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Dire Dawa University closes after student thrown to his death from the 3rd floor

Dire Dawa University says it will not provide any form of service starting this coming Sunday. Classes suspended.

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Dire Dawa University campus

December 29, 2019

Dire Dawa University announced on Saturday that it is closing indefinitely starting December 30, 2019. 

“Due to a temporary problem, the university understood that the situation in the university does not allow to continue classes,” said a brief statement posted on the social media page of the University. 

It also said that it will announce readmission dates in the future. 

The decision came after a student was thrown to his death from the 3rd floor of students dormitory. The heinous attack happened in broad daylight. According to information from the university, the student was killed around 12 p.m. local time.

The victim is identified as Alemayehu Kumera and he was a third year student of Banking and Finance. However, the University did not specify if the perpetrators of the attack are in custody.

According to the statement from the University, the students will not get any form of service – apparently before readmission. 

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced last week curfew times for students due to security challenges in universities. As per the new regulation, students are required to be in their dormitories after 10:00 p.m.

Also, it requires students not to be outside of campus premises before 6 a.m. and after 7 p.m. local time. The regulation is problematic for students with a habit of going to church for prayers early in the morning.  

Dire Dawa University communicated with students about the new regulation on its FaceBook page on December 27, 2019. 

During his speech at the Millenium Hall on December 20, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said “a strong security is organized in all Universities in Ethiopia.”  The arrangement was made to end tragic killings of students, among other security issues, but it does not seem to be capable of ending the killing of students. 

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  1. Amaras children grew up being asked by priests are you Amara or are you Islam ?
    This shows these attacks had been fermenting as scandals for too long brain washing the Amara Christian children that no Amara is a muslim.

  2. Subject: ” Dire Dawa University closes after student thrown to his death from the 3rd floor”
    borkena, December 29, 2019″

    Commentary, 29 Dec 2019.
    Quote: “. The arrangement was made to end tragic killings of students, among other security issues, but it does not seem to be capable of ending the killing of students.” Unquote

    It is is CLASSICAL TRAGEDY. The conscious sliding down of the sociopolitical mountain is obvious. Ethiopia is obviously disintegrating into pieces. It is the culmination of many decade years of dictatorial governance, crumbling down to its natural naked base.

    Can the countless STARS of Doctor of Philosophy Degree Holders save Dear Ethiopia? Let the 115-year of modern education time-period answer that question >>> with sincerity, humility and daring in the indulgence of self-criticism for the benefit of Ethiopia, by Ethiopians. As the insightful Ethiopian saying goes: ” Here is the Horse; and Here is the Field”

  3. No other choice left but to privatize the Universities to foreign private investors. Sell them to foreign investors which are owning almost all other areas .Then the government can subsidize the investors .

    Privatizing higher learning institutions would create a peaceful learning environment free from constant religious ethnic antagonizing political pressures the students go through each day while saving other organizations such as the Telecom , EAL , sugar projects , GERD …from getting privatised.

  4. It is very, very sad to see savages are forcing learning institutions to close. Such news exudes a sense of helplessness in me. Total helpless!!!

  5. Those claiming to be politicians need to clearly design and put it out for a detailed discussion with all segments of the society regardless of the ages , sex , educational background , ethnic background or marital statuses, with the result of the discussion known clearly by the estimated 110 million people , accepted as code of conducts clearly agreed upon how these following simple example of steps are going to be taken.

    IMF or others should not be the ones discussing but the society should be discussing it . Without doing that the politicians are not politicians but criminal fugitives which are still part of the problem creators rather than the problem solvers.

    Step 1. WAKING UP : The society need to be awake and willing to not fall asleep .

    Step 2. CRAWLING: We need to first crawl before walking.

    Step 2. WALKING :We need to put one foot after the other .

    Step 3. Sprinting : We need to start sprinting to run alongside other global traffic of runners.

    Step 5 : Running : We need to run towards a direction of the goal we as a society chose to run towards not IMF or others choosing for us.

    Step 5. Resting : That is Knowing how to exit from the rat race .

    Designing timelines for these steps is what needs to be done first before rushing to dive into a sea of runners face down while many in the society are asleep, not knowing they are expected to be dragged into a rat race.

    University students were dragged into a rat race forced to run without their knowledge or willingness to run towards the direction the politicians chose for them.

    Tell students about the ever growing choices of majors since high school!!

    Let them they got the right to choose their own field of studies!!!

    Freedom !! Freedom !! Freedom !!


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