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Three Mosques reportedly blazed in Western Ethiopia

Ethiopia _ Mosques burned
Unverified photo showing burned mosques in Mota. Source : SM

December 20, 2019

Three Mosques are reportedly burned entirely on Friday in the evening around 7:30 p.m. local time in western Ethiopia.

In a social media update on Friday, Ustaz Abubakr Ahmed, a former member of Ethiopian Muslim Committee member and a notable figure who is also elected as a member of Ethiopia’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee, said that the incident happened in East Gojjam Zone Mota district.

“…the Grand Jemihul Heirat mosque and two other mosques have been burned,” he said in his update which he wrote in Amharic. 

He also said that it happened after the ancient St. George church was blazed for unknown reasons.  Condemning the attack, he called on government authorities to act on it and get to the bottom of it to establish culprits behind it.

Gunfire in the town is reported although unclear if it has something to do with government securities or other armed groups. Stores are plundered.

Ethiopian government news outlets, at the regional or federal level, have not reported about the incident at this writing.  Ethiopian Federal police have not issued a statement or confirmed the incident, too.

Targeting and burning places of worship have happened in the recent past in the southern parts of Ethiopia. And it was mostly against Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; dozens of churches have been burned.

But now it seems to be shifting to the northwestern parts of Ethiopia. And this time it is mosques that are targeted mainly. A video circulating on social media shows a group of people chanting songs as fire is shown in the background.

It is widely believed among Ethiopians that there are groups (internal and external) with a political motive behind the attacks on places of worship.

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  1. Good on you
    You are see serving God by protecting orthodox church and minimizing the damage caused by AMHARA extremists.

    The same church (Tewahedo) which has for century created inequality among people of different religion.

    Why can’t you just take your region and declare independence and leave the rest of us alone.

    Please brake away from the rest of us.

  2. This is very disturbing news for those of us who still have that gem of the colored close to our hearts and thoughts. This shows that thanks to demonic efforts by the ghoulish commies that the legendary fabric of the society was left staggering after years of assault. One legendary culture of noble Amhara neighbors are known for just as my own Oromos is how they raise their children with impeccable values such as respect for elders and places of worship regardless of creed. We are both known for that because I know such products as my dear friends since my early formative years. But O’grief such culture of raising children has been eroded in both groups after decades of the rude mouths of the students of Das Capital. They call that Cultural Revolution. In their book children must obey them and not their parents whose values are supposedly deeply rooted in the ‘decadent feudal culture’. Then you have these who have no respect for their elders, fathers/mothers and places of worship. I still remember how those ‘muezzins’ of Marx/Lenin/Mao used to address the old emperor. It was so vile that it makes you plug your ears. Criticizing was one thing but it was not all like that. They used to insult his old age. I used to wonder how those guys were raised. I mean all of them. It showed that they grew up unattended like those miscreants at the bazaars of the Middle East. Eyal-al-souqs that is. That is who we have now both in Amhara and Oromo regions. They are not the majority but have shown to be capable of turning into destructive forces on a dime. We had seen them when such eyal-al-souqs were roaming from area to another in small towns and rural location torching factories and places of worship occupied and unoccupied. It is not a shame to just a particular group of people but to all of us. This is not something we should use for bashing others. It is not that funny, ok!!! That old country was the country that provided refuge for those who fled murderers more than 1,400 years ago!!! You dear Amhara parents and elders! You have so much work cut out for you just my own Oromos. We both somehow have to craft long and short formula in how to rein in such rowdy youths. The governments of the regions along with the federal should do everything to straighten out these goons like wire. This ain’t right and the regime has nothing to do with it. Those satanic bigots roaming the country who have melted away among the public are the ones that are causing shameful acts like this. I am glad to hear that some of them are being rounded up. Then you throw’em in jail and throw away the key. This is not funny!!! This is not funny!!!!

  3. A real Muslim doesn’t sell alcoholic beverages, a real Muslim doesnot pimp women , a real muslim doesnot prostitute , a real Muslim does not rent rooms to prostitute’s customers .

    Ethiopian Muslims commite announced that Muslims should not consider this attacks as all were directed at Mu
    slims for the reasons mentioned above . The attacks were just simply poor communist hulligans robbing the feudal bourgeoisie rich, not Christian attacking Muslims .


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