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Ethiopia rejects Arab League’s “blind support” to Egypt on GERD

Ethiopia rejects the resolution from Arab League in “its entirety”, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia announced on Friday. Sudan’s stand is hailed as reasonable one.

Ethiopia _ Arab League Resolution

March 6, 2020

A day after The Arab League adopted a resolution supporting Egypt on the $5billion Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia rejected it as one that rather manifests “blind support” to Egypt. 

Sudan did not sign it resolution saying that it would lead to confrontation between Arab League and Ethiopia.

And Ethiopia has hailed Sudan’s position on the matter as one that is based on reason and Justice.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has issued a statement on March 6, 2020. And it reads as follows : 

Statement on the Arab League`s “Resolution” Concerning the GERD

Addis Ababa
06 March 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia notes with dismay the “Resolution” of the Executive Council of the Arab League concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) issued on 05 March 2020. Ethiopia rejects the “Resolution” in its entirety. This “Resolution” gives blind support to a member state without taking into consideration key facts at the center of the GERD talks.

Ethiopia, however, commends the stance taken by the Government of the Republic of the Sudan for refusing to endorse the “Resolution” of the Arab League. Sudan has once again demonstrated its position of being a voice of reason and justice in the latest orchestrated so-called “Arab League position” on the GERD. Ethiopia expresses its profound appreciation to Sudan’s principled position that helps advance win-win solutions for all the parties involved, through a commitment to open dialogue.

Ethiopia’s relations with the peoples’ and governments of member states of the Arab League are longstanding based on common values, deep rooted cultural ties and traditions. The relationship demonstrated the power of justice in the face of adversity, sanctuary in the face of persecution, cooperation at the time of need, and friendly relations during alienation. As an institution composed of sovereign countries, the League is expected to follow an approach that allows an accurate representation of facts and balances all interests involved. When acting contrary to this norm, the credibility of the League and its ability to promote peace, stability, and cooperation in the increasingly globalized world is at risk.

Ethiopia reiterates its longstanding and firm position as expressed by successive governments that it “has the right to use its Nile water resources to meet the needs of the present and future generations.” As the Nile is a transboundary water resource Ethiopia is committed to the principles of equitable and reasonable use, not causing significant harm and that of cooperation. We firmly believe that through continued open and transparent dialogue there is great potential to arrive at an amicable solution. Hegemonic posturing is unproductive and need not have a place in our interdependent global order.

Ethiopia is also firmly committed to the Agreement on the Declaration of Principles (DoP) which provides the basis for the first filing and annual operation of the GERD. The DoP provides that first filling will be done in parallel with the construction of the GERD.

Finally, Ethiopia is confident that the Arab League will live up to the standard of objectivity and the longstanding relations and common values in its engagements with Ethiopia. We look forward to a strengthened partnership and to work closely on common goals.

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    Dear Editors,

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  4. “Yetim fichew hoden mulaw” blew Hager sititefa Zim malet ensisanet neww!!!
    War is never a solution for anyone.

    In this context especially for Ethiopia war or anyother act of aggression will backfire tremendously.

    With the help of the international community including the Arabs the Egyptians can rebuild Aswan dam ten times over and over again repeatedly , Egypt can rebuild any other infrastructural loss Egypt might suffer from war with Ethiopia while not feeling the cost, on the other hand if Ethiopia bombs the Aswan Dam of Egypt , Ethiopia very much so will end up getting internationaly sanctioned as Eritrea was sanctioned until very recently, due to the fact that the recklessly stubborn QALABAY EPRDF PP ruined Ethiopians reputation in the world stage since the 1990’s by trying to cheat their way through all arenas.

    The African Union sides with Somalia ( WHO SUFFERED WAR CRIMES FOR THE LONGEST BY EPRDF MILITARY WHICH ABIY AHMED WAS PART OF ) , with Ethiopians ( who suffered countless crimes against humanities ) and with ERITREA (igniting the Ethio Eritrean war with unsubstantiated Mekele Tigray school bombing story and with ALGIERS AGREEMENT NOT RESPECTED ) .

    The reckless EPRDF PP administration is who caused all these unnecessary quarrels conflicts. EPRDF PP needs to get removed from power by any means ASAP for the good of not only Ethiopia but also for the good of all living things .

    Basing the national economy on globalization hands out instead of local production of farm products had made Ethiopia so fragile might not be able to survive sanctions as Eritrea did. The youth is being fed Prosperity industrialization all the time.

    Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn did put all of Ethiopia’s egg in one basket called industrialization , by shutting down the very little farm development initiative Meles Zenawi started, by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn betting it all on industrialization GERD.

    THE QALABAY RECKLESS EPRDF PP elites juntas of the IHAPA Meison “student” generation SHOULD DO EVERYBODY A FAVOR AND RESIGN ASAP , otherwise it is loose loose loose… deal for Ethiopia especially for the Oromo Ethiopians who are being draged into this mess , most Oromos didn’t even support as the feudal bourgeoisie Amaras have continued supporting at the fundraisers .

  5. No need to sugarcoat it,Ethiopia is in deep trouble no need to hide the reality not anymore.

    . -Ethiopian Maritime’s -Ethiopian professionals are unable to demolish the nine floors high Ethiopian Maritime headquarters building located near Legehar Area in Addis Ababa, even if the work to demolish this Ethiopian Maritime headquarters building was done for over the last seven months the building is not demolished yet.

    – Ethiopian Airlines is loosing it all to NorthStar Tigrayan airlines.

    -.OromoyiaLF is constructing Airlines airport at Debre Zeit bishoftu area.

  6. Noone is as blind as the EPRDF PP willfully ignorant engineers , especially when it comes to GERD.

    GERD dam hydroelectric power is just a dream fairytale .
    GERD is not a hydroelectric power dam ,it is nothing but a big fish tank.

    no such electricity will be gotten from it.

    TPLF started GERD dam construction
    1. To fight International Human rights advocacy groups who want the international community including the USA Congress to act against the TPLF criminals. By constructing GERD TPLF tried to show it’s “goodwill” to the people.
    2. To fight Refugees went in exile spreading evidences of human rights situations in Ethiopia by those who had the access to be the whistleblowers giving them the cold shoulders.
    3. To start friction amongst the new arrival diaspora refugees and the jolly student movement generations that stayed in the diaspora longer.
    4. To fight the passings of USA Congress bills HR-128 and SR-168 by controlling the diaspora elites through GERD bond sales
    5. To steal money from the construction budget.

    Besides that electricity of the level they say will not be gotten people , forget it . GERD is nothing but a whale tank . Congra embassy bond purchasers you can eat sushi with your wonds now, after you go fishing to GERD flying into it with your broom.

  7. Does colonel killer mr Mengistu Hailemariam still exists ?
    is he still living on bloody sacrifice ? What is he doing here ?


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