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TPLF leaders warn Eritrean president, solicit support from Eritrean People

TPLF leaders warn Eritrean president over what they call “interference in Ethiopian affair” while pleading to Eritrean people to forget the “scar” and work together for “mutual benefit.” Some express concern that TPLF could start war in Ethiopia

TPLF _ Eritrean President
Seyoum Mesfin. Photo credit : Tigray TV via BBC Amharic

February 17, 2020

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) seized the 45-anniversary celebration as an opportunity to showcase the extent of militarization the region has been undertaking for several months now, if not years.

In over a week-long series of events leading to Yekatit 11 (February 19), the day ethnic Tigray Nationalist political organization launched the armed struggle in the wilderness of Dedebit against the military government of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, military parades have been the centerpiece of the anniversary celebration. Some ethnic Tigray opposition figures were warning that TPLF could start war.

The organization has issued a statement on the occasion.  Its heading reads “TPLF Official Statement on the Occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Launching of the Armed Struggle of the People of Tigrai, 11 Lekatit 2012 Ge’ez C.(February 19, 2020).” Noticeably, Ethiopian calendar is used but it is described as “Ge’ez C”-the way it is referred to as in Eritrea.

The statement made a reference to the 17 years of armed struggle without any  support from elsewhere:“”The people of Tigray endured the tough and costly journey with extreme forms of commitment and without asking for any external support, alternate partner, or pause.” Often, TPLF used to say that “all Ethiopians struggled to overthrow Fascist Derge regime.”

Then it goes to condemn what it called “parasitic decadence that occurred within the EPRDF in the last 3 to 4 years” – a reference to the reform measures after TPLF lost power following a pervasive and sustained protest in the country.  And the narration was to the “Esteemed People of Tigrai” and “Esteemed Members of the TPLF”

It also painted an image of the imminent disintegration of Ethiopia due to policy measures of the political force that is currently holding power. “In the last couple of years, the country has suffered from heinous violations of law and unfolding crisis, and now it is on the verge of disintegration,”  it said.

Under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, says TPLF, “the country has become a playing field for all sorts of external actors.”

After soliciting support from a different section of the population apart from TPLF members and people of Tigray, the statement lastly pleaded to the people of Eritrea. “The people of Tigrai and TPLF have never wavered or compromised on the quest of the Eritrean people for freedom. As a result of the sacrifices we jointly made, we won over the brutal Dergi regime and achieved victory… Nonetheless, in the last 20 years we had been locked in an unnecessary conflict and we both paid dearly as a result. We all realize the scar this has left.”

And what TPLF wants is for the people of Eritrea to “revitalize mutual benefit…, and advance towards an era of mutual development.”

The message for the Eritrean president is different. And it is not in the statement.  In an event organized as part of the anniversary, leading TPLF leaders like Seyoum Mesfin, who has served as foreign minister for a long time, complained that the Eritrean president is interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

Tsegaye Berhe, another prominent TPLF leader, said t “If Isaias interferes in Ethiopian internal affairs, his hands will break, but he will bring about nothing,” as reported by BBC Amharic on  Monday.

In an interview with Eritrea’s national TV, president Isaias indicated in the situation in Badme is worse after the peace agreement with Ethiopia, and that is because of TPLF leaders who are not willing to cede it to Eritrea.

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  1. Ethiopians and Eritreans want to forget the scars and work for mutual benefits so much but are still not able to do so because the people didn’t get closure . The people of Eritrea and Ethiopia need to know the underlying core reason that triggered the Ethio-Eritrean Badme war . Not knowing the core reason from Meles Zenawi & Co. or from Isayas Afeworki directly is creating vague not sincere peace, with unreliable sabotaging friendships in the horn of Africa’s people that can explode anytime to another round of bloody war.

    With Lt. Col Abiy , Debretsion Gebremichael and Isayas Afewierki leadership KEANGET BELAY SELAM frienemy relations is being a norm producing generations of Ethiopians and Eritreans with fake pretence Keanget belay frienemy relationship that stab you in the back .

    Debretsion , Isayas and Abiy supporter most donot know who is the hero for fighting the war to boost of since there was no real known motive why the war was fought and who won .

    In short , if Isayas Afewierki is expected to not meddle in Ethiopian issues the chapter of the Ethio Eritrean war need to get closure fr the public , to do so the real underlying core reason why the Ethio-Eritrean war was triggered need to be made a public knowledge until then the tangled web of deceit , hate , fear , mistrust , grudge amongst the two people will continue for generations same as the Palestine Israel relations. Ethiopians and Eritreans donot want to be same as Middle East , a chaotic place loosing their Coptic culture replacing it with chaotic middle eastern culture .

  2. Crooked TPLF cannot fool the poeple of the Horn. Ethiopians and Eritreans will continue to work together. Game Over, weyane parasites

  3. Gotta love the outright lies and misinformation being pushed by the tplf minions. The inferiority complex ridden “tplf” thugs can’t say a single paragraph without adding their favorite spice, lies & fake stories.
    1. Tplf won without any help ? Lol, as any history book will tell u and as any honest tplf will tell u , tplf was created, trained, supplied and supported by the EPLF ( Eritrea) as it was hidding in the Dedebit mountains refusing to fight Durg .
    2. Tplf wants to bad mouth PM Dr. Abiy? Do they realise it was because of him they safely made it out of Ethiopia? Running from 4 Kilo Palace to their new hideout at axum hotel in mekele? He chose and preached peace & love which the Dedebit Dedebs will never understand.
    3. Threats against Federal government and Eritrea? Loll again. Marching poor children & elderly people with guns is not a threat. By the way ask where the children or Siyum Mesfin /tsehaye etc are…who from tigrai is will to die for those souless devils .
    I could go on for a while but I have a life.

  4. The Crazed Maniac Isaias has to Die and get Buried or Burned before there is going to be any Real Peace and progress anywhere in the Region……..It is also well advised that The Ethiopian Premier to Thaw relation with arguably the Second worst Dictator in the World in Isaias……..Which will definitely antagonize the upcoming Future generation of Eritrea.s Leaders in homeland and the Diaspora………….PMAA needs to understand that you can not Rub shoulders with the Aging Dictator and expect to have a positive view of the Eritrean Public in general……….Selah

  5. can you please stop toking about Eritrean people and stop calling us ur brothers who deported Eritrean people from Ethiopia …we Eritreans showed you how to use a gun ..heavy gun machine ..and stop copping our way of celebration just do your …i do imagine one thing after years tplf will say as they invented this kind of ceremony ..

    • Lmao! You Italian slaves need more spanking . Jegna TPLF will teach y’all a lesson again as we did back in 1999. Isayas dying inside because he got spanked like a little kid thats why he don’t want to start another war . Eritreans are cowards that didn’t have a backbone to stand up to their Italian masters when they was slaving y’all for 60 years. Tigray people are nothing to play with in a war game . Eritrea will never gain their independ if it wasn’t for Weyane helping weak Shabia. Common on try again, you will regret it.

  6. Ethiopians are weak bitches. They could not defeat us Eritreans even though their population is over 100 million and us Eritrea is only 5 million.

  7. You Tigray instead of facing the Amhara, you tend to scapegoating Eritrea..
    You need to understand Eritrea is a sovereign state..Eritrea is not only Tigrinia, Eritrea is a diverse vibrant country..
    Please stop popping our respectful Tigrinia ethnic group…
    Yes , you speak the same language, but that doesn’t give you the right to use chauvinist Agazian Agame to interfere in ours internal affairs..


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