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Ethiopia : NEBE deliberated on TPL,Prosperity Party property sharing

National Election Board of Ethiopia is arbitrating the new party, Prosperity Party, and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). After settlement of outstanding debt, the former would get three-fourth of former EPRDF’s wealth and the latter one-fourth of it.

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February 3, 2020

National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) disclosed on Tuesday that it had made decisions regarding the status of what was once the most powerful ruling coalition in the country – Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

“EPRDF, through its chairman [that is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed], sent a letter to the Election Board saying that the coalition no longer exists. On the other hand, Chairman of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) sent a letter asking the Board to decide on property sharing,” the Board announced.

The Board did not seem to like the information from the parties regarding the end of the coalition. “Only the Board gets to decide that,” NEBE said in a statement.

However, the Board had to still meet, in the interest of procedures in place, to discuss the matter. “The Board learned that three members of EPRDF left the coalition to establish a Prosperity Party,” said Election Board. “Therefore, the Board unanimously decided that EPRDF is dissolved and does not exist any longer.”

The next order of things for the Board to decide is property sharing. In that regard, Property sharing between Prosperity Party and TPLF is appropriate, said the Board.

Accordingly, it is decided for the two entities:

1) To establish a joint committee to do an inventory of assets and audit of accounts

2. Any outstanding debt of EPRDF to be paid before property sharing

3. The remainder after paying debt, three-fourth will be to Prosperity Party, and one third to Tigray People’s Liberation Front – TPLF)

4. The National Election Board of Ethiopia requested to be notified within six months after the implementation of recommended actions

The Board, which is working on the next General election with a tentative date as August 10, did not mention the consequences if the parties failed to do so.

There have been reports in the past that EPRDF, in general, and TPLF, in particular, borrowed colossal amounts of money from Ethiopian banks to run a vast state-owned business conglomerate.

Before TPLF lost dominance in the central government in April 2018, it is said to have a business asset worth over $5 billion and engaged in a range of business activities, including in manufacturing, construction, export trade, banking, and insurance – among other things.

TPLF argues that EPRDF was dissolved illegally to establish Prosperity Party. Three former EPRDF coalition member parties and four other “support” parties merged in November 2019 to form Prosperity Party.

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  2. Mengistu Hailemariam Derg Ethiopian Workers Party (EWP) built a big building with a huge compound at key location by Arat Kilo In Addis Ababa , Ethiopia in the 1980s to facilitate the isepa/EWP party activities .

    In 1991 when Shabiya and TPLF invaded Addis Ababa they took over this building making it the property of EPRDF chasing the previous owners ISEPA (EWP) out .

    Isepa (EWP) was not even able to be part of the transitional government which EPRDF was orchestrating ,since Isepa EWP’s leaders were imprisoned with their building remaining forcefully illegally occupied by EPRDF until this day, many politicians who work there at this building also live there from season to season making it their camp rather than just their workplace, especially when they are in the city from rural far areas they camp there pocketing per diems hotel expenses .

    Also many of the corruption , intimidation and rehearsal of the following days theatre is known to be done at this building by EPRDF members at night .

    Those who regularly spend the night there are all YES MAN Sayers who do everything the PM says , no questions asked.

    Now since EPRDF is sharing their wealth maybe this building will be sold to private investors and the cash divided between EPRDF member parties since either the tax payers advocates that paid for this buildings construction or EWP Isepa Mengistu Hailemariam are not claiming this public property building’s ownership .

  3. The so called constitution of Ethiopia is not a constitution but it is a conspiracy for a single ethnic group affiliated juntas in charge of the government to be above the law .

