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Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party responds to TPLF’s accusation

Prosperity Party of Ethiopia denies allegations of discrimination targeting TPLF members in appointment at the Federal level of government

Prosperity Party  _ Ethiopia

January 23, 2020

Prosperity Party, Ethiopia’s ruling party, responded to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) accusation regarding recent ministerial appointments for Federal government positions.  But the party did not mention TPLF by name.

On Wednesday this week,  TPLF accused Abiy Ahmed’s government of taking “deliberate and coarse” measures against TPLF members in Federal and Addis Ababa City levels of government.

TPLF’s Central Committee Statement, which condemned Abiy Ahmed’s government, came the same day that the latter announced the appointments of three ministers, including for Trade and Industry department from which Abiy removed prominent TPLF leader and vice-chairperson of the organization, Fetlework Gebreegziabhier.

“The office of the Prime Minister has recently made cabinet adjustments and made new ministerial appointments. As usual, the intention is to ensure speedy and better execution [of departmental portfolios],”  said Prosperity Party’s brief explanation, which is available on the party’s social media page on Facebook.

It said, “the purpose of the changes is to fill efficiency gaps and replace those who have issues in executing with others.”

For Prosperity party, the intentions of those who are making the changes appear as if they are targeting and marginalizing a specific ethnic group are to confuse people, added the statement.

TPLF had criticized the way the former ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), ceased its existence to merge and establish a single united party, Prosperity Party.  For TPLF, the decision is wrong on political and legal grounds.  

The ethnic Tigray nationalist party, which was the founder and master of the coalition until 2018, argued the coalition was not mandated to form a new party. Also, it argued that the new party does not have a legal right to govern until the next national election because it was EPRDF that was “elected” in the last election.

In November 2019, three major ethnic-based parties that constitute former TPLF and five other ethnic-based parties, which were considered to be allies, merged together to form the Prosperity Party.

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