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A woman calls for an end to inter-ethnic marriage for the sake of “Oromo struggle”

Oromo woman hates interethnic marriage  _ Ethiopia
The Women who called for an end to inter-ethnic marriage in Ethiopia. She thinks that should be done of the sake of “Oromo struggle” Photo : screenshot from OMN video on social media

March 9, 2020

Pervasive ethnic-based violence has slowed down in Ethiopia. But something bigger seems to be simmering underneath.

When Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) celebrated International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8, Oromo Media Network, whose former director is now a member of OFC party, aired it on tv live.

A woman, seemingly a radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalist, made a statement calling for all Oromo women not to marry habesha (a reference to ethnic Amhara and Tigre).

She went further and called for those who are already in an interethnic marital relation with what she called “Habesha” men to divorce them.

She spoke in the Oromo language. Citizens on social media translated her statement. It sounds as follows :

“Those of you who are from other areas need to take a lesson from Adama [Nazret]…The beginning of our struggle is on our men. We will make Oromo men who are chasing old habesha women the targets of our struggle. We will marry them, and we will not let them marry Habesha women. And those who already married to Habesha will divorce. Our leaders have no such problems and are good examples in that [they are married to Oromo]. The struggle of qeerree is on our men. Outside, he says he is an Oromo. But he has neftegna [habesha]wise at home.”

Core Oromo Federalist Congress leaders were in attendance in this televised hate speech, and they applauded it.  Among those who were present were, Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed, whose politically motivated claims about his own personal security caused the deaths of at least 86 Ethiopians back in October 2019.

Ethiopian news and current affairs enthusiasts, a more accurate description would be Ethiopians who are concerned about rising ethnic-based hate, did not take the matter lightly.  

Many argue that the woman’s call not to marry and/or divorce “Habesha men ” constitutes hate-speech. For them, it is not just an individual’s viewpoint but rather a pattern of thinking very common among radical ethnic-Oromo nationalists.  

The Ethiopian government seems to have noted that millions of Ethiopians are outraged by the blatant hate speech televised on Oromo Media Network – a media which many likens to Radio des Mille Collines – a Rwandan Radio that caused the Genocide in 1994 which claimed the lives of about one million people.  

Nigussu Tilahun, Press Secretariat in the office of the Prime Minister, said on Monday that the government would hold political parties and media organizations that are working to create division between people. “Hate speech poses a threat to the unity of the country,” he said as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

Last month, Ethiopia approved the controversial hate speech legislation to The Human Rights Watch understood the bill as a response to ethnic-based violence or communal violence in their own words, but it rejected it as “…an ill-construed law that opens the door for law enforcement officials to violate rights to free expression is no solution.”

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  1. Not surprised about the lady who made the speech. Insecure women can say anything. She probably had her Owen inferiority complex . But the political leaders and the station should be held accountable. This is identical to the speeches that started the Rwanda’s genocide

  2. Yes, they should be abandoned and marry among themselves. Eventually, their wild behavior will take over and them back to the bushes — they came from!

    In fact, the likes of Merera Gudina and Baqqalaa GARBAGE enjoy listening to house maids and school dropouts as they cannot confront even moderately educated citizens.

  3. Many hate speeches against Oromoo people are daily aired by ESAT, ETV, FANA TV and other Habesha affiliated media. If BORKENA were a balancing media source, it should have posted the hate speeches against Oromoo, too.

  4. It is all good, there is a reason why my family decided not to rule Ethiopia or the old empire again nor will my line die for the land and her people anymore.

    In this day and age, other nations have more diversified ethnicities that dwarf the number of ethnicities in Ethiopia and don’t have the amount of conflict and ignorance that I have seen among you lot. This is one of the reasons Africa is the butt of all jokes in the West. Ignorance leads to chaos, chaos will create the scars that you will remember. If you are a Muslim or Christian; don’t forget the story of Adam and Eve. Furthermore, try to understand why I will not raise my hand to save anyone because most are beyond saving and only understand savagery. It will be easier to discuss and guide the future to those who are still living after the fire passes. Monkeys and Gorillas make more sense than people.

  5. Yea!, she is speaking the truth! What in our mind is imposed! Just don’t Mary the habesha the stupid that not recognize the diverse!!!

  6. The lady only talked about Oromo men wed to Amara women. How did she see just the opposite, Oromo women wed to Amara men unless she is biased. I hope she is only a victim of seriously failed love affair with an Amara man once in her life time that made her vent out such hate in public. Whatever the case, those who applaude to her remarks are supper dumies who don’t sense the danger of hate crimes. The network that aired live and OFC members in attendace who failed to correct such vulgarity on spot at that time should all be held accountable. Regardless!

  7. I can’t believe this is really happening in Ethiopia what is the plan for those who is already mixed who have kids together are you gonna killed them just because they are mixed with Amehara it looks like that’s the next plan woye gud

  8. Galla, can’t think more than such evil task in the 21st century! That is why Galla can’t rule Ethiopia! They have no any capacity to do so! Soon things will be changed in many faces and dimensions! Otherwise, such thinkers are exterminating badly to built-up a country! Knowing the truth at appropriate time is nice especially at this time! Thanks God! We will do what we weant without any regional as well as federal govrnment interest! Both of them are not yet decided in time on the issues! In the future, we also believed that such problems are not solved properly at this time. Learning is good! Those who are not learn from such many bad activities, will be died. Thinking in deep is what the time needed! Don’t trust what the current rulers tell us! It is false, they are cheating us, without any things! They are sealed us!