  4. I highly suggest to the leaders of the two groups to grow up, wise up and get their priorities straight. The most important issue on their plate should be how they can put their intellectual asset together to take the citizens of the entire country out of abject poverty. Over inflated pride will only stands on the way of such sacred task. That country had potential and opportunity to do a lot for the good of its people in the 1970’s but because of its misguided and stubborn elite/intellectuals all went down the tube. The craze then was to eradicate everything that seemed to what they called ‘reactionary’ with none given the reforming chance. When all was said and done, millions perished and millions others were left with lifetime emotional scar. When those front running know-it-all elites first went at it, they thought all will be done quick and with minimal collateral damage. Many of them perished in it, many others took to the bushes to give it another try, another left the country and several others wanted to work with the demon. They bowed and licked the boots of Mengistu who they wanted to kill just less than a year ago. They joined others in his loyal entourage in deifying him as the ‘Center’. They called him the ‘Center’!!!! That means he was the ‘Center’ of the ‘universe’. I could not believe my eyes when I read about a few years after he ran away. Viva Chairman Mengistu!!! Viva! Viva!!! There are some who still prefer to call him ‘Chairman Mengistu’! I once heard one of the reporters of a major Diaspora TV network referring to him so affectionately as ‘Chairman Mengistu’! Mengistu was not that unproductive though. When he cut and ran he was replaced by a smarter talking and even more stubborn ‘Center’. Another carnage for a long 27 years!!! But still the new front running elites don’t seem to learn from the bitter and destructive history of our time. What makes the immediate needs and aspiration of that rural or urban dweller in Tigray so different from that in Oromia, Amhara or any other region? What is it? Does the one in Tigray have priority in ‘reclaiming’ the lasagna as his main course at the dinner table every night? What is it? Stop being childish and behaving grossly bad!!! Grow up!!!!

  5. “ኢህአዴግ እንኳን ለሰው ህይወት ለዶሮም ሞት የሚጨነቅ ድርጅት ነበር”— አቶ አባዱላ ገመዳ

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    How to avoid getting malaria – sleep with a chicken | The Independent

    • Divide what is in offshore account too.

      ECADF Forum
      Web results
      A 5 billion dollar baby Semhal Meles

  6. መኪና አስመጣላው በሚል ከ100 ግለሰብ በላይ 173 ሺህ ብር ፤ በድምሩ ከ17 ሚሊየን ብር በላይ ሰብስቦ ኩባንያው ተሰወረ ::

    • UPDATE: መኪና አስመጣላሁ በሚል ከ17 ሚሊየን ብር በላይ ከሰዎች ሰብስቦ ተሰወረ የተባለው ኩባንያ ምላሽ ሰጥቷል::

  7. BBC “አሜሪካ ውስጥ ቤት የሌላቸው ታዳጊ ተማሪዎች ቁጥር ጨመረ::”


    • It is not our concern if you are warning for the those who want to come to US , it is blessed mission. You are saving lives bro. Thank you for that !!Coz we have massive problem in our land . People are losing thier beloved ones nonstop at home.

  8. If it is about funds raised by former EPDRF members and donors or property and money grown from these donations the board decision is right and fare so long the EPDRF foundation rules say that property must be divided across party lines. Otherwise each party membership numbers should be accounted to come to the magic number. So even may argue about factoring as well who contributed what to the party. Now if the asset includes state owned companies then it is completely wrong for the election board to rule when the voiceless Ethiopian people is not represented to prevail it interests. The electoral board ruling in these case could amount about legitimizing a stolen goods to both PP and TPLF.

  9. This story from the old country tells about the ‘imminent’ divorce of TPLF from its front associates in the EPRDF. It talks about how the ‘divorce’ will proceed and finalized. It even tells us about the property settlement where one side will get 3/4 and TPLF will walk away with 1/4 of what is left of the ‘estate’. Then I began wondering who will pay back the more $30 billion dollars that was siphoned off from the nation’s coffers in just 6 years from 2012 and 2018? We are talking about $30 billion in US dollars!!! We hear a great story out of even Nigeria where close to half a billion in US dollars that stolen by the former dictator Sani Abacha was located and is now back into that nation’s coffers. It was not the entire loot but something to be happy about. What I would like to see the Attorney General and Election Board chairman do is freeze the entire property of the former EPRDF until someone starts squeaking with the whereabouts of the looted treasure. 30 billion is not a chump change. Every one of them should start coughing it up. Such drastic and just measure will leave an enduring lesson for any future connivers in leadership roles. Every penny they own now should be declared eminent domain. Meanwhile, this is my advice to the stubborn knuckle heads who are trying to pass as poor victims!!!

