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Ethiopia: ruling party accuses Jawar of inciting division, playing victim

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Taye Dendea. Photo : Social Media

By Teshome M. Borago
January 21, 2020

Spokesman of the Ethiopian ruling party, Taye Dendea, accused Oromo politician Jawar Mohammed of staging an incident to play victim in Oromia on Monday.

Taye is a leading official of the former Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), the party of current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Since the Prime Minister transformed his ODP to join an all-inclusive Prosperity Party (PP), Jawar Mohammed has fiercely became a vocal opponent. But some of Jawar’s tactics have become controversial, with activists nationwide blaming him for much of the ethnic and religious violence. 

You are inciting hate by dividing people by ethnicity and religion. But then you blame others when the consequences of your divisive words cause violence,” said Mr. Dendea, in a statement he published online in Afan Oromo.

The latest crisis occurred during the Epiphany (Timket) nationwide Orthodox celebrations in Ethiopia. As a sign of tolerance and co-existence in the diverse nation, this week’s Orthodox festivals were peaceful and colorful in most parts of the country, even in the Somali region’s capital city of Jigjiga where Christians are a very small minority. 

But in parts of Oromia, where Jawar Mohammed is mobilizing his supporters against Orthodox Christians who display the Ethiopian flag during the festival, sporadic riots and violence marred the religious celebrations. Such tactics have angered many Ethiopian Christians; especially since both OLF and Oromo traditional flags were used without opposition from non-Oromos during Ireecha festivities. 

In and around Harar region, where Oromo nationalists want more administrative control over the local Harari people, anti-Orthodox riots blocked roads as some faithful stayed home to avoid confrontation. Some Orthodox priests and Christians were also forced to remove their clothings that displayed the Green-Yellow-Red colors.

However, instead of calming his supporters, Jawar blamed the government security for ignoring protestors who later threw stones at an office belonging to the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), a political organization Jawar recently joined. For this incident, Jawar’s supporters blamed Fano (Amhara youth) and Satenaw, a youth movement that grew out of Dire Dawa and Adama towns of Oromia. Unlike Fano, the Satenaw group is multiethnic and opposes segregation or ethnic-based politics in Ethiopia, similar to the ANTIFA group in the United States.

In response, Taye Dendea blamed Jawar for all of the problems during Timket.

In his latest statement, Mr Taye said:

We know your routine. Yesterday you use a bunch of unemployed youth to stone your own office and tomorrow you will use your media to play victim and collect money from Oromo diaspora.”

Mr. Taye also accused Jawar of bringing up old Oromo grievances, on Emperor Menelik, referring to ethnic politics rising from development in the 1800s.

“Everytime you lose support from Oromos, you throw the words ‘habesha’ and ‘Menelik’ because this is your business and source of power,” he added. 

The next national election in Ethiopia is scheduled for August, 2020. 

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  1. The right to worship of small minorities should be observed wherever they live. However, you’ve no business bashing Jawar. You’re doing it for publicity and your party is not yet recognized by anyone except a handful of immediate members.

  2. Dear Taye Dendea, thank you for your real and clear statement! we know the truth what Mr Jewar is doing and planned to continue to sustain his income! He is one of the top “Blood money collecter” in the world! But, the government is not doing what is expected! This may affect the future of the current government as well as the country! However, fighting the truth like dear Taye, is the only option now! Every poletical leaders as well as other concerned citizens should react immediately to save the people from death by people like Jewar!

  3. I say this to those of you who used to think and even claim we Oromos are should-know-better and unitary in our outlook. You think we are followers of this or that in our majority. Many of you might have thought the majority of us are hell bent backing those who are having fits to carve out a separate republic. You have been doubting us that thinking we just love to give jumping jackass for whoever happens to be in the kitchen in a given day. You thought we are the stooping lows at wholesale. When the fact is that those who lost their lives in the recent mayhem in Oromia who were trying to prevent and protect others were Oromos themselves but many of you still thought as if no Oromos were savagely victimized. It shows you know diddly about us. I tell you know my dear countrymen/women who I love to death to just sit back and watch. Please, please, please stop using terms such as ‘Oromo extremists’. We are not extremists. What we have is extremist individuals who happens to be Oromos just like my noble Amharas neighbors have their own individuals with extremist views in their midst. Who does not have such elements whose thought is in the periphery? They are all usually loud and claim all the stage!!! We hear them more than others. Such elements have one common talent on their resumes. They are smart talking connivers. You see them with their waist lines bursting at their belts when ‘their’ people still walk around with their rib cage sticking out. When these smart alecks labor over which fillet mignon they will have for dinner tonight, ‘their’ farmer is dreaming about just a piece of chitlin he likes to take home to his children the same night. When these wise ass cheats anger over giving up picking their noses at some western outfits to being newly crowned ‘leaders’ that farmer is still seething over the fact that he and his entire family were driven out from a domicile they have lived for generations with remote chance of returning. These innocent victims don’t play victims either. They just seethe over it all and scream for justice.

