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Five students in hospital following a clash at Adama University

Some universities still continue to be scenes of clashes between students. Ministry of science claims that many Universities have now resumed classes but the situation in Adama University in Oromo region of Ethiopia seem to be different

Adama University _ Ethiopia

November 25, 2019

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education disclosed on Monday that five students are getting medical attention after the violence at Adama university campus.  But it is unclear if anyone of the students is in a life-threatening condition or not.

The clash broke out around 1:00 a.m. local time on Monday. However, the ministry did not disclose as to what the cause for the clash between students was or the identity of group or groups of students are involved in the clash.

For a couple of weeks now, there have been ethnic-based clashes in Ethiopian universities,mostly in the Oromo region, following the death of two students at Woldia University on November 10, 2019.  At least 6 students were killed in the universities across Oromo region of Ethiopia following that incident.

The ministry has said that the government is working on identifying students who are responsible for the clashes at Adama University.

The update shared on social media on Monday also said that classes are suspended at Addis Ababa University as a discussion is underway between students and the University administration. 

There has been tension in the university as some students, as described by the ministry, at the main campus of the University (located in siddist kilo area) demanded the release of students who are in custody suspected of instigating violence in the university campus. Again, the ministry did not share details about students who are in custody.

Meanwhile, Gondar University said in a statement on Monday that it has released 21 students who were in custody in connection with what the university called “minor clash” in the university compound.  The number of suspects arrested, including employee and a person who is not a member of the university community, initially was 40.

The remaining suspects (19) are still under investigation, said the university.  The update from the university lists the reasons why 19 suspects are still in custody :

Two undergraduate students were caught with 40,500 and 157,774 Ethiopian birrs,  one student was captured with 4 identity cards with two different names, seven students were caught while prohibiting students not to go to class, two students were caught for attacking students, one person was captured while trying to enter university premises using the ID card of female student (students need to produce I.D. to enter to the University premises),three students were arrested after review of security footage in connection fire at the University and one employee of the university was arrested in connection with the fire.

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  1. The country is a failed state currently under siege by terrorists who disturb normal activities such as attending schools. Many are dropping out of high schools for fear of their safety.
    The “security apparatus” of the country are under the control.of outlaws terrorists.

  2. Which Monday which Tuesday? You publushed the article on Monday 25th Nov. and at the same time mentioned the Ministry disclosed a statement on Tuesday. That shows it happened a week ago. But you pretend as it is a fresh news on Monday 25th Nov. What a professional ehics.


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