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Command Post arrested Top Oromo regional state official

Taye Dendea
Taye Dendea
Source : Social Media

March 15,2018

Command Post, top TPLF military officers dominated body that is in charge of administering the state of emergency, reportedly arrested Taye Dendea, Communication Sector Head of Oromo regional state Justice Department,today.

Taye recently spoke out regarding the Moyale Massacre during an interview with DW Amharic interview.

In that interview, he rejected Command Post statement in which the later explained the Moyale massacre as a “mistake.”

Taye Dendea asserted that the massacre was not a mistake and claimed that there are evidences that suggest that the attack was deliberate, and he likened the massacre to a “war crime.”

The Command Post has admitted that 9 civilians were killed and 12 wounded due to what it called a “mistake” by deployed army members in Moyale town, Ethiopia’s border town in the South. Later, it was confirmed from other sources that the number of civilians killed in the attack was 10 and one of the victims was a 34 years old school principal in the town, according to Mayor of the town.

The controversial state of emergency legislation, which did not get enough vote in the parliament according to observers and opposition voices, restricts freedom of expression including the rights of designated government officials from giving updates on matters of security related incidents.

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