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Ethiopia : five suspects arrested over Mosque arson in Motta

Ethiopia _ Motta _ Mosque attack
Getnet Yirsaw, Amara Region Communication Head.

December 21, 2019

Amhara regional state authorities announced that five suspects are in custody in connection with arson in Motta in Gojjam  western Ethiopia which completely destroyed three mosques on Friday.   

The mosques were burned soon after an ancient church was burned on the same day. 

In addition to the mosques, some stores belonging to Muslims in Motta town were destroyed. 

The region’s Communication Affairs Office head, Getnet Yirsaw, said “those who do not like peace in the region wreaked havoc to Mosques and a church.”

Security forces in the region are in the hunt to detain more suspects responsible for the crime that was meant to bring clash between Ethiopian Christians and Ethiopian Muslims. 

“Security forces are working with community members to bring suspects to justice,” Getnet Yirsaw said. 

He also said that the attack does not represent the followers of the two faiths and it was intended to damage religious tolerance values Ethiopia is known for. 

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has issued a statement condemning the attack on mosques in strongest terms. The statement was read out by Patriarch Abune Mathias. He said that Ethiopian Orthodox Church will work with law enforcement bodies to hand over those who are responsible for the attacks.

Similarly, Ethiopian religious council has issued a statement condemning the attack and demanded government to hold those who are behind it responsible. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  wrote an update on his social media page in three languages to condemn the attack. He said : 

“Attempts by extremists to breakdown our rich history of religious tolerance and coexistence have no place in the new prosperity focused Ethiopia. I condemn such acts of cowardice and call upon all peace loving Ethiopians to draw upon our deep knowledge of coexistence and our reservoir of respect. Recognizing and rejecting divisive agendas will guarantee our collective progress.” 

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  1. Not a single comment on the most dangerous sociological matter !?!! >>> RELIGION. We learn from history that religion is the most deadly sociological matter that guarantees the disintegration of any sobriety around the Globe.
    The claim that Ethiopia has “…rich history of religious tolerance and coexistence …” is very misleading. Let us be honest. The so called ” religious tolerance” was only the dictate of the ABSOLUTE Dictator of Ethiopia i.e. Emperor Haile Selassie, the King of Kings of the Tribe of Judah. Similarly, under the era of Tigrai People Liberation Front [TPLF] the religious atmosphere was something not to talk about. It was also the same during the Derg era. So, let us NOT start beautifying States to satisfy the NEEDS of the DAY. HISTORY cannot/should not be modified from time to time.

  2. Almost all Muslim owned businesses were looted then completely burnt down in Motta area in Gojam , sadly the famous Muslims owned luxury hotel called Mar Zeneb hotel of Motta , Gojam was also looted and completely burnt down. Private Insurance company association is calling for a quick Skype board meeting to discuss the agenda on this disaster including the government’s fire emergency prevention and rescue mission department’s failure to put out the fires .

    All board members please log into your Skype account quickly so the board can vote whether or not we should sue the government to cover the insurance claims associated with this recent fire in Motta since the government fire emergency response department failed to respond in time to put out the fires.

  3. We Muslim don’t want post on social media by the PM. We need justice to prevail for the victims. Perpetrators must be brought before the court, despite it is kangaroo court.

  4. This is very disturbing news for those of us who still have that gem of the colored close to our hearts and thoughts. This shows that thanks to demonic efforts by the ghoulish commies the legendary fabric of the society was left staggering after years of assault. One legendary culture of noble Amhara neighbors are known for just as my own Oromos is how they raise their children with impeccable values such as respect for elders and places of worship regardless of creed. We are both known for that because I know such products as my dear friends since my early formative years. But O’grief such culture of raising children has been eroded in both groups after decades of the rude mouths of the students of Das Capital. They call that Cultural Revolution. In their book children must obey only them but not their parents. They claim that our values are deeply rooted in the ‘decadent feudal culture’ and must be eradicated. Then you have these who have no respect for their elders, fathers/mothers and places of worship. I still remember how those ‘muezzins’ of Marx/Lenin/Mao used to address the old emperor. It was so vile that it makes you plug your ears. Criticizing was one thing but it was not all like that. They used to insult his old age. I used to wonder how those guys were raised. I mean all of them. It showed that they grew up unattended like those miscreants at the bazaars of the Middle East. Eyal-al-souqs that is. That is who we have now both in Amhara and Oromo regions. They are not the majority but have shown to be capable of turning into destructive forces on a dime. We had seen them when such eyal-al-souqs were roaming from one area to another in small towns and rural locations torching factories and places of worship occupied or unoccupied. It is not a shame to just a particular group of people but to all of us. This is not something we should use for bashing others. It is not that funny, ok!!! That old country was the country that provided refuge for those who fled murderers more than 1,400 years ago!!! You dear Amhara parents and elders! You have so much work cut out for you just as my own Oromos. We both somehow have to craft long and short formula in how to rein in such rowdy youths. The governments of regions along with the federal should do everything to straighten out these goons like wire. To show up at places of destruction and say ‘I’m here’ is not enough. It should level deterrent measures to such destructive vagabonds comparable to what crime was committed. We have read news bearing similar destructions in other areas before but I still have to see one mugshots of the criminals. Mao’s ‘re-education camps’ ain’t cut the mustard with such demons. Parade their mugshots because embarrassing them begins with that!!! All those from 16 years of and up must be charged as adults. This ain’t right and the regime has nothing to do with it. Those satanic bigots roaming the country who have melted away among the public are the ones that are instigating shameful acts like this. I am glad to hear that some of them are being rounded up. Then you throw’em in jail and toss away the key. So much damage has been done to the ages old inter-ethnic harmonious living. Inter-creed harmonious living was the latest glue that has bonded the society for more than 1,400 years. Such savage act to places of worship could be the last straw before that gem of the colored which have been holding very close to our hearts goes up in flames. This is not funny!!! This is not funny at all!!!!

  5. Warning for Ethiopians,

    While our peaceful fellow Muslims have lived side by side with Christians for centuries, let it be known that most Ethiopians under Ahmed Geragn, supported by Turk have converted our people during this time using sword and war. Today the Ethiopians who are muslim were Christians or had other peaceful beliefs. So since the take over of the country by Tplf, shabia, olf under the order of their Masters, the past 27 years, it was decided to change the demogrphy of the peaceful Ethiopians using ethnicity and religion. Don’t forget, Ethiopians before the spread of Islam under ahmed gragn have always been one and the same, when islam occupied Ethiopia under that time, it had to retain the colonization/occupation of Ethiopia by Turk using Islam. Turk had spread its empire using Islam and gave Turk not power to go around the world annihilating indiginous, Christians, agonists and so on. Don’t forget, Turk/ottoman at that time hijacked Mohammed’s islam and turned it into killing machine. First of all religion is supposed to be peaceful and not violence. Turk till this day has been empowered by the other, Western empire to continue to convert people by sword, the example has been syria, iraq so on. Imagine, Turkish violence is even against other true Muslims that follow Mohamed. Therefore, the past many centuries that have been converted by the Turk/ottoman is not Mohammed followers but the agenda is to spread ottoman empire. Ever since then nations who have been converted by sword have been made backwards and opressive Middle east , Saudi and Yemen , sudan as prime example. Not only that, western colonization exacerbated the continuing demise and ignorance of nations and people around the world. Turkish and west now and with Germany back then have worked hand in hand to bring the worlds nations on their knees and still working hand in hand today. Also, what was once the true civilization under African descendants, have been controlled by Arabs/Turks who have agenda and working hand in hand to destroy nations and neighbors around the world to spread their empire. Again, the Egypt civilization is not the work of Arabs/Turks but African, Greeks, descendants who are being oppressed in Egypt indicated Hebrews by darker skin. Mohameds belief islam is not about violence but after ottoman with pharsies they hijacked islam and turned it into violent religion so that they can dominate half of the world and has dream of controlling the world. Because this fake of their religion is oppressive and as people are oppressed under religion, the empire don’t have to work hard, the people become servant themselves willingly. So the Turkish islam is about spreading empire. Till this day, nations controlled by this faith or colonization have not advanced as they claim that Turks islam is peaceful and colonization is civilization, both are NOT. Most Middle east population are 2nd, 3rd citizens in their own country while outsiders live in luxury, control businesses, corporations. The middle east people only use what is produced and created and they don’t produce anything or great in their own country.

    Today, once again, there is indication of Turk/yodit gudit/colonization working its hand in the country, and some Ethiopians are being tricked into it. Ethiopia will have the same fate as other countries regarding Turk or colonization. Tplf may have sold the country for this reason putting Ethiopia under huge debt.

  6. Warning,

    While told is the one instigating most religious and ethnic violence in Ethiopia, Ethiopians also must heed warning, many inside and outside are using Aby government as an opportunity to create havoc and division in the country. The reason who Aby is creating havoc and suspicion in Ethiopia. Those who will be harmed the most is the traditional and peaceful population who love their country and live in peace among each other. Aby government have not taken action against the extremes so far. The coming of Aby will harm mostly the traditional Christians and Muslims, ethnicities who would like to coexist.

  7. The past centuries, in many nations, they have lost their brothers, and sisters, their relations to fake turkish Islam and now fake wahabi islam lconvert for the sake of spreading colonization and empire. What they are doing in Ethiopia is exactly what they did in other countries, to make traditional, Christians, Sufi Muslims and traditional beliefs such as Wake fetas that keep trees and environment safe and green, all these, they will turn them into minority while creating extreme wahabism, salafism population into majority in Ethiopia. One inch give in to these and protestant fanatics, Ethiopia will be done. When they say the “new” Ethiopia it is what they mean, turning Ethiopia that is not hers and not her values. They are introducing strange things into Ethiopia :salafism,wahabism, protestantism, yodit guditism, oromoism /amaraism /debibism/ agazianism colonize Ethiopia under these strange names.

  8. My father told me a shocking news which he had heard from his grandfather some years ago. His grandfather was a soldier of one of the Ethiopian monarchical rulers who were sent for military obligation to Northern Ethiopia probably Wollo. As he told me the army was given order to kill any male children they come across.


    robbers , killers from Amhara youth born and raised in Motta or organized and paid by TPLF ? Most bigots from Amhara like mereja , amhara youtubers claim that it is TPLF who instigated these criminals . I donot have any idea , could you please share your experiences regarding this barbarious act ?

    Personally, I believe Muslims, Protestant , etc should not be treated or assualted in such a way .Aferall, regardaless of our ethnic or religious background, we are fellow humanbeings. There are people, in westernworld, who advocate for the right of animals , plants and environment we live in , let alone a humanbeing created in the image of God and resemble us. Shame ful bigots. I suppose, those who engage in this barbarious act are robbers and killers wh add fuel to the current ethinic or political upheaval.

    I donot think it is Amahara , Oromo, Tigray or other ethnic member who does this and that amounting to a total disaster and murder, looting, physical harassement , etc.

    Robbers, killers have no religion, no ethnic background, the way I see it!

  10. Waryaa

    beacuse amhara know that is dangerous act and at times they want to exercise thier muder and sinful nature , they simply put the blame on Woyane to get away from this stinky and perilous task.

    They will certainly face the music if they continue to engage in this kind of merciless task. Mark my words , they will regret it . Nearly 30 years ago, many amhara people became rich instantly by robbing shops , killing innocent people and selling religious items, when derge lost power and woyane was entering Finfine. Now, people know this historical barbarity and chaos that entitle killers to a huge riches, they are still curious to involve in it and get rich. They donot care wether you are amhara, tigrean Oromo or other ,they will hange you or anyone to make infinitely many properity, money etc

    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame
    KILLERS, ROBBERS deserve face the music deserve face the music deserve face the music deserve face the music AMEN

    Manitoba, CA

  11. Case in point that democracy and freedom do not work in Ethiopia. Good old dictators had the country in a stable condition until Abiy introduced the reforms.

  12. The eprdf system could still be intact, while dressing a different dress. It seems like the protestants have fully controlled the government and all over the nation. This is the reason they are doing the work of iluminati, nothing to do with religion but spreading ciolonization. The protestant have always had indifferent approach, in fact, these people were saying people should support zenawi and tplf and they are always in safe while others are dying. The approach of PP party seems set war among Ethiopians while protestants are safe, setting muslim and Christians against one anotherRso that protestant will prevail


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