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Donald Trump met Foreign Affairs ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

Donald Trump met Foreign Ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan for a second time in less than three months. Egyptian president, Sisi, expressed optimism following phone conversation with Trump in November 2019.

Donald Trump _ Egypt _ Ethiopia _ Sudan
Donald Trump meeting with ministers from the three countries. Photo credit : Fitsum Arega

By Staff Writer
January 15, 2020

U.S President Donald Trump met with Foreign Affairs Ministers and Water Ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday, Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States, Fitusm Arega disclosed on his twitter page.

He met them on the sidelines of the ongoing Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam the details of which is undisclosed at this writing. No details emerged so far regarding what Trump had to say during the meeting. This is for the second time for Trump to meet them in less than two months.

In November 2019, he phoned Egyptian President President Abdel Fatah al Sisi  regarding the Dam Talk which the latter appreciated very much.

Following the phone conversation, Egypt Today cited Egyptian president as saying :

“As usual, President Donald Trump proved he is a man of a unique type who has the power to face and deal with crises and finds decisive solutions for them. I renew both my personal gratitude and Egypt’s appreciation for the efforts he exerts to have the tripartite negotiations between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia on GERD held under his auspices, I assert my full trust in this mediation that could realize a consensual resolution that considers the rights of all parts involved as per the principles of the International law and human Justice,”

The last meeting between the three countries regarding the operation and filling of the Ethiopian Dam in Addis Ababa did not bring about agreement as Egypt came up with what Ethiopia sees as an aggressive proposal to fill the dam in 12 to 21 years of time.  

Spokesperson of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that it is difficult to predict the outcome of the talk between the three countries. 

In 2015, the three countries have signed declaration principles agreement. Based on that agreement, the negotiating parties agreed to have a mediator, if they wish so, in the event of failure to reach an agreement. And the countries have now entered that phase – dialogue through a mediator. 

At this point, the World Bank and the United States of America are acting as mediators in the meeting following the disagreement in the final round of talks in Addis Ababa on January 9, 2020.  

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    ‘This is Dubai now’: Nobel-winning PM’s plan to transform Addis Ababa

    For decades La Gare, Addis Ababa’s 101-year-old central railway station, had slumbered, gathering cobwebs in the shadow of the many high-rises that have sprung up in the Ethiopian capital in recent years. But lately it has been transformed.

    If you can change Addis, definitely you can change Ethiopia

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
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  2. Subhject: “Donald Trump met Foreign Ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan”

    Commentary, 15 Jan 2020
    It is worth repeating the Title >>>”Donald Trump met Foreign Ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan” . Knowing the prejudiced attitude and knowledge of Trump about the affairs of Black Africa (1) his chairmanship is a joke — as Africans are not taken seriously by him. That is why Egypt is going through cajoling the chairman with flatery to gain his support in the status quo on the Nile as agreed upon and decide a long, long time ago between Egypt and Great Britain >>> without a single representative from Black Africa. That says a volume about Egypt’s deep seated negative attitude towards Black Africans.

    In conclusion, the African countries involved do NOT need an outsider to tell them about their affairs. They must stand firm and take action for the benefit of ALL, by themselves, for themselves, in a rational dialogue, without demeaning themselves under individual chairmanship who have no clue about world history, human relationship and diplomacy. The End

    Footnote 1
    (1) Excuse me if I include Egypt in the Blackness of Africa, knowing very well the negative attitude of Egypt towards the people who named entire Black Africa as “Abid” [ Slave]

  3. Let’s all hope that a solution will be devised that will be amicable to all stakeholders. The old country has all the rights to harness its natural resources without causing harm to all of those whose survival hinges on such resources. They can battle over the ways they are being harnessed but the entire world is watching them that the leaders of these countries will stupid enough to go to war over the issue of a river. I am glad the president is personally involved in these negotiations because he must have know the fact that Egypt is the one to lost the most if a war broke out. I am sure his advisers know that if a way breaks out the jets and missiles that will be whizzing by the dam site killing people are mostly American and French made. That may not bode well with the people of the old country. I hope the president will interject an enticing alternative that can help the old country generate electricity that may fill in the period agreed upon to fill the dam. I am dead serious about electricity generated from nuclear reactors. I will be much more comfortable if the USA plays a leading role on such plan.

  4. Kudos to the president and all those involved including the folks at the World Bank. This dispute was heading into a dangerous outcome for all three countries. Now the people of the riparian country can breathe easy and look forward to a new beginning of rewarding cooperation in commerce and other regional matters. Hey bigots!!!! Balcony in Asmara has been slammed shut on your faces since 2018 and now el-Sisi will be doing the same on you also. All will be left for is to crawl back to the woodwork you came from and die!!!! Take you sick mind along with you. Out of sight!!! Beat it!!! Dégage!!!!!


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