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Ethiopia to celebrate Defense Force Day this Saturday

The Defense Force is celebrating this year as TPLF is organizing military parade in north Ethiopia to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the latter

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February 11, 2020

Ethiopia is celebrating National Defense Force day this Saturday, state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) reported on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Defense has disclosed this year it will be celebrated with the motto “We will defend the sovereignty of our country and our people’s peace.”  

Apart from community consultation and charity works, the celebration will feature a military parade, although it is unclear if the Ministry of defense is televising it live.

The Ministry said that this year’s celebration is one during which all members of the defense force pledge to defend Ethiopia’s sovereignty and peace.

Ethiopia’s political problem led to widespread instability in the country to the point that members of the defense forces are regularly deployed to different parts of the country – especially in Western and Southern Ethiopia, among other areas.

In the Wollega region of Ethiopia, there has been fighting between the Ethiopian Defense Force and the militant wing of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – a radical Oromo ethnic nationalist organization.  The main OLF party based in Addis Ababa distanced itself from the entity that claims to be the military wing. But it accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government over what it called “human rights violation” in the region where several government officials were shot dead by the militant group.

In northern Ethiopia, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – a political entity that is running regional administration is increasingly challenging the authority of the Federal government.  Weeks after Debretsion Gebremichael (chairman of TPLF) disclosed about the growing difference with the Federal government,his party organized a military parade in Mekelle this past weekend, which is politically interpreted among politicized Ethiopians.  

In the parade, the region’s special forces displayed group weapons apart and individual assault rifles. The military show of power came with the pretext of celebrating the organization’s 45th anniversary. The celebration is still underway, and the final day of celebration is on February 19 (a day on which the organization is believed to be established) – and an even bigger military parade is expected.

TPLF has been undertaking intensive propaganda in the region, painting a picture that Tigray is under siege from a different direction, and the people in the area have to be ready to defend themselves.  

In an interview with his country’s state-owned TV last week, Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki said that TPLF is creating an image of Eritrea that is ready to attack the Tigray region.

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  1. Lemma’s Agases military is a disgrace!!

    Military science is strange concept to Lemma’s Magases military.

    Ethiopia federal government defence leadership posts had surely facilitated for one ethnic Tigray Generals to take long uninturupted vacation while their posts being replaced with puppet one ethnic Oromo military leadership .

    The now military dominance Oromo generals donot want their skills to be made a mockery of so they
    – Donot want to try to rescue abducted students plus because the abducted are not Tigray or Oromo so the generals in vacation or the generals in office are not their concern.
    -The unskilled Oromo.generals submit to every demand of Egypt and Sudan about Abay fearing their military illitrate Oromo generals skills will come out to light if they donot submit.
    -Even South Sudan fighters go in and out of Ethiopia as they please .

    To make matters worse Abiy the psychopath and Lemma Megerssa (the Workneh Gebeyehus errand boys ) who got decades of experience snitching to Woyane about Oromo are killing innocent civilians in Western Wollaga Oromia since that is all they know killing innocent civilians.They are not killing any terrorist only those that oppose Woyane and Team Lemma innocent civilians are being killed.

    They killed two people because they were cousins of Bekele Getba while Bekele Gerba is left untouched , this is their voodoo justice.

    Currently Tigray state got four times military weapons by Badme compared to all weapons in Ethiopia .

    Abiy & Co. The Oromo generals donot try to.rescue these weapons since they donot even know where to begin , If you compare educated military science professional in Ethiopia except in Tigray (outside Tigray) it is almost to a point of non existence with Lemma Agasses military.

  2. Brave Tigrayan soldiers and their weapons will not participate in this event since we are on duty at Badme , most Tigrayan soldiers are working day and night non stop , we got no time to parade and listen to old fashioned boring motivation speeches ,we heard them before we do it want to hear them over and over again like a broken record.Also there is strong possibility of a big security threat , might be military assaults amongst regional forces at this event .Tigrayan soldiers we are already motivated fully we donot need to hear the psychopath Abiy who disgraced the military by imprisoning General Kinfe and murdering Saere , Asaminew……to tell us we tell him.not the other way around.

    Now he borrowed ,9 billion USD we want to know how much of that will go towards the low level soldiers . Military Generals got raise at the Saudi meddling meeting hoping to hush hush them, the lower levels soldiers were passed as if the high cost of living doesnot affect them and they got no thinking ability to comprehend Saudi’s money buying the military .


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