Ethiopian PM says”strong security is organized in all universities”

Ethiopian PM _ Abiy Ahmed
PM Abiy Ahmed speaking at the Peace Conference on Friday

December 20, 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a speech during the peace conference organized at the Millennium Hall in the capital Addis Ababa on Friday. 

“Living together does not mean that there is no divergence of thoughts. It is unnecessary to kill one another because of it,” he said. 

He was also making a reference to one of Ethiopia’s persistent security challenges for several months now; ethnic-based clashed in the institutions of higher learning which claimed the lives of dozens of students.

He also pointed out that there are forces who are using students for manufactured conflicts. “…now strong security is organized in all universities and legal measures will be taken against those who are responsible for it,” he said. 

The peace conference was organized with the motto “Let’s build an Ethiopia that is convenient for us all.” And it was a committee assigned by Amhara-Oromo business communities that put together the event.

PM Abiy expressed his hope that both Amhara and Oromo people will work together with the rest of Ethiopia’s “nations and nationalities in all directions” to prepare similar discussions.

Senior government officials, members of the business community, religious leaders, elders, Abba Geddas, Youth groups and representatives from universities attended the conference. 

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