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National Movement of Amhara(NaMA) condemn gov’t negligence about abducted girls

National Movement of Amhara NaMA condemn government over negligence about abducted students from Dembi Dollo University in Oromo region of Ethiopia. 14 of them are girls

NaMA _ Ethiopia _ abducted girls

January 10, 2020

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) condemned on Friday what it called government negligence about attacks on ethnic Amhara students in different parts of Ethiopia, especially Oromo region.

“We have been notifying government and the public regarding all-out attacks on ethic Amhara students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia…the attack on ethnic-based attacks in Oromo region is worsening rather than showing signs of improvement,” said the statement issued by NaMA.

Negligence to act decisively on the part of government has encouraged perpetrators to abduct 17 students from Dembi Dollo University. 13 of them are women and 4 are men, according to NaMA statement. 

Based on NaMA statement, it appears that parents of abducted students have informed NaMA about the abduction situation in the Oromo region.

Abductors are holding the 17 abductees as a hostage until “Government returns all ethnic Oromo students in Amhara region back to Oromia region”

NaMA claims in the statement that it has knocked on the doors of relevant authorities seeking for but the matter fell on deaf ears.

As a result, says the statement, NaMA demands the regional and Federal government to give due attention to the matter and secure the release of abducted students and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It also demanded the government to transfer ethnic Amhara students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia to Universities in Amhara region or other universities in the country where there is a better security situation.

As well, NaMA condemned measures taken on ethnic Amhara students in Amhara region of Ethiopia simply because they opposed attacks on ethnic Amhara students in the Oromo region.  In that regard, the ethnic Amhara-Nationalist organization demanded universities to reinstate students ending suspension and lifting dismissal decisions without any preconditions.

 “If the government continues to be negligent about attacks on Amhara students, it will take responsibility for what happens to Amhara students,” added NaMA’s statement.

 NaMA movement has disclosed the names of students who are abducted in Oromo region: 

1) Belaynesh Mekonnen Demlew (Agricultural economics Department 1st-year student )

2) Samrawit Kere Asres (2ndJournalism student)

3) Zewde Girmaw Fetene (3rd-year Agricultural economics)

4) Mulu Zewdie Adane (2nd-year Sociology )

5) Girmache Yeneneh Adugna (3rd-year Biotechnology)

6) Sergut Tibebu (1st-year Natural Science)

7) Tigist Mesay Mezgebu (Grade 12 preparatory)

8) Meseret Kefyalew Molla (3rd-year natural science)

9) Zemed Berhan Dessie (3rd-year natural science)

10) Monemn Belay Abebe (2nd-year journalism)

11) Tenalem Mulate Kebede (2nd-year Agricultural economics)

12) Eskalehu Chekol Tegegne (3rd-year Chemistry)

13) Asabe Ayele Alem (3rd year Plant Science)

14) Bitewligne Atinafu Alemu (3rd-year Computer Science)

15) Girmaw Habte Emegnew (3rd-year mechanical engineering)

16) Atalelegne Getnet Derese (1st-year natural science )

17) Kindye Molla Gebeyehu (1st-year natural science)

It is to be recalled that president of Amhara regional state, Temesgen Tiruneh, disclosed last week about the abduction of four students in Oromo region.

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  1. There is no government in Ethiopia maybe team Lemma thought they were governments for short period of time but now they know they are not.

    3 responsibilities every government has towards its citizens
    A government has three responsibilities towards it’s citizens
    1. Protect 2. Provide
    3. Invest in talent ( Education )

    EPRDF never was a government , it was just a bandas sellout thugs trouble making evil doers association currently with all these “reforms” still stuck in it’s old ways of trouble making

    Now PP EPRDF is getting competitions who are doing anything it takes to take PP’s EPRDF’s trouble making positions by any means necessary , with PP EPRDF being unwilling clinging to the end to it’s sole reputation of possesiing the title of being the ultimate trouble maker ever seen in Ethiopian history it is highly unlikely to see any positive outcome if their competitions ,

    • Let’s hope the new political party Balderas For Real Democracy will win because at least from what we seen so far Baldera’s is not contaminated with EPRDF PP style of trouble making as numerous others are. .

      It seems Balderas For Real Democracy got no desire to be a trouble maker so let’s wellcome Baldera’ For Real Democracys and hear out the Baldera For Real Democracy’s political programs from them originally , it is obvious the next day the trouble makers will copy Baldera’s speeches stealing Balderas programs as if it is their own , so we voters need to know who is sincere and who is copying just to win votes.It seems NAMA had been imprisoned , tortured and killed by EPRDF PP too much in the last two years it got broken so we need Baldera’s For Real Democracy to mend NAMA and others.


  2. This is wonderful news. These angelic young ladies are innocent citizens victimized by savage hoodlums. As a proud father of two children and grandchildren myself I am thankfully relieved now. The question now is whether such savage act will not be repeated. From what I see now is an environment ripe for the spread of it. Crimes of all sorts have been committed that were not dealt with in deterring manner. Bigots and vicious thugs have been getting away with murder and pillaging without comparable retribution from the law enforcement. It seems to me or I am led to suspect that in many of blatant crimes committed might have had insiders’ hands in them. In such environment very capable leaders would be rendered as if they are inept. It will be overwhelming to control or avoid them altogether. Otherwise the alternative would be a bloody dictatorship and that would even deadlier also much more destructive than it is now. The current officials should prove themselves that are capable of meeting the expectations by the citizens who have entrusted them with the mantle of governing the country. Million of citizens from Dewele to Asosa, from Moyale to the northern tip of the country have been seeking a day in court for gross injustices done to them by bigoted thugs roaming in their hoods since 2018. The crimes committed against them have been decried by humanitarian organization from inside and outside the country and there should not be any statute of limitation for such shameful and destructive crimes. It is time for that punk who is wreaking havoc in the west of the country, his entire entourage and others like him be reported to and charged by the International Criminal Court at The Hague. He and his mob should be charged with rape even though these angelic daughters of all of us might not have been physically violated. Who knows what those savages might end up doing to these young ladies if the situation kept dragging on. We should all remember the post trauma that these students will bear the rest of their lives. It will be an emotional scar that will never heal.


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