4 university students abducted in the Oromo region

The Federal police has claimed that it does not have information regarding abduction of university students in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Ethiopia _ University students
Temesgen Tiruneh. Photo credit : Amhara Mass Media Agency

January 6, 2020

Four University students from the Amhara region are abducted in Oromo region of Ethiopia, Amhara regional state president Temesgen Tiruneh disclosed during a press statement, regarding the situation in the region, on January 6, 2019.

They were abducted as they were returning to their parents following instability in Universities across the Oromo region of Ethiopia. When exactly and where they were abducted is not disclosed, and it is unclear whether Temesgen Tiruneh has that information or not.

The identities of students and the locality where they came from are undisclosed too.

Regarding the question as to who is behind the abduction, he said they were abducted by an “unidentified group.”  Unlike the abduction in the central Gondar zone, the abduction of students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia does not seem to be motivated by economic gain (Ransome).

The Federal Police Commission has said that it does not have any information regarding the abduction. Amhara regional state president, however, said that he has reported the matter to the Federal Police and the Defense Ministry of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. 

As well, it is unclear if there was communication with authorities in Oromo region of Ethiopia regarding the matter.

Temesgen also talked about the incident of attacking places of worship in Motta, which happened on December 20, 2019. In that regard, he said that the number of suspects in custody reached 80. Some of the suspects are individuals (Muslims) who have been operating to replace the legal Mejlis in the country.  On December 20, a church and several mosques were attacked in Motta.

In Armachicho, Gonder region where there was repeated abduction (this one is aimed at cash Ransome) of drivers and individuals in the community, about 50 suspects are in custody, he said.

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