  9. Whether your Oromo or amara you are ethiopian regardless so there’s really no in your bible numbers 12:1-16 when Moses sister Miriam spoke against. Moses ethiopian. Wife supports ,God became angered with Miriam and cursed her.that woman is an modern day Miriam who gonna cause the anger of God to be against her for ignorance and hate teaching. For God is all about the unity of his people not division.Amos9:12,psalms68:31

  10. for one to move forward we need a leader that is honest to the problem and admit to Ethiopia’s past dirty history where people are demonized and treated like animals, some carry that spirit and try to impose the same garbage on Oromo’s today. Listen turtle head it doesn’t matter how hard you tried it is not going to work, the woman is right in her thinking you better go find a wife or a husband from Gojam just leave the Oromo alone then everything will be fine, the Debteras need to learn how to mind there own business, do not intimidate please. I am really tired of the Debteras ignorance.

    • Why look into the past when we can look into the future? Maybe Ethiopia does have a dirty past, but instead of complaining and arguing about it, saying these types of nonsense things, we find a good solution that will benefit us as a country. Saying that Oromo men shouldn’t marry Habesha woman is plain nonsense, that’s not how we get past these troubling times. I’m so sad that as a society we cannot handle the problems in our country in a mature and non-chaotic way.

    • You think honesty works in Ethiopia? Logic still is a foreign concept among the best/ highly educated for Ethiopian Standards as they think they are a know it all and everyone else is stupid. This is why I have a twitch on the verge of snapping when I am in Ethiopia. Many and I mean many will only understand the stick or someone so strong and crazy that fear grips you from a delusion and into a reality that this is going to be a lesson never forgotten. Can you fight hyenas alone like a true Lion? how many of you will fight with honor? What ever your reply maybe; it reveals if you are an honorable warrior or a parrot that only squawks.

    • Blind lead blind is your mantra and that is you are absolute DIM and SHALLOW man, you should rise above any issues and it should not be personalized any one can marry any one regardless Oromo, to Amhara or any other ethnicity the lady absolute out of order she is putting petrol tot he already inflamed situations. so Aba Geda wake up and take off your blinkers!!!!!

  11. First of all talk about how can we feed 107,000,000 people couldn’t survive without Western or China and most developed countries hand out. You guys talking about marriage issues very narrow minded political activists like Jawar Mahmood political parties orchestration. Jawar Mahmood is a loser politician who or couldn’t even talk about how he can creat jobs and economic growth systematically Jawar is fighting for his own recognition look at Dr.Abiy Ahmed Ali our triple AAA our charismatic leader and hero.

  12. Whoever your name is You spell Marry not Mary. People like you cause unnecessary trouble! haha
    Ps don’t bother to answer !

  13. Oromos and amharas are intermarried,and and have been living together for years,raising their children together,mainly in urban areas.Most of these children’s names are originated from Amharic/geez languages,especially if mothers are Amharas.It is very clear that children start word uttering following their mother’s tongue,and continue growing and developing in the same culture and environment,others bear oromo names,but they do not speak oromiffaa,they do not know the culture and etc Both groups are in IDENTITY crisis.Who is to be blamed?it is not the intermarriage which is to be blamed,it the mother’s self alienation and the father’s negligence and disrespect to ones own culture and language,which are to be blamed.NB!children born of oromo fathers and amhara mothers and residing in US or Europe speak oromiffaa,amarigna and local language equally.

  14. Borkena, shame on you. No wonder you guys hated by most Ethiopians for one side since feudal time.
    A so called religious fox Daniel Kibreet from PM office spread hate openly against majority religion Islam in Ethiopia and yet you bring this simple woman case of marriage as an insult to injury.
    I know you will delete my comment for not insulting innocent woman instead of your guy.

  15. I’m 100%agree with her she have a right to say wherever she wants. How about those against Oromo that talking bad about Oromo people for century can you accountable them ..shut up and stay Do your own business and her speach will going to happen soon.

  16. ይህቺ ለእነ በቀለ ገርባና መረራ ጉዲናና ጀዋር አሽቃባጭነት በደንቁርናዋ ተመርጣ ለእነርሱ የፖለቲካ እሳት እራት የሆነች ሴት እንደሆነች ነው። በደንብ በኦፌኮና በጅዋር ሚድያ የተቀናበረ ነው። የኦፌኮ ሊቀ መንበርና ምክትል ሊቀ መንበር በፕሮግራሙ ላይ በመገኘት ቢያጨበጭቡ የሚገርም አይሆንም። ምክንያቱም የኦፌኮ ዓላማም ከዚህ የተለየ አይደለም። በቀለ ገርባ ልክ የፋሽስቶችን አባባል በመዋስ ከዚህ በፊት ተመሳሳይ ይዘት ያለውን ይዘት በመገናኛ ብዙሃን ገልጿል። ልጅቷ ከተላላኪነት ያለፈ ሚና ያላት ግለስብ አይደልችም። ድንገትም ትንሽ የሚያስለፈልፍ ዶላሮች ተውርዎሮላት ሊሆን ይችላል። የናዚን አባባል ተውሳ ለኦሮሞዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን የኦነግና የኦፌኮን ፖለቲካ ለመጋት ሞክራለች። በእሷ የደንቆሮ አስተሳሰብ የሚፋታም የማይጋባም የለም። ከተዋደዱና ከተፈላለጉ ይጋባሉ። በሚሊዮኖች በዚህ መልክ ያሉ ኢትዮጵያውያኖች አሉ። ከንቱ ልፋት ነው።

  17. It’s free speech and media shounld blamed for it by overall I think has has failed romantic love relationship with habesha guy. BtTW , who would take seriously about her? I won’t.

  18. I think in a democracy such opinion and speeches are tolerated and should be. I tell you why. Democracy that protects citizens’ rights to their opinion no matter how it stinks high to heavens such as this one will help expose it. The right thing to do is encounter that with just and balanced opinion. Here we have sworn hate groups such as the neo-fascists and other racist extremists. They have websites and use every social media outlets to -spew around their hateful poison. They are monitored 24-7 as they should be and they have very effective opposition organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center going after these demons. This young lady has the rights to her opinion but she should be monitored. The citizens have the rights to know about her and her affiliations. Shame on Obbo Bekele and Merera to sit there and applaud this sinful sermon. They should know better!!!

  19. BTW, Have Obbo Bekele and Merera said anything about this foul speech? I could not believe it when I listened to what this blubber mouth was saying in front of a mass of people. Is this woman even an Oromo? Was she born and raised there in the old country? Or did she really believe in what she said? Does she know anything about how two adult individuals enter in the most revered union called marriage? Marriage is the result of a man and a woman who fall in love where one is taking the other as his/her lifetime partner life in sickness and health for who she/he is. Does she know what to fall in love means? O’ Good Lord! What is the world coming to?

    In any case, I would like to know what those two individuals have said about this evil sermon. I call upon the dear editors of this esteemed website to post articles that include such reaction.

  20. what is it with the Oromo nationalists and their struggle. I dont think they understand what they are struggling for. Now I have heard many causes but with all due seriousness this is out of planet earth. A struggle for a man???? Come on!!! These people are hijacking the Oromo struggle and turning it into a clown show. I believe it is a bad joke on those people who sacrificed there life for equality and freedom of choice nothing more.

  21. I am not Oromo , but my opinons are in line with her. We should stay away from inter-ethnic marriage as long as we choose to go far and made it all the way to to the extent of ethnic-based extremisim.

    So-called “love is blind” should remain in the book of fairy tales when it comes to inter-ethnic marraige. It is advisable to take precaution and save oneself from discrimination and brutal killings rising from this nomadic tribal conflicts, to a stay in a safe side and so as to play it safe.

  22. There is no Oromo or Amhara. That was just fabricated in the last 100 years. Before that, there was Shewa. It was one identity within the region which covered more than these 2 languages.

  23. The past is a lesson to guide us not to do the same mistakes. Learn from the mistakes of other nations, empires and people of old that have faded out of existence. You want to solve the problem in Ethiopia? I will give you the same lesson that I gave many over the years; Pick people who are driven for the good of the country and understand basic economics, you can’t run things like a business to profit and pad your pockets without compounding volatility leading to a tumultuous and cataclysmic event that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Disney Story about a Princess. Only when the worst comes, does the human animal understand that Civilization and Society needs different driven to the task given to them to survive.

    If farmers and transport services didn’t exist; would cities exist?
    If Engineers and Civil Engineers didn’t exist, would the expansion work? If you had people who cared, then why does the city of Addis Ababa smell like an open sewer less fitting of the name “New Flower” and the spaghetti mess of cobblestone roads, roads that don’t survive more than 2 rainy seasons and subpar and overpriced telecommunications and basic utilities?

    Yes I am an Ethiopian for the moment, I am supremely disappointed in “All Ethiopians” I feel ashamed for my Ancestors and family who ruled and died for Ethiopia and Abyssinia.
    Lastly, if you truly believe the past means nothing… Then get rid of the Bible, Quran, Torah and the Kebra Nagast; forget your family history and I will do the same. Forget all the wrong doings on all sides and move forward. If that is an impossibility: is this why Jesus maybe died for our sins because we couldn’t be redeemed? Thus, by the environment and the garbage that most tout as gospel that Tribal Ethnicity flies in the face of the Story of Adam and Eve and with that, many are saying God is full of crap. I have challenged Religious, Political and various factions including the ruling elite based on wealth on this Earth and in many countries and most can’t hold a candle to my counter arguments and facts as many still don’t understand the history of wisdom and the true truth that we are all one and unique. One family but misguided that confounds the senses and draws mockery as to why Africa never will evolve as we are the ones who will truly fade for our move enlightened family who built the developed world in the West.


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