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Jawar Mohammed joins Merara Gudina’s Oromo Federalist Congress

Jawar could vie for leadership position with Merera Gudina’s Oromo Federalist Congress – one of the largest parties in Ethiopia. Will he manage to radicalize it?

Jawar Mohammed _ Oromo Federalist Congress
Jawar Mohammed. Photo : SM

December 30, 2019

Jawar Mohammed, a radical Oromo ethnic nationalist, has announced on Monday that he has joined Oromo Federalist Congress(OFC).He claimed he has been a supporter of the party for a long time, and he said he will be working to ensure that OFC works in cooperation with other ethnic Oromo parties. 

According to DW Amharic, Jawar’s termination of his US citizenship which he reportedly initiated several weeks ago is still not finalized.

He has also announced that he is resigning as director of Oromo Media Network , a media he initiated and led for several years. Girma Gutema, another radical Oromo etho-nationalist based overseas, is rumored to be Jawar’s replacement. 

Of the nearly ten ethnic Oromo nationalist parties,  Oromo Federalist Congress, which is under the chairmanship Merera Gunida, is believed to be a moderate ethnic nationalist with a considerably high number of supporters. It is one of the largest opposition parties in the country too. 

Seemingly,  that it has become a question to many Ethiopian political observers as to why Jawar picked a moderate ethnic oromo party. 

For many Ethiopians, Jawar is clearly known to be a radical Oromo nationalist, And the speculation is that he is intending to radicalize Merara Gudina’s ethnic party.  People with this view seem to assume that Jawar is unquestionably joining the party with the ambition of vying for leadership. 

Still some tend to think that probably Professor Merera Gudina is losing ground in the party that he founded since many ethnic Oromo politicians, including Bekele Gerba who served the OFC as a secretary,  are radicalizing. 

Why did Jawar opted out from  taking membership in Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – which is believed to be the most radical ethnic nationalist party, with irredentist claims of lands in Amhara region of Ethiopia and the nation’s capital Addis Ababa itself, that has been around for well over four decades now? There has been a rumor in social media that OLF leadership is not comfortable with him.

Jawar is implicated in the death of over 86 people in Oromo region of Ethiopia. On the night of October 22, he wrote a facebook update claiming that he is under siege from security forces which triggered a protest and roadblock by his supporters in the region. 

There was a campaign that he be brought to justice in connection to the incident. 

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  1. This young man has the right to stand for an office as long as he has fulfilled all the requirements as proscribed by the law of the land over there. It gives me hope that he has chosen the party of good folks like Obbo Merera bin Gudina. He will be surrounded by elders and I believe that will be good enough to temper his persona fueled by still young and limited life experience. Now, I see 2020 election as something interesting. I call upon you dear countrymen/women who still hold that gem of the colored and humanity very close to your hearts like me to join me in my daily prayers that The Good Lord Our Creator continue to shed His Grace and Blessings Upon Her and Let Peace Ring before and during the election season!!!

  2. To so called borkena, honestly I can’t tell different weather this is journalism or anti Oromo propaganda machine. Your jobs should be willing to serve and be a voice of all fucking Ethiopian like or not period. One more thing BORKENA pull your head from your ass and suck it as it is, there is no going back its one way and that’s federalism death to fascist amahars.

  3. Keep on calling people who oppose your demented self serving Ideology names like “radical” and we will see where it will lead to.

    Neftagna will never assume power in this country ever again. We will dismantle symbol of your oppression from every corner of this country in exception of Gondar and Gorgam.
    The statue of Menelik in Piazza will be removed and put in the dustbin of history.
    Why can’t you just take your region and leave us alone. We really don’t need you.

    • it will cost you. when you go to destroy neftegna, you think the neftegna will lie down and get killed. please , you people have lost all your senses. You want to turn this country into a ruin like syria. Neftegna wont do that. you wont be allowed to do it. when you burn your neighbours house, you will also burn together. Dont ever think you will live happy ever after.

    • There is no such thing as Oromia sir. It is a fake state which was created after the savage pastoral clans of Borena migrated in. Before they came about, it was a historical land of Damot, Dewaro, Fetegar, etc. Shewa is also one of the main provinces which proudly stood by its king Menelik!

  4. There is no such thing as Oromia sir. It is a fake state which was created after the savage pastoral clans of Borena migrated in. Before they came about, it was a historical land of Damot, Dewaro, Fetegar, etc. Shewa is also one of the main provinces which proudly stood by its king Menelik!

  5. It is misleading to say there are political parties in ethiopia. Political parties are symbols of freedom, equality and justice , taken from the western perspective.
    There are no political parties in ethiopia. there are only ethnic based organisations/groupings 100s of them, fighting to establish dominance of their own ethnic group. All you need is to be oromo to join oromo groups like odp, olf or ofc. The same is true for all the other ethnic organisations like adp, tplf, etc at least on paper. oromo will vote for oromo, tigre for tigre, amhara for amhara etc
    The existence of political parties will only be a dream in ethiopia.
    Jawaar mohanmad will never be able to put bread on the table of a poor oromo farmer. he just wants to reign like Hitler on the back of the oromo. the fate of Meles zenawi awaits such individuals.

  6. Most of the 130 + political parties including EPRDF PP are led by dual citizenship holders , they are also funded by foreign citizenship holders dictating what the party leaders should do or shouldn’t do. Jawar joined this party as a political analyst proclaiming that he is a dual citizenship holder of the two ally countries Ethiopia and USA, same as the President .

    Dual citizenship holders are currently the back bones of Ethiopia’s economy and politics. If you try to weed out all dual citizenship holders in Ethiopia there will not be much Prosperity workers or development workers left, especially in the city of Addis Ababa every key posts in the society is monopolized by dual citizenship holders.

  7. Why can’t give your impartial and peaceful comments here like Mr Ittu Aba Farda.

    I must acknowledge the fact that there are ethnic based organizations running for political position. It is an eye-opening comment, but you must stay away from a remark inciting violence.

    He has a right like anybody else to run for office. I cannot put the blame on him beacuse I donot trust any media , be it international or local. No more brainwashing and defaming here and there , time and again!

    Thank you


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