Eritrean president “worried about Ethiopia’s ethnic conflict”

Eritrean president says “Woyane” has destroyed the relationship of Ethiopians and that he is “worried about Ethiopia’s ethnic conflict”

Eritrean President
President Isaias Afeworki. Photo (resized) from Eritrean Press page.

February 6, 2020

The Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki had an interview with Eritrea’s state-owned TV on Friday in the evening. Based on a translation from Eritrean Press, he spoke a great deal about the situation in Ethiopia and an alleged attempt to create “friction between Eritrea and Ethiopia.”

From Ethiopia’s internal situation, he said that he is “worried about ethnic conflict.” In that regard, he reportedly talked about the importance of creating solidarity with Ethiopia and supporting the leadership.

In the view of the Eritrean president, “the worst thing that happened in Ethiopia happened in the last 30 years.” He reiterated that he warned “Ethiopia ” about the dangers of an ethnic-based constitution in 1992, but the aim of Woyane ( this is a reference to Tigray People’s Liberation Front) constitution of ‘Federal Democracy’ was to divide the people of Ethiopia.

He called the Woyane policy “poison policy” and he thinks that it has destroyed the relationship of Ethiopians in all-region.  

President Isaias sees great economic potential in Ethiopia – which is also relevant for the region. “A peaceful Ethiopia will create development and trades in the region,” he is cited as saying, but “some think tanks with interest are working trying to destabilise Ethiopia.”

President Isais visited Ethiopia about four times since the two countries ended hostile relations in July 2018 following TPLF’s loss of dominance over the Federal government.

Eritrea and Ethiopia are working on several legal documents to formalize partnerships and bilateral agreements in a range of areas.  

Ethiopian officials working in the Ministry of Trade and Industry hinted this week that the two countries could even use local currencies for cross border trades. The agreement is expected to sign “soon.”

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