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Ethiopia: Prosperity Party Executives’ First Meeting underway

Prosperity Party already discussing the upcoming national election.

Prosperity Party
Some of Prosperity Party executives. Photo credit : FBC

January 3, 2019

Nearly two weeks after the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it has recognized Ethiopia’s newest party, Prosperity Party, in light of all relevant legislative instruments, Executives of the Party are having their first-ever meeting on Friday.

State-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) said that the executive is discussing current affairs in the country and is expected to pass decisions.

“Ten Year Economic Growth Plan” and the upcoming national elections are said to be among the agenda items being discussed in the meeting.

This week the party undertook what looked like an unofficial election campaign by engaging youth groups in the capital Addis Ababa.

Prosperity Party was officially formed on December 1 in the capital Addis Ababa when leaders of eight ethnic-based parties under the umbrella of former ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), signed an agreement to end their individual existence and merge to form a single United Party.  But there was no report on the election of executives for the new party.

Based on a report by state media, it seems to be the case that executives of the former ruling coalition expect that of TPLF members, are acting as executives of the new party.

Meanwhile, TPLF is expected to announce its final decision regarding the new party after its organizational conference which will take place in Mekelle this weekend. 

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    ለነገሩ የጌታቸው እና የደፂ ፣ የሕኸሓትን ስም ልክ እንደ አባታችን ሆይ ደጋገማቹት ግን ሲበዛ ዝፍጦች ናቹ
    የአሞሮ ቆማጣ የዩቴቭ ጥሮተኛ
    አማራ የገዛ ወንድሙ ገዳይ
    የገዛ ልጁ ገዳይ ሆዳም አማራ ንጂ
    ለሌላ መጠቀን አይቻልም ውሽታም
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    ኣቤት ውሸት ኣማራክልል ትግሬነውእዴ የሚያስተዳድረው ወረኛ ።ምናለ ክልሉ መንግስት ኣልባ እደሆነ ብትዘግብ መስጊድ ኣቃጥሎ የሚይጨፍርህዝብ እኮነው ህፃናት ቢገድሉ ለነሱው ምንም ኣይደለም መክንያቱ ባኣማራ ክልል ምን የሆነ እዳለ ግልፅነው

    Tiberh Gemechu, MD

    Ontario, Canda


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