for the government to ask and receive the sources of finances from every opposition group out there especially those who used to scavenge at the dump sites outside the country. That includes all private TV and Radio stations that are associated with any political groups or act to be drawing audience on political contents. Such transparency is required in every democratic country around the world by their national revenue agencies like the IRS here. This is not and should not be considered a witch hunt but rather making such outfits level with every taxpaying citizen in the country. If an individual is paid a standing wage/salary from what is called a non-profit outfit that wage/salary is an income by the employee and should be reported to the revenue agency. Otherwise such individuals will continue to feel that they are entitled to be immune from regulations and consider themselves above the law hence untouchables.

  2. Turkey playing a dirty game in Africa. It wants to harm the interests of Ethiopia, Libya and Egypt. Erdogan thinks he is a Ottoman Sultan, who will revive Ottoman empire in Africa.

  3. This is nothing to do with Turkey I think. It is the Egyptians who are trying to frame of Turkey.
    Remember Egypt are the ones who wants to stop Ethiopians building their infrastructure.

    • Gabre you are right. The virus is attacking them and there was train accident . I think the president is virus postive. I mean he is +ve in racisicim virus.

      xwwe have many denbteras that will curse him and he will die soonoe

  4. Turkey invested in Billions in Ethiopia may be more than China. It invested in the north instead of East and South Ethiopia. Tadros comment displays his hate for some old scores.

  5. Those container came from Djibouti they were stock their for the past 4 years at the Republican Guard facilty.
    The origin of the shippment were unknown but throught Turkey but the final destination was Yemen.
    This a shippment of smal caliber gun with the intent to disrupt public order not to do big things.


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