  10. Maranata

    It is fake Fake News what you posted above,
    America buys for us Ethiopian homeless people many things including homes , feeds us and covers school costs for the children of the homeless, including the cost of computers , so there is no way this above news is true,it is simply a fake news.

    The only homeless people in America are the mentally sick and those in the hippie movement that donot want to serve their country. According to history TPLF was once hippie/homeless also , then America gave them so much money to buy homes now for the longest there was not even one homeless TPLF, abandoning their hippie lifestyle some TPLF joined the war for Badme and for Somalia.

  11. Those in the leadership of the TPLF, which in my opinion was founded for a noble cause but later forcefully confiscated by despotic smart alecks, could have been those who initiated the system but we should never forget the fact that they were in their minority. If they did not have the Tamrat Layne’s who successfully summoned tens of thousands of youth from Gondar and Gojjam as beasts of burden for the Sebhat Nega’s, if Abba Dula Gemeda did not gift the TPLF wise alecks with tens of thousands of battle tested Oromos as beasts of burden, they would never be able to set their foot on an inch of land in the Amhara and Oromo regions. Those collaborators did that voluntarily with no one holding a gun on their heads. They did not stop picky bagging the Sebhat’s from the forsaken joint in the northern escarpments all the way to Addis(Finfine) but they were playing active roles in facilitating the suppression of dissent after they grabbed the mantle of ruling the country in May 1991. If a protester was gunned down in that small village in Western Hararghe where I was born, it was not a Berhe from Mekele who pulled the deadly gun but it was one of our own and locally bred home boy. Yes, those who came up with the blue print of the system were the smart alecks within the TPLF but they were not the only ones who put it to practice. A minority will never be able to rule over the entire country without the critical help from enthusiastic supporters in the majority. It would never happen. That is where all depots are the best at. They have unmatched skills in manipulating the majority. They know who and where in the majority they should plant their drum beaters. That was what they had and did in the old country. Please note that I am not incriminating every rank and file that was used as mules during the oppressive 27 years but those who were the leaders of the four groups that made up the EPRDF should also share the responsibility. They all had their hands in it. I remember what the then leader of Oromia told his security forces in 2016. He told them not to show any mercy to the protesters. Wasn’t it the same instruction we heard from the previous prime minister? When that did not work and when young members close to the leadership decided to put their foot down and said ‘enough is enough’ to the killings, maiming, jailing and bad governance(Lemma & Gedu Team) then these two decided to ‘resign’. That is what I am saying. If the Tamrat’s and Gemeda’s declined to play as guides to the rag tag ruffians beginning 1988 the Abay’s and Meles’ would not any clues where they were in Amhara and Oromia regions. They were willing and zealous participants but Lemma and Gedu were not who helped bring the oppression to an abrupt end in 2018 that is because the despotic leaders of the TPLF were carrying an Achilles Heel all along. They were a small group of talkative and murderous individuals. All it needed was courageous individuals from the majority to stand up to the despotic minority which The Gedu and Lemma Team did. It was suddenly over just as it started in 1988. All these former willing collaborators should do is to stop blaming their comrades for the ills the old country but come out leveling with the citizens of the old countries who have lost their loved ones during those dark days and ask for forgiveness. They should bow down and prostrate at the feet of the citizens and sincerely apologize. Our glorious people known for their magnanimity will forgive them. All I can say to them is ‘stop hitting around the bush but throw yourself to the ground and genuinely contrite.’


    By James Gibb Stuart

    In 1998 James Gibb Stuart was asked to provide advice to the Malaysian government, which was then struggling against an IMF induced economic crisis. The following is taken from his Briefing Paper. Three days after receiving this material the Malaysian government announced exchange controls.

    Read more of this article, published in the September, 2001 edition of Prosperity, here:

    Yes, it is possible for a nation, at least, to resist the international banking cartel.

    Whose Money?
    Paying the cost of your own slavery

    Plenty has been written about the injustice of third-world debt elsewhere. Plenty is also written suggesting that it is the corruption and greed of third-world politicians which has mainly contributed to the size, and inexorable growth, of that debt.

    We are not going investigate these questions here. Instead, we are simply going to look at how third-world debt is created, and establish to whom, precisely, it is owed.

    The money borrowed by third-world countries is not owed to the wealthy nations, as is generally believed, any more than our own national debt is owed “to ourselves”. How could it be, when all the developed countries are themselves fighting a losing battle against debt – America, the wealthiest and most powerful among them, being the most indebted of all ?

    Where, then, does all this money owed by the developing nations come from?

    Like the “credit” which currently provides the UK with 97% of its money supply, third-world debt is almost completely made up of money created by the commercial banking system to fund specific loans.

    This happens in three ways.

    Firstly …

    … international commercial banks make loans directly to governments and private businesses in third-world countries, creating the money in the usual way.

    As with bank “lending” within the domestic economy, no depositor’s account is debited or affected in any way: and just as, within the domestic economy, the money loaned creates new deposits in the national banking system, so money loaned across borders quickly finds its way into somebody’s bank account and, somewhere in the world, brand new deposits are created, priming the global banking system for further “lending”.

    Since the loans are designed to purchase goods from abroad – indeed, they are often “tied” to specific purchases from specific countries – they usually come either in dollars or in the currency of the country making the sale.

    However, the money is owed neither to that country itself nor to private citizens within that country.

    It is owed to the commercial banking system which created it.

    Secondly …

    … further loans may be brokered by the World Bank. Although the developed nations make contributions to its nominal reserves, the money which this bank “lends” is, again, conjured up by the commercial banking system.

    The process here is closely akin to the way a national debt operates. The World Bank draws up bonds and sells them to the commercial banks, which, using their deposits as collateral, create money specifically in order to buy them. And of course, the end result is yet more deposits in the banking system, to be used as collateral for further lending.

    Since the money owed is not denominated in the currency of the “borrowing” country, this debt, unlike national debts, cannot be rolled over internally by the borrowing government with the issue of more bonds when payment falls due. If it could, third world debt would be no more of a problem to the debtor countries than our own unrepayable national debts are to us. (This is not to say that national debts are not a problem: only to point out that at least they do not lay the borrowing country open to equal manipulation and exploitation by their creditors.)

    Nevertheless, the money is not owed to any other nation: it is owed to private, commercial banks, which enjoy the privilege of creating it at their own discretion, and to those who purchase the bonds.

    Thirdly …

    … there is the International Monetary Fund. Here, too, money creation, rather than money lending is paramount.

    Most nations pay “quotas” into the IMF’s financial reserves. Twenty-five per cent of each nation’s quota is paid in gold, the remainder in the national currency – and since there isn’t a country in the world which isn’t strapped for cash, the national currency component is – you’ve guessed it – created specially for that purpose, through the sale of government bonds: adding to what are already monstrous national debts (owed to specific individuals and private businesses).

    In addition to the national quotas, which serve as a pool of funds available for loans to developing countries, since 1979 the IMF has also issued “Special Drawing Rights”, or SDRs. These operate in the same way as a bank overdraft: if a nation borrows them, they must be repaid.

    The IMF, therefore, is effectively creating and issuing a form of international currency, boosting the global money supply as it sees fit, in parallel with an equal amount of debt.

    Recently the IMF has also started to provide “loan packages”, some of the money being paid out of its own quotas, and the rest created and “lent” by commercial banks.

    Clearly, in a world where everyone is short of money, and every country owes more to the banking sector than is available within its own economy, third world debt is no different from any other kind.

    Ultimately, it is owed not to the developed nations, but to transnational financial institutions operating within those nations; and it is a minor – though, for those debtors who so generously made its creation possible, ruinous – component of the global money supply.


    Here is a link to the White Paper:

    And here is one to a critique by Birmingham Friends of the Earth:


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