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Ethiopia : 100 hurt as wooden structure collapse at Gondar Timkat

What exactly caused the collapse of wooden structure is to be determined yet but is believed to be overload

wooden structure _ Ethiopia
Part of the collapsed wooden structure. Photo credit : EBC

January 20, 2020

At least five people are said to be in a life threatening condition after the collapse of wooden structure prepared as a stand for Timket celebration in Gondar on Monday. 

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported as many as 100 people serious and light injuries. 

Some of those who sustained light injury are said to be foreigners but their citizenship is undisclosed. 

The report cited Gondar city peace and security department head, Tesfa Mekonen, who confirmed that the accident has claimed lives but number of deaths are unspecified. 

BBC News claims at least three people have been killed during the accident. 

The wooden structure was prepared to carry between 700 and 1000 invited guests who were eager to watch the Epiphany celebration.

The regional authorities said there was no security incident other than the accident. 

This year’s Timkat (Epiphany) celebration in Gondar reportedly attracted as many as two million people.  And the number of tourists who traveled to the city for the celebration is 15,000 according to regional authorities.

Timkat is inscribed in UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage in 2019.

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