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Ethiopian Intelligence says it foiled ISIS, Al-Shabab militants planned attack

Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Services says it foiled ISIS and Al-Shabab militants planned attack. Arrests are made.

Ethiopian Intelligence _ Captured members of ISIS , Al -Shabab
photo credit : Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)
Photo : FBC

September 22, 2019

National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) of Ethiopia disclosed on Saturday that it has foiled planned terrorist attacks.

Several suspects that are said to be linked to ISIS and Al-Shabab militant group are arrested. 

Those arrested were detained in Somali region, Oromo region and the capital Addis Ababa. 

In a statement sent to state and affiliated news outlets like Fana Broadcasting Corporate (has shared pictures of arrested terrorist featured above) , NISS said that those who are detained had preparations to launch attacks in the capital Addis Ababa and other areas of the country.

Community members in different parts of the country have contributed to the failure of their plans and for the arrest that NISS made, the statement added.

According to NISS statement, hotels, government institutions and popular religious gatherings were targets of the planned attack.

In terms of execution, the militant’s plan was to explode bombs near big public gatherings and engage in a shooting so as to wreak havoc to citizens.

Members of the group entered Ethiopia from different direction. Alshabab team led by Mohammed Abdulahi (who used a fictitious name Yahya Ali Hassan) entered the country from Djibouti. NISS statement added that he explored and took pictures of targets for the attack, and that he was arrested in Bole area of Addis Ababa as he was moving in the direction of carrying out his attack.

Two other persons, identified as Abdek Mohammed Hussien and Redwan Mohammed, who were coordinating the attack with him, based in Djibouti, along with another key man, Sumter Mohammed Iman Yousouf, were captured in a coordinated work with Djibouti intelligence unit.

Another group of terrorists entered Hargessa, Somaliland, from Southern Somalia. This group took explosive suicide attack training, according to NISS, and they were captured in coordination with Somaliland intelligence body.

Among those who were arrested in Somaliland Isaq Ali Saden who managed to obtain ID with a fake name Ibrahim Ali Aden from Ethiopia Somali region has opened two accounts with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia from which 2.5 million Ethiopian birr was seized which was meant to finance the terror plan.

Two more suspects are arrested in Chercher zone of Ethio-somali region and Moyale town of Oromo region, NISS statement added.

ISIS members who planned attack on Ethiopia directly entered from Bosaso area of Somaliland and headed to Addis Ababa, and were about to launch their attack when they were arrested by NISS near Bole area of Addis Ababa.

Another ISIS member is detained in Awash area of Ethiopia

NISS also said that it has seized communication devices that the terrorists used.

Federal and regional security authorities, intelligence services from Djibouti, Somaliland, Puntland, United States, Italian, France and Spain have cooperated with NISS in the effort to capture the terrorists.

As well, the statement from NISS said that it has shared information with 16 countries from Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia regarding persons with links to arrested terrorists in Ethiopia. 

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  1. The rounding up of terrorists round up in the capital and other places of the region is an uplifting news for me. It has always been my fear that in such environment of some much nonsense bickering and fracas, such evil elements may find an opening and capability to carry out their destructive bloody act over there. But that gem of the colored, the mosaic of humanity continues to be just that very tough cookie for the darasaas of the Wahhabis. That shows the people of the old country(except the bigots) are still in their union to thwart such a sophisticated plot. Without that Somali who mans the check points in his region, without that Amhara who watches everything that passes through his border towns, without that Oromo who looks at you as if you owe him some money when you come through his barricades in Moyale, without that fire spitting Afar who makes you melt when pass through his domicile, without that ready to go off Tigre whose eye can pierce through your attire whenever you come close to his borders, this feat could have happened. Thanks to such ever alert and ingenious guards, the citizens of the capital and other major cities/towns are sleeping safe and sound. All glory to all them!!!


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