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A student reportedly killed at Gondar University

Gondar University _ Ethiopia
Photo : SM

December 9, 2019

A student is reportedly killed at Gondar University. He was killed on Sunday around 6:00 a.m. near students’ toilet on the fourth floor at the Tewodros Campus of the University, the University’s president Dr. Asrat Atsedewoin has confirmed to DW Amharic Service on Monday.

The victim who is not identified by name was a second year veterinary student.

He was taken to hospital immediately following the attack. However, physician reportedly were unable to save him despite all the efforts they put up to save his life. He died in the evening according to the source. 

The university’s president also said that two suspects under investigation. Body of the victim is sent to Paulos hospital in the capital Addis Ababa, according to DW Amharic report. 

The tragic incident came on the day during which the university administration was matching students with residents of the city under “Gondar covenant family” program – a program which was meat to create bond between students who came from different parts of Ethiopia to residents of the city. Over 5000 students were matched with residents under the program, as reported by DW Amharic. 

Clashes between students have become a pervasive problem in Ethiopian universities apparently due to radicalized ethnic politics.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has passed a decision this week to deploy Federal police members to the University campus grounds in what seems to be attempt to protect the security of students.

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  1. Subject: “A student reportedly killed at Gondar University borkena, December 9, 2019”

    QUOTE “Clashes between students have become a pervasive problem in Ethiopian universities apparently due to radicalized ethnic politics” UNQUOTE

    The above is classical FOREBODING for the ultimate disintegration of one of the ancient renowned countries in the world — ETHIOPIA, no more.

  2. I fully agree with above sad sentiment and would even add the expression ‘CLASSICAL TRAGEDY’ which is equivalent to the insightful Amharic saying of depth with its simplicity: ‘saichegir Til’.

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