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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit Ethiopia

Canadian Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . Source : MFAE

February 2, 2020

Prime Minister of Canada, H.E. Justin Trudeau will visit Ethiopia on 08-10 February 2020.

The Prime Minister today (February 2) announced that he will travel to Ethiopia, Senegal, & Germany, from February 6 to 14, 2020.

These visits will focus on economic opportunity and prosperity, climate change, democracy, and gender equality, as Canada deepens our relationships in the region and advances new partnerships that will benefit Canadians, the statement from the Prime Minister Office reads.

The Prime Minister will travel first to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He will meet with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-work Zewde, as well as Ethiopian partners and stakeholders.

Accompanied by the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, H.E. Mary Ng, and her trade delegation, he will promote trade and investment opportunities between the two countries, creation of jobs & opportunities for young people, innovative climate action, the promotion of democracy, and the empowerment of women and girls.

The visit of the Prime Minister to Ethiopia is historical and presents tremendous opportunities to both deepen existing ties and broaden the scope of the growing bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ethiopia established diplomatic relations with Canada in 1965, and the two countries share goals based on regional security interests, growing commercial ties, and social, economic, and political development.

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  1. Quote: “Ethiopia established diplomatic relations with Canada in 1965,” Unquote

    Fifty-five (55) years! I hope Ethiopia strengthen its relationship with a decent country like Canada.

  2. Well done PM Abiy…invite them from all corners of the world and let them join you in making your country/our country great again. Distractors, please get out of the way…or help in the effort.

    • Mr maggot melaku teshome

      what are you doing here . You donot belong here . You are a mercenary banda tultula.

      We donot need those who create mess and put a mercenary serial killer , colonel abiy, in power. Of course, we need to work with countries who want to establish a peaceful commercial and cultural exchange, but not those who cultivate destruction and cause mass migration for thier political and economic gains.

      Without mass migration, there is no job for migration and foreign affaires officers . wellto do people would not be able to amass profit without migrants, doctors need migrants , lawyers need migrants . That is why they create mess in Africa.

      dehumanization is a mechanisim to make one feel unworthy subhuman etc be able to brainwash the entire world.

      • well-said Mr Bililign

        doctors do experiments on migrants like those evil physicians do the same on street children in addias ababa, reported by one of newspapers in finfine.

        Businessmen need migrants to make ahuge profit while natives suffer from unemployment and its brutal effect.Lawyers do benefit from juvenile deliquency etc last year celebrities pledge to spend billions to amend us jsutice system; We see famous rich men paying money and interceding with high ranking officails like Mr Trump to help them set free imprisoned fellows;

        Donald J. Trump

        Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.

        we see people doing strange things with thier pretexts while innocent poor people lead thier entire life in prison .

        Abiy is locking innocent people in prison while he the serial killer walk freely and lead a nation . How long ??

        Kim Kardashian, Sylvester Stallone, and Meek Mill are Among the Recent Celebrities Taking on Criminal Justice Reform

        Israeli woman convicted of drug trafficking but pardoned by Putin walks free from Russian prison being a citizen of one of developped country could be a privilege as you can see from the above information even if you commit …..

        We need developped countries avoid from intervening in our politics apart from economic and cutural relations.



  3. “We are lucky during the regime of Abiy many leaders are coming to ethiopia . Abiy is making a tremendous progress and we are living without fear and chaos. Live long Abiy neftegnaw ” comment from one of Aby’s cyber criminals who are fighting to defend the serial killer, colonel Abiy.

    • They are coming to Ethiopia because he is making so much oppression on Addis Ababa residents freedom of expression , he is a dictator planting a ticking time explusive, it’s a matter of time before it explodes since he cannot trumple on Ethiopian people human rights for too long. Their visit is mostly to AU anyways for regional migration concerns.


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