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Ethiopian PM met commanders of Ethiopian Defense Force in the wake of dispute with Egypt

Abiy Ahmed discussed “various current issues” with commanders within the Ethiopian Defense Force. The meeting came in the wake of disagreement with Egypt

Ethiopian Defense Force
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed having a meeting with commanders within the Ethiopian Defense force in the morning of March 9, 2020, Addis Ababa. Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister

March 9, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Amed met with top commandeers within the Ethiopian Defense Force on Monday morning in the wake of the dispute with Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), and ahead of the upcoming general election in the country.

The Office of the Prime Minister announced the meeting, it happened in the office of the prime minister, discussed “structural and institutional reforms,” that is underway within the Ethiopian National Defense Forces.  

However, it is unclear if the disagreement with Egypt was an agenda item during the meeting. What is clear is that based on the information from the prime minister, the military leaders and the prime minister discussed “various current issues.”

Ethiopian government deployed defense forces to combat armed ethnic nationalists operating in the western part of the country following numerous assassinations of government officials and abduction of at least 17 girls, whose whereabouts are unknown yet,  who were students of Dembi Dollo University. Deputy Chief of Staff, Berhanu Jula, recently remarked that the operation in the Wollega region of Ethiopia against the Oromo Liberation Front -Shane (OLF-Shane) group was successful.

“The Ethiopian Defense Leaders’ love for their country is impressive,” Fana Broadcast Corporation cited Prime Minister Abiy as saying.

He tweeted: “I salute the leadership and members of our National Defense  Forces for their love and commitment to country. My meeting this morning with the leadership affirms my confidence in our forces.”

His meeting with leaders in the Ethiopian Defense Force came a week barely after Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi had a meeting with commanders of Egyptian armed forces.

According to  Ahram online report on March 3, 2020, Sisi was briefed about the security situation in the country and about the plans to “track down and arrest the terrorist elements in the country, especially in North Sinai,” as reported by Walta.

Ahram Online reported that Abdul Fetah al-Sisi said “Egyptian armed forces should continue to show the highest levels of caution and combat readiness, to execute any tasks entrusted to them to protect Egypt’s national security, in light of the current challenges in the region”

Ethiopia and Egypt are in a collision course over the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Egypt and Ethiopia accuse each other of intending to control the Nile water.

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  1. It should be noted that a starved person is an angry person for life . A coverage of A Mother of two from Ethiopia who got shot and killed in San Francisco California USA by two males this year in January 2020 just three months after she gave birth to her second child is yet to be released , the story that the killers admitted to the killing of the 32 years old mother of two from former state of Ethiopia , of Eritrea while Eritrea was under Ethiopia, no charges of murder are filed against the killers by the USA government authorities .

    The international communities should know that denying Ethiopians water and their chance of being self reliant with food got so many unforseen negative consequences not only to Ethiopia but to the whole world since Children who grow up malnourished witnessing starvation related disasters got less stamina throughout their lifetime .

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    • Daniel Zeru

      According to the priest at the St. George Ethiopian Orthodox Church in San Francisco , CA. and the pictures at events seen in the website links below not one Habesha showed up to voice their concerns at th Candle light vigil or many other events held for Emma Hunt including her memorial , so donot pretend the Abesha Community fought for justice trying to pressure the DA because the priest himself didn’t participate or no other Habesha participated. San Francisco Habesha got no unity , they are divided by ethnicity so.much the Other races shit on habeshas regularly and get away with it according to SF priest and other individuals I talked to.



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  2. Sisi should be careful…all his predecessors who attempted to flex their muscles over Ethiopia’s Nile water were either assassinated or disgraced by their own people. Sadat, assassinated while viewing military parade. His successor, Mubarak left.his presedency in disgace and put in jail…he still might be there. Morsi followed; came charging towards Ethiopia, but ended up being sentenced to death before even enjoyng the honeymoon of his leadership.

  3. It is going to be very dangerous situation for both countries because if a war breaks out I am not sure it will be one that will end as it starts. But Egypt will end up losing it all. It may already have information about the whereabouts and strength of the old country’s armed forces thanks to some of those groups who used to scavenge at the dumpsites at Asmara because they were also scavenging at refuse sites in Al-Qahirah. These groups as just the same as those traitors during the 2nd Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935-36. I had read historical accounts where our own native traitors passing over information about the next move by the Ethiopian armed forces both on the Northern and Southern fronts. Both fascist commanders were said to know at least two days before our soldiers began moving. They knew where and when our patriotic defense forces would be located. They both commanders would send their airplanes to drop deadly mustard gas bombs on our country at their vulnerable situations. Those traitors had managed to get access to everything the Emperor was planning and they were said to rush to those spies who were in the capital under the guise of working for foreign legations. In one instance it was told that the Italian commander of the southern front Graziani knew when and where our countrymen would be at least two days before they started moving. He then sent several bombers armed with mustard gas and other asphyxiating banned chemicals and the result was a slaughter. Our soldiers were caught on the open field and their light clothing the skin was exposed to the effects of mustard gas. Thousands were massacred before making any contact with the enemy on the battlefield. That had a devastating moral effect on the fighting spirit of our men. That is because of those traitors in the capital. What I would like to see is the government there looking at who did what in Egypt during those years especially after 2005. It is time for our patriotic intelligence officers to go to work on this one. We have to be prepared for news about Egypt’s use of chemical or biological weapons and I am saying this knowing what they had done in the past. They had used deadly chemicals during the North Yemen civil war in the 1960’s because much-touted-for-nothing Egyptian soldiers were embarrassed and humiliated on the battlefields by the ragtag North Yemeni guerrillas. Nasser used every type of deadly chemicals on villages killing thousands and permanently blinding/maiming thousands others. I did not make it up or am not tryig to spread fears. You can read it here: warisboring.com/lessons-from-egypt-s-chemical-war-in-yemen/ and here: fas.org/nuke/guide/egypt/cw/index.html. If Egypt will find the use of deadly weapons of mass destruction in the conflict too damaging diplomatically then it will give such weapons to terrorists and some of these bigots running wild in the old country these days. Those war mongers and their lacking in Al-Qahirah have been telling the old country all about it. They told everyone that every option will be on the table. That was what they have been mumbling with, right? Every option, yo’ll!!!

    The attempt on the life of the current Sudanese Prime Minister yesterday tells me the assault has already begun. For el-Sisi Sudan has to be brought back in to be on the ‘program’ first. Then the other ‘abd’s/niggers’ in Addis/Finfine will be next!!!!


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