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Oromo Federalist Congress has buried itself alive

March 9, 2020

In an Oromo Federalist Congress event transmitted live on Oromia Media Network (OMN) during Woman’s International Day, a girl made hate speech regarding marital relationship between Oromo language speaking group and what she called “habesha” – a reference that radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalists employ to make a reference to Amharic and Tigrigna language speaking Ethiopians.

Worse, Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) leaders applauded it. The issue has become a talking point. Quite a considerable number of Ethiopians think that the statement is part of a preparation for genocide. As far as Oromo Federalist Congress is concerned, Sebsebe Alemneh remarks that that party has buried itself alive.

Watch the interview

Video : embedded from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. It is very unfortunate — in fact, it is a CLASSICAL TRAGEDY — that the Oromo Lady had to arouse the DISINTEGRATION of a world-known ancient country ETHIOPIA into pieces >>> for the benefit of NO ONE. The OROMO Society is much more WORTHY than a hateful individuals whose visions are no more than the tips of their noses.
    The above words are dedicated to a jewel of a friend that I ever had in my Life : Yes, a jewel of friend with deep and wide vision, through and through, the pride of Oromo. May sanity continue to be the characteristic of the Oromo People. — as always.

  2. Rezen

    I don’t think she the one you called the “Oromo Lady” represents Oromo , she might be paid by the foreigners ( most likely) by the Shabiyas who in the last two years borrowed In billions from the Ethiopian Commercial and Ethiopian development banks and run out of the country without paying the money with no collateral found by the banks, they left without a trace .

    Let’s pressure the medias to release the identities of the International or national actors who brought the fall of the not too long ago a very strong Ethiopia’s economy .
    Just in the last two years the banks had lost too much by fake investments and foreigners from maybe from Eritrea borrowing money from the Ethiopian bank , then went in hiding to escape justice. the “professionals” need to get a clue to who these ተበዳሪ are that went in hiding right after wiping the Ethiopian banks clean, then to not payback the Ethiopian banks they run away. we need to know who to look for, regardless which part of the world the “ተበዳሪ ” are hiding in, they must be held and will be held accountable.

    It should be noted that a starved person is an angry person for life . A coverage of A Mother of two from Ethiopia who got shot and killed in San Francisco California USA by two males this year in January 2020 just three months after she gave birth to her second child is yet to be released , the story that the killers admitted to the killing of the 32 years old mother of two originally from the former state of Ethiopia , she left to USA before Eritrea got independent from Ethiopia, while Eritrea was under Ethiopia, until now no charges of murder are filed against the killers by the USA government authorities for her death only illegal gun possession charges were filed against her killers.

    The international communities should know that denying Ethiopians water and their chance of being self reliant with food got so many unforseen negative consequences not only to Ethiopia but to the whole world since Children who grow up malnourished witnessing starvation related disasters got less stamina throughout their lifetime .

    A former Ethiopian famine victim who as a little child witnessed the death loosing of her parents to the Ethiopian famine starvation in the state of Eritrea which is now an independent country , who later got adopted and moved to USA later ended up having two children of her own with the second child just three months old at the two males shot and killed bher in public outside on the street with many people watching the two male individuals with no remorse killing her just a couple of months ago in January 2020 in the streets of the Metropolitan City of San Francisco , California USA , ingniteing one of the most controversial legal conflicts since the killers are not charged with murder but charged the admitting killers with only gun charges since these Ethiopian lady was a former famine victim in the former Ethiopian State of Eritrea who terrorized the two males that were charged with only gun charges even if they admitted to killing the 32 years Ethiopian who was born from Eritrean family , the two men claimed they feared for their life before they shot and killed Emma Hunt so no murder charge is being filed for this 32 years old Ethiopian mother of two despite the Ethiopian Eritrean Community continuous outcry to charge the killers with murder the prosecutor is inclined to not charge them with murder saying she acted threatening towards the two male individuals exhibiting her African sides of when she grew up fending for herself and her younger sister homeless in Ethiopia after her parents died of starvation famine .

    Ethiopian PM met commanders of Ethiopian Defense Force in the wake of dispute with Egypt

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    • To Daniel Zeru stop saying that an outcry was made by Habeshas for this lady because it didn’t happen.

      Daniel Zeru

      According to the priest at the St. George Ethiopian Orthodox Church in San Francisco , CA. and the pictures at events seen in the website on links below, not one Habesha showed up to voice their concerns at the Candle light vigil or many other events held for Emma Hunt including her memorial , so donot pretend the Abesha Community fought for justice trying to pressure the DA because the priest himself didn’t participate or no other Habesha participated at these events. Not one abesha went to court bearings.

      . San Francisco Habesha community got no unity , they are divided by ethnicity so much, that’s why the other races shit on habeshas regularly and get away with it there according to SF priest and other individuals I talked to.


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