    You are now invited to a show of a lifetime Yo’ll!!!! You just sit back and watch and please hold on to your seats. It is going to be a heck of a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddeeeeeee!!!!!

    • i UNDERSTAND NOW? THE POLITICAL PARTIES LIKE THE ONE LED OR RUN BY tAYE ARE THE ONE WHICH CREATE HAVOC AND DIVISION AMONG peaceful Oromos for thier political gains. It is the most recent act of terrorism commited in that old country for political gain, by the def of terrorism.
      terrorism (noun)
      n. The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.

      Adjective would be terrorists, if I am not mistaken. I will ask my professor within a couple of minutes and will get back to you later .

      ∴ Dr Jawar has been scapegoated for the chaos in that country while the real bigots are fanos, neftegna elites , rival political parties and most importantly Colonel Abiy , an amharan boy disguised as Oromo.

  4. About time to call a spade a spade, Jawar is an agitator and hate mongeror. Taye Dandea said what everybody knew about Jawar. He is trying to get more Oromos and others killed to advance his political agenda.

    Those who play with fire, get burned by it. Jawar might get his time to get more Ethiopians killed each other, one day, they may wake up give him what is due for him.

    Instead of advancing brotherhood, peace and economic development, he thrives by creating chaos and turmoil to destoy Ethiopia and its people.

    While he gets government protection, the rest of Ethiopians are left at the mercy of his gangsters, which he uses to advance his agenda of collecting protection money from ethnic minorities.

    At the end, his evil agenda will be defeated because the Ethiopian people coexisted and survived many evil designs and Jawar is no match for their wisdom.

    • Dear Kemal komalam kimalam difin kil

      ya mar ateret hulum sew fesun yiwedal yibalal

      fano, abiy and other murderers from amhara tribe are liberators and angels for you as they are your flesh and blood. When it come to someone from nonamhara origin , he is automatically a terrorist for you. Please donot let yourself brainwashed by political parties such as adepa amaraara robbers.

  5. There is a time for everything .
    Ethiopian Christians should stop celebrating , now is not the time .

    2020 should be a year of no celebration for Ethiopian Christians . It is not correct to celebrate knowing the outcome is more agony of every celebration event. The tme to stretch arms up every day and night in every corner of the world is the year 2020.

    • warmonger

      what do you mean by that are you christphobic ?
      calm down ! donot mess up § you are politically motivated man and trying to incite violence in pursuit of your political motives. You could fight against with your political rivals but not with Christians. We Christians donot care who takes power , since we belong to the heavenly king and his kingdom, as far as the tenets of Christianity is concerned and if you asked me. However, We still have rights to vote for the one we believe that he or she could work for our common national interest as we are citizens too like you.

      We donot hate someone even if he is Oromo, Tigre , Amhara , etc donot mistook us for bigots .

  6. Ethiopia is a colonial empire decolonisation has failed.Today the co quest nations see jawar as the one who can bring a real self rule in regional level and share rule to federal level.I am not Oromo but his project is clear while we dont know the politic of PPregarding the ethnic federal which we support.

  7. It is unfortunate to see my Ethiopian brothers/sisters insult each other like I see here. Division along ethnic and religious lines will only hurt us all and send us back to the dark ages.
    I am ashamed of some of the people here that have closed their eyes to see what is in front of them. Blind affiliation to one party, religion or ethnic group is not productive. Keep going this way and our country will remain poor and be the old Rwanda.

  8. Had Jewar running for office in his adoptive country USA, he would be another politician.
    In Ethiopia, where every colonized are often violently smothered bring them to abandon own
    Destinct cultures,language, way of life, to adopt alien colonialists, its norm to bash,savegely attack the brightest of all, one who has calibers of Jewar with names applied as Terrorists.
    Is Jewar that sort of low stopping criminal? Absolutely not! Jewar is the new breeds of Oromos educated at prestige American Stanford. He studied all leaders of nonviolence movements around the globe. Pro-colonial mindset groups, Jewar may be thrown at all dull kitchen rusty knives plus dishes to shut him. If this does not kill Jewar, they have removed his guards in the pitch midnight to kill him. Jewar and his likes such as Professor Merara and Berkele Garba are Trunky blessed leaders who gave their lives to better all subjects of Colonial and apartheid Ethiopia. May God stand with the
    The gracious Oromo Nation and their brand activists